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– [Robert] In this
first episode, we will be driving north
from South Florida, stopping at several
iconic locations and some off-the-beaten-path
destinations as the summer of 2019
cross-country adventure begins. Want to find out more? All that coming up next. (relaxing music) ♪ I’m riding ♪
♪ Riding, riding ♪ ♪ Riding in my RV ♪
♪ My RV ♪ ♪ Wherever I want to be ♪ ♪ Because I’m free
in my RV, yeah ♪ – Greetings from Miami, Florida. Today, we begin the
longest trip yet, almost four months
in the making. And on this first installment,
we will be once again leaving the Sunshine State, but we’re gonna take the
West Coast route this time. It being late spring
in South Florida, there is always a chance
for a rain shower. (sultry music) Here we are, Alligator Alley. Part of I-75 which goes through
right across the Everglades. We’re in the Everglades! This straight road here
is the Alligator Alley. We haven’t taken it in a while, but today I decided to
take a West Coast route, and I really have no idea
where we’re gonna stop tonight. It’s one of those
trips, you know, that, I mean, we might get lucky
and make it all the way to Tarpon Springs, but
we might just make it all the way to Fort Myers
and that’s it, you know? So we’ll see. (upbeat music) By the way, this
is the beginning of a new grand adventure here, and I also don’t know
exactly where we’re gonna go throughout the adventure, but
the first leg of the trip is, as usual, getting out of
Florida, seeing something in Florida, and then we’re
gonna be, queue the song. ♪ Driving to the West ♪ ♪ Into the sunset ♪ ♪ Driving to the West ♪ (upbeat music) After Fort Myers, we crossed
the Caloosahatchee River, say that three times in a row, as we continue north on I-75. We don’t really know exactly where we’re gonna
be staying yet, but we should start
making a decision soon, calling some places. Actually, on a whim, we
decided to check Fort De Soto, one of our favorite
county parks in Florida, and lo and behold, it
looks like they have a couple of sites available. That’s rare. Here we are, about
to cross the famous Sunshine Skyway Bridge,
spanning lower Tampa Bay. It was completed in 1987,
replacing an older bridge which partially
collapsed after being hit by a tanker ship in 1980. The iconic bridge offers
unobstructed views of the bay because of the cables
being placed in the center of the bridge, causing
some people to suffer from vertigo while
crossing it, true fact. (upbeat music) 20 minutes and two
toll booths later, we are arriving at Fort De
Soto, a Pinellas County park, and probably one
of Florida’s best and most coveted camping spots. Let’s check in,
and go to our site. Isn’t this like the
coolest campground? Although they are pretty
close to each other, the sites feel very secluded because of the dense vegetation. (upbeat music) Well here we are,
Fort De Soto Park in the Tampa Bay area near
St. Petersburg, Florida, and this is our site
here, which is very nice. Very nice indeed, but
next time, we gotta snatch one of those waterfront sites.
(relaxing Caribbean music) Such a relaxing place. Let’s check out the beach,
which is a short distance by car in the day-use area of the park. (relaxing Caribbean music) (waves crashing)
(gulls chirping) Seems like very
shallow waters, huh? This fine white sand
beach is probably one of the park’s best features. There’s also the fort, but we saw that the
last time we were here, and there’s also a fishing
pier, and lots, lots to do, but tell you what, it is
not very sunny right now, so let’s go to town instead. Let’s go to St. Pete’s Beach which is a good 15 minutes away, but there are some bars and
restaurants, and to be honest, we’re getting hungry,
and it is Friday. Time for my weekly livestream, and Internet speeds in the park, at least with AT&T, not great. Here we are, St. Pete’s
Beach, and the historic and iconic, The Don Cesar Hotel. And did you notice
the sun came out as soon as we left the park? And it’s turned out
into a beautiful day. (relaxing Caribbean music) This is it. We’ve been here before
once, so let’s park. That’s Hurricane, and
they have a rooftop bar, but last time, we didn’t notice
this waterfront place here called Paradise Grille. Let’s check it out.
(waves crashing) Isn’t this nice? A place to sit here by the
water, facing the sunset. Ooh, and they have
live music, too! ♪ Baby there you stand ♪ ♪ With your head
down in your hand ♪ – Let’s get a beer. How come we have never
discovered this place before? Well, now we have, and
while the bar service is a little slow, there
is great ambience here with the music, magic hour. ♪ Staring out into
the wild blue yonder ♪ (people chatting)
(relaxing live music) Yeah, the view is unbeatable. Sunset will be happening soon. We managed to find an
ocean front table here. It’s very nice actually.
(waves crashing) Yeah, it doesn’t get
much better than this. How about that weekly
Friday live stream, huh? You’re not gonna
believe where I am. Hello everybody, we are in
St. Petersburg Beach here, and Ili is showing me,
very meta actually, she’s showing me how I look, and I look really good
on the video today. At the place where we’re
staying, there’s no bandwidth, but here, it’s pretty good. Hey Robert, how are you? We passed you on I-75. My wife sent you a
video on Instagram. Well I haven’t seen it,
I’m gonna check it out. Thank you so much.
