Taking Charge of Your Health

Hi Health Creators, my name is Rob. I want to talk to you today about one of the
most underrated medicines out there. We live in a world where everyone seems intent
on getting a quick fix. Health Creators, you know as I do, that quick
fixes are little more than band aids. What do you want, do you want one drug that
treats the symptoms of a disease, but doesn’t deal with the underlying cause of that disease? Or do you want a drug that’s a little less
convenient than just popping a pill, but actually does a bundle of good things, it’s got almost
no risk at all, and it’s pretty much free. It’s called being outdoors. We reckon it’s one of the most underrated
medicines out there. If you want to be serious about health creation,
you’ve also got to be serious about dealing with underlying problems. It’s about finding that cause of any condition
that you might have, or disease, or even the cause of the causes of those conditions or
diseases. So how about a drug that can optimise your
metabolism, moderate inflammatory processes and help support your immune system? And on top of that, what about a bonus, get
you to an optimum body weight? So you’ve heard about vitamin D, it’s a steroid
hormone, we call it the sunshine vitamin, that we produce when we’re exposed to the
sun. Your body can actually get vitamin D from
your diet, it can get a little bit from fatty fish, from fortified foods, and also from
egg yolks. You can also get some from supplements, but
actually, the best way of doing it is to expose about 80 percent of your body to the sunlight
when it’s there. When we make vitamin D through sunlight, the
way it’s transported around our body is different from when we get it from foods or supplements. There’s some thoughts that actually, our body
uses it more correctly when it’s actually from sunlight, so let’s try and get in the
sun more often. So if you can’t expose about 80 percent of
your body to the sun, and it’s overcast and it’s pretty cold, it’s currently about 4 degrees,
you can strip off and engage in a bit of therapeutic hypothermia. Getting cold enough to let your core temperature
drop by a few degrees does you the world of good. It protects you against heart attacks, strokes
and neurological diseases. But what it also does, is it triggers your
body to produce more brown fat, brown adipose tissue, BAT. Brown adipose tissue is a really good, healthy
fat that we used to think only babies had, that we can produce if we expose ourselves
to the cold. And what it does, is it really helps us control
how we use energy. It therefore protects you against diseases
like type 2 diabetes and obesity. Many of you probably also heard about the
benefits of high intensity interval training or HIIT. For those of you who are less familiar, HIIT
is about triggering your metabolism and getting it to rev up for long periods of time, even
including well after you’ve stopped exercising, as well as triggering the formation of mitochondria,
the energy factories that we have in our cells. It benefits almost every system in your body. On top of that, it really boosts fat burning,
it also really improves your circulation and your cardiovascular fitness, getting your
ticker really healthy. I like to do about 10 to 12 maximal efforts
in my sessions, and do about 2 to 3 sessions in a week. One is a shuttle run, and the other is on
my bike, my favourite means of transport. One last quick mention, you don’t often think
about being outside as being good for the gut. But there’s some great work showing that people
who spend more time outside have more diverse communities of their gut bugs. And finally, because the gut and the brain
are connected, it’s really good for lifting mood, for dealing with depression and anxiety. It’s often called forest bathing. Get yourself into any green space, and bathe
in it. A lot of people think that spending time outdoors
means that you’ve got to spend lots of time outdoors, and of course so many of us are
time poor. So getting outside, trying to incorporate
being outside into your normal life, whether it’s walking to work or cycling to work or
getting out to the shops, not getting in a car is a great way of doing it. Subscribe to this channel if you want more
content like this, so you can learn how to naturally boost your health and become a Health
Creator. Thanks for watching and see you next week.

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