Taking Charge of Your Health

You might not think about it but your
tongue is amazing! It has thousands of taste buds that are replaced every two
weeks. And it’s the fastest healing organ in your body. Your tongue has a lot of
important job descriptions: talking, singing, and of course tasting! But when
you don’t digest food properly, your tongue can get covered in a white or
yellow-ish coating. Gross! This can contribute to poor oral health including plaque discoloration weak gums and bad breath. This coating can also be an
indication of weak digestion. This might seem like bad news, but the solution is
simple! Tongue scraping removes toxins which strengthens your immunity, gives
you better breath, clearer taste, and helps overall health! Use it twice a day
for best results. Visit vpk at to make a clean tongue a part of
your oral wellness routine.

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