(waves crashing) We just discovered this
place here, very nice. Let me give you a quick pan. It’s like this beachfront
bar, restaurant and grill. I don’t even know
what it’s called, but it’s very, very nice.
(waves crashing) I’m doing one of these, I’m getting the sunset and now
I’m getting the live video. Yes, we’re doing a. (waves crashing)
(people chatting) (gentle ethereal music) Well yeah, that was a very
successful livestream, one of the more scenic
ones I’ve done for sure. Unfortunately, it is kind
of cloudy on the horizon, so we are not gonna get
one of those glorious, green-flash sunsets, but
I’m not complaining, huh. (gentle ethereal music) And the pelican came. (waves crashing)
(people chatting) Fly pelican, oh you ate
already huh, didn’t you? (waves crashing)
(people chatting) He’s gonna fly, is he gonna fly, fly,
fly, fly pelican? Actually, it couldn’t get
more perfect than this. We even got a pelican.
(gentle ethereal music) Let’s check out the Brass Monkey as night falls over
St. Pete Beach. We’re gonna have a Cigar
City Jai Alai IPA here, and we’re gonna order some food. It is actually not very busy, but I still think it
is a pretty cool place. We order some mushrooms
and the jerk chicken, and let’s call it a night. (upbeat disco music) And good morning to you. Well good morning. What a fun time
we had last night here in St. Petersburg beach. Of course, this is one
of my favorite parks. Fort De Soto, if it only
had good cellular coverage, it would be prefect, and we’re relatively
close to the city, so I don’t see why we are
the cellular coverage, at least with AT&T,
it’s really bad, so take note of that if you
need to work on the road. Well today we continue north. It’s 9:00 a.m., we had
a late start today, but even at 9:00 a.m., it’s already kind
of sweltering hot. (birds chirping) Let’s go for a quick
walk around the park, and then north we go. The idea is to see Cedar Key, and then the Suwannee
River State Park, but who knows, we might
do something else. Up until now, I hadn’t
noticed this, this path that goes to like
the main area here. These are probably the best
sites in the park right here. You can have your own boat. What are you doing
there, little buddy? (wind rumbling)
It’s getting breezy here. It’s supposed to rain
this afternoon actually, just in a couple of hours. I wonder what’s going
on up that tree. (wind rumbling)
(birds chirping) Well yeah, I love this
park here, and the wildlife which apparently is pretty
used to being around humans. Hello there. I don’t know when I
got this crazy idea that I can be like a
bird whisperer of sorts. (wind rumbling)
(birds chirping) Hello there, do you
like to eat fish? (wind rumbling)
(birds chirping) Let’s see if we can find our
secret path back to the camper. There it is, no alcohol, uh oh. I think we broke
that rule last night. (wind rumbling)
(birds chirping) There it is, the secret
path to Minitini. (upbeat music) ♪ I’m riding ♪
♪ Riding, riding ♪ ♪ Riding in my RV ♪
♪ My RV ♪ ♪ Wherever I want to be ♪ ♪ Because I’m free in my RV ♪ – [Robert] Our travel plans
for today, kind of ambitious, especially since we
left kind of late and we want to take the
scenic ride through St. Pete and Madeira Beach first.
(upbeat music) ♪ Riding, riding in my RV ♪ ♪ Wherever I want to be ♪ ♪ Because I’m free
in my RV, yeah ♪ – [Robert] We are
approaching John’s Pass, and there’s this
boardwalk and village, lots of restaurants and
shops, lots of fun actually. This area is called
Madeira Beach, and the main point of
interest we want to see today is actually a church.
(upbeat music) Here we are by the aptly
named Church by the Sea, colloquially known as
Florida’s chicken church because of the uncanny
resemblance to a cartoon bird. Well this is the church
called the Church by the Sea, and as you can see, it has
this interesting architectural design that looks
like an angry bird. (jazzy music) Let’s continue.
