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Hey guys, it’s Faith, with the Mesothelioma
Center. We have a new Health and Wellness video for you today, and we’re gonna be discussing
reflexology, as well as how you can use it to help control your mesothelioma symptoms.
Now if you’re not familiar with reflexology, it’s a system of alternative medicine relies
on pressure points in the hands, feet and ears. Each of these pressure points is thought
to correlate with an organ or internal system somewhere else in the body. By applying pressure
to the pressure point, you may be able to stimulate activity in the corresponding part
of the body. It’s something you can do at home or in the
doctor’s office, once you’ve met with a reflexologist to discuss the basic principles of the practice.
Today we’re gonna be talking about how you can use it to help control chest pain, difficulty
breathing, anxiety and nausea. Reflexology for chest pain
Now the reflexology point for your chest and therefore your chest pain is in the outer
ball of your foot. You can take your thumb and rub little clockwise circles on the outer
ball of your foot to help relieve some of the dull chest pain that you might be experiencing Reflexology for difficulty breathing
Now if you’re experiencing difficulty breathing, you’re gonna want to focus on the reflexology
point in the upper middle part of your foot. This is the part that’s right between the
hard balls on either side and right above the top of your instep. When you apply pressure
to this point, it can help relax your diaphragm and your solar plexus, which may in turn make
it easier for you to breath. Reflexology for anxiety
Some studies also show that reflexology can help trigger the release of natural antidepressant
hormones. One point that is especially affective at this is called the spirit gate.
You can find this on the palm of your hand below your little finger where the hand meets
the wrist. If you apply steady pressure to the spirit gate point for about two to three
minutes, you may be able to feel a little less stressed or tense in situations like
a doctor’s appointment where you’re experiencing anxiety. Reflexology for nausea
Now the last point that we’re gonna talk about today is for nausea. This point is three fingers
width below the bottom of your wrist. If you feel nauseous use your thumb to apply steady,
moderate pressure to this pressure point on both hands and it may help you relieve some
of the nausea that you’re experiencing. Now if you’re ever tried a reflexology regimen
or if you have other points that you like to use, come on over to and let
us know. See you soon!

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