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bjbjqPqP Voiceover: Welcome to Great American
HEALTH! Jonny Bowden: Homeopathy is a form of therapy that the FDA considers important
enough to be classified as a drug, but it is natural, safe, effective and it has no
dangerous side effects. Now, here today to discuss the amazing pain relieving benefits
that homeopathy can offer you, is my special guest, Stephan Karian. He is the founder of
Great American Products. He is an author. I have known him for years. He is an advocate
for proactive health strategies for the consumer. Stephan, thank you for being with us. Stephan
Karian: Thank you for having me on with you. Jonny Bowden: Let us get right down to this.
Homeopathy has been popular in Europe for years and years. It is now beginning to get
the reputation it deserves in the United States. What caused you to be interested in this wonderful
form of therapy? Stephan Karian: Well, it stems from when I was 15 years old. This is
the genesis of why I started a nutri-pseudo company. Again, when in my teens, my mother
had a condition called Candida albicans, which as you are well aware, yeast infection, a
systemic yeast infection, and here I was 15 years old, my sole provider was my mother,
living with her, single parent since six-month-old and, she started whittling away down to 98
pounds. Jonny Bowden: Wow! Stephan Karian: She went from doctor to doctor to doctor to
doctor. It was a traumatic episode in our lives. In fact, coming home from high school,
I would not know if she would commit suicide or not, that is how bad it was. She was so
suicidal. It got to the point Jonny that I had to sit down with my mother and have her
write out a contract that
she would not commit suicide. Fortunately, she had a friend that said, you know what,
you ve gone to every type of doctor except a naturopath. Jonny Bowden: And it is so bad
with Candida. I mean, even to this date, many conventional doctors do not know what to do
with it and do not recognize it is an issue, any of them, of course it can cause all kinds
of problems. Stephan Karian: Well, they said she was crazy, basically. They said you need
therapy. They asked her if she was drinking, they did not know what to do. Jonny Bowden:
Oh man! Stephan Karian: At that point, they were not aware as how to deal with it. She
was emaciated basically. Jonny Bowden: Of course! Stephan Karian: Again, a friend of
ours said go to a homeopathic, why don t you go there and she went, and homeopathic said
in three months, you are going to be cured. Jonny Bowden: Wow! Stephan Karian: Just hearing
that, was totally amazing. Jonny Bowden: How old you were when this was Stephan Karian:
15. Jonny Bowden: Wow! Stephan Karian: 15, was going to high school and as a matter of
fact, at that point, it was so bad, she lost her job that I had to be a full-time high
school student and work and pay the bills, take care of the bills myself. So, she went
to homeopathic doctor. Right away, he said in three months, you are going to be all better.
Three months, she was healed. In three months, she was all better and it was like, oh, my
gosh! This is like a happy ending to a movie. Jonny Bowden: That is unbelievable. Stephan
Karian: It was incredible. As you can imagine, that made an indelible mark in my mind and
of course in my life that, you know, I still had my mother. Jonny Bowden: Yeah, pretty
powerful stuff. He treated her with the very thing Stephan Karian: The very thing Jonny
Bowden: that was causing Stephan Karian: That was causing this condition, which was an overgrowth
of yeast, of course, which is due to a suppression in your immune system. Jonny Bowden: Right.
So, how does that work exactly? Stephan Karian: Well, basically, it is a lot similar. It helps
the immune system work and fight the condition or the invader in the body antigen, if you
will. Jonny Bowden: So, isn t that somewhat similar to the way we know of vaccinations,
you know, you get inoculation against measles or whatever by getting a small amount. Stephan
Karian: Yes, but it does not stop there. What I saw was miraculous. To me, that was a miracle.
The second episode in my life was a couple of years ago, I traveled to Colorado with
our kid, my five-year-old boy then three years old, we were in the woods in Colorado and
we came back and he started getting these warts on his left arm. It did not go away.
It started spreading and it looked weird. So, we said, let us go to the doctor and the
doctor looked and said, oh yeah, we know what that is, its viral. It is not going to go
away for a while, maybe in his teenage years, so grapple with it and if not, in his adulthood,
then his immune system might find a way to eliminate it. And I just said, you know, I
have to find another way. What my mother said to me, she said, go to homeopathy. Jonny Bowden:
Of course. She has a Stephan Karian: Well, you got to listen to mom, right. And I said,
you know what, she is right. The doctor said, you know, there is nothing we can do. We went
to a homeopathic doctor. She looked at him and she said in about three or four months,
he is going to be cured, but she said, I am warning you, it is going to get worse before
it gets better. He was totally cured. He was healed, but it was not like it was, you know,
question. This is like, you can see the difference. His skin was cleared up, it was gone, it was
miraculous, and this was a miracle in my life and I said, you know what, homeopathy. Here,
I have a nutrition company. I need to share this with people, because this could be a
miracle in other people s lives. Jonny Bowden: Thank you for your passion and your experience
and your information. Thank you again for being with us. It has been a joy. Stephan
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22 thoughts on “The Miracle of Homeopathy – Stephan Karian

  1. I cannot speak for the story – it's his mothers. Candida overgrowth can produce all types of the side effects: Chronic Fatigue, Depression, Respiratory problems, Muscle soreness, drowsiness, Memory loss, Mental fatigue, extreme malaise and this can make anyone suicidal. Over time if not corrected it gets worse and worse I know I am currently being treated for it, but I am not using homeopathy.

  2. Let's play count the fallacies!. I got argumentum ad populum; FDA misinformation ; post hoc ergo propter hoc; false analogy (vaccines), then I got bored. Anyone spot any more?

  3. @wawei67 University professors know that it's a scam. Call an accredited university and ask them yourself.

    If you're gullible enough to pay for water because a ripoff conman tells you that water has "memory", then you deserve to be fleeced.

  4. @wawei67 Science they have "discovered"?

    You can't back up any claims of any more than a placebo effect with specific articles in peer-reviewed journals, because there are none. Those quacks laugh behind your back as they fill their orders from the tap.

  5. @wawei67 Right. You first said " I will write the University professors etc etc who are using and studying it and tell them they are wrong") – then you say that their research is fraudulent.

    You also refer to "control studies" without citing a specific peer-reviewed journal name and issue, with the name(s) of the author(s). I can look them up and verify them. Of course, you will supply no specific, verifiable study citations, because they don't exist.

  6. @wawei67 STILL no specific citation of even one article in a peer-reviewed scientific journal supporting homeopathy. There are none. Homeopathy is a joke and you are either one of their suckers or one of the charlatans.

    Peer review by other charlatans? Sure! That's like getting "psychics" to review studies by fellow "psychics" or faith "healers" reviewing other faith "healers".

    Alien abductions will be heartily endorsed by others claiming abduction, too.

    Are you wearing a tin foil hat?

  7. @wawei67 said "johnbennith.wordpress (dot com)"

    That's not a journal, it's a self-serving blog. It's not a scientific journal, and not a report on a scientifically conducted study. It's just a letter.

    Seeing that you somehow think that pathetic article serves as evidence, I understand why you have been suckered into the homeopathy scam.

    Spend away! If you aren't conned out of your money by these low-life cons, you'll just be suckered out of that money by someone else.

  8. "Homeopathic doctor"? those words should never be bundled into a description of someone. "Homeopathic dumbass" is more like it.

    I'll tell you something…if water is a medicine for anything but thirst…my kitchen tap is my doctor.

  9. His suit is far too smart to trust him. Homeopathy is demonstrable nonsense, but somehow still has a following! Stop it now.

  10. Candida Albicans? Oh OK, so what did you treat her with? Candida Albicans. What? you fucking nut job! Oh its OK, it's not actually Candida Albicans it's just water.

  11. If homeopathic remedies are so great, why is that no homeopathic practitioner can tell what a homeopathic remedy does without a label. Unlike an pharmacist who can find out the active ingredients are in real medicine and then tell you what it they do. Sugar pills and water are just sugar pills and water. DON'T FALL FOR THIS GARBAGE. Buy jelly beans instead. They are far cheaper, taste better and just as or more effective.

  12. The title of nutritionist and anything relating to nutrition is bullshit. The title is unprotected and anyone can call themselves a nutritionist. In accordance with this approach I now declare myself a nutritionist because I can. The real position is known as dietitian and you need a degree for that!

  13. ok, thats not the point, it is working for all of us very good…experience is the point…just take nux vomica when constipated and see… :). Anyway arguments based on just beliefs and irrelevant premises is not valid…in our family all have benefited even allopathic doctors in our family agree…they are specialists..arguing for the sake of arguing shows some ulterior motives and not an interest in real Truth. One must be openminded and balanced, paradoxical….

  14. If homeopathy is "All in the mind" and merely placebo affect then how is it that it able to be used to treat animals effectively?

    Do animals also respond to the placebo affect?

    It is a form of medicine that operates above and beyond science as we know it. 80% of science in the last 100 years has been disproven.

    Because they don't know how it works it is denigrated and criticised because science does not have the answer.

    Of course it works! There have been countless studies around the world proving its effectiveness.

  15. homeopathy is based on nano bio technology it's work on quantum theory energy field , it contain the pure energy of the diseased molecule/virus to be cure not the substance as in tablet form given in allopathic , problem of science(allopathic) belief in that which they can see which they can't they dont't want to belief ,how science make us stupid eg:- we know gravity but cannot be seen but science belief because newton has discovered it- who was member a science fraternity let's take it from another angel if he would be a member of homeopathy, science until now wouldn't belief their is some thing like gravity .science would say prove us b'coz it cannot be seen until now it cannot be proven but if science has discovered some invisible thing it exist if somebody else discovered some invisible thing/energy they don't want to belief ,

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