(upbeat rock music) The elevated pedestrian
walkway to the left is actually part of
the Pinellas Trail which goes from here all
the way to Tarpon Springs for a total length of 38 miles. Some of it, repurposing
the location of old, abandoned railroad tracks. Let’s hop on the 275
North towards Tampa. (upbeat music) ♪ I’m riding ♪ ♪ Riding in my RV ♪ ♪ Wherever I want to be ♪ ♪ Because I’m free
in my RV, yeah. ♪ – [Robert] For a
very long time now, I have wanted to visit
this small island on the Nature Coast of
Florida called Cedar Key, so that’s where
we’re going next. (upbeat music) We are approaching Crystal River which is a pretty cool town,
particularly in the winter because you will
see manatees galore coming into the
Three Sisters Spring. It is totally something
worth seeing, but today, today we’re just going to
drive around a little bit. We were here two
winters ago actually and saw lots of
manatee, but right now, we are in June, so we’re
just gonna reminisce a little and continue, continue
north towards Cedar Key. (upbeat music) ♪ Riding riding ♪
(fingers snapping) ♪ My RV ♪
(fingers snapping) – [Robert] Here we are. It kind of reminds me of the
lower Florida Keys kind of. You know, that area between
Sugar Loaf and Boca Chica, almost at the end of the
Keys, almost in Key West. That’s what it kind
of reminds me of. The weather is not cooperating, so I apologize for the
raindrop on the lens. We’re gonna park right
here in the middle of town with the trailer in tow
because that’s how we roll, and lo and behold,
we found parking. I went by the visitors
center across the street, and they said it was
okay to park here, although there is a lot
about two blocks away. Here’s some street art. Fly pelican!
(sultry music) We’re famished, and
the consensus online is that the best place
seems to be Tony’s. They are supposedly famous
for their clam chowder and the fish of course. Ili’s having the regular
blackened fish sandwich, and I’m having the Po’ boy. Well Tony’s here, very nice. Actually the clam chowder does
live up to its reputation. It was very good, a
little over spicy perhaps, but very nice, and
very picturesque town
here in Cedar Key, and we had those
the fish sandwich and the fish PO’ boy,
and those were okay. So let’s walk around a
little more here in town, and then we continue
the journey north. We’re gonna go north now. Anyway this gravel lot here, this is probably where we
should have parked with the RV. That’s what the lady at
the visitors center said, and she also recommended
that Tony’s place, but that Tony’s place
is all over the place on media, on social media. A very cool town
here at Cedar Key. (upbeat music) And the museum, but we are
not in the museum mood today. We’re in the pier mood, so
we’re gonna go to the pier. (upbeat music) Well, Cedar Key, very
quaint, quirky town here. Definitely off the beaten path. Well we were gonna
go to the pier, but rain is imminent, so
we might rethink that. Oh realty, maybe we
wanna buy a house here. (upbeat music) There’s a cool mural,
but I have no idea what the deal is with
the spinning wheel. (upbeat music)
(wind chimes tinkling) Must be art, man.
(upbeat music) We’ve decided to go to the
pier with Minitini in tow because it is raining, and the forecast
calls for heavy rain, and I’m going the wrong way. Actually, I’m just
gonna park here at one of these oversized spaces actually meant
for boat trailers. We won’t take long. It’s only supposed
to be boat trailers, but I think we’re gonna be fine. There’s no one else here. Gonna be fine for five minutes. (wind rumbling)
(pleasant Caribbean music) Yes, only five minutes, maybe
10 just to see what it is and show you what it is like. Lots of pelicans everywhere. It’s not very busy right now, but it could be the weather
or the time of the day. This is pretty cool, I didn’t
know this little street was here with all these,
there’s a bunch of restaurants and bars and it’s like, it’s the fishing pier.
(pleasant Caribbean music) (wind rumbling)
(man singing) Very nice, yeah,
Cedar Key definitely a place to come back to with
better weather, more time. But yeah, definitely
a hidden gem here in this part of Florida.
(pleasant Caribbean music) (upbeat music) Two hours later, we are
arriving at Live Oak, Florida. We’re almost there. Pretty historic city here, at one time the largest
inland settlement in Florida. By the way, the town
was named for a tree under which railroad workers
rested and ate lunch. (upbeat music) Coming up is the original
location of the oak. (wind rumbling)
(upbeat music) The live oak which is
no longer alive, Pepe’s. That’s where the
original oak used to be. – [Nav Device] Your
destination is on the left. – In any case, here we are, the Suwannee River State Park. It is in this part of
Florida where it starts to look a little more
like Georgia perhaps, at least compared to the Florida we’re used to further south. (upbeat music) Well this is the Suwannee
River State Park. Very nice, it is a
shame that we only have a couple of hours here really
because the vegetation, it doesn’t quite look
like Florida any more which is unexpected. All of a sudden,
no more palmetto, no more the hammock forest,
and we got all this. Well the cypress,
we got some cypress and we’ve got oaks
and all these trees, and you’re gonna say Robert, you have to spend more
time in these places, and I totally
agree, and we will, but now I know that this is a
place that I wanna return to. Here’s the bath house,
that’s the trash. I think the river is that way. A Promaster towing
a vintage Winnebago. Walking down to the
river, there’s a trail, and it looks like it might rain. It is so beautiful out here.
(slow jazz music) Let’s do a segment of the
Suwannee River trail here. (slow jazz music) It’s always fun to
watch people, you know, load and unload their boats. Almost as much fun as watching
people park their trailers. (slow jazz music) I love of these Spanish
moss-draped oak trees. They remind me of
Savannah actually. (slow jazz music) This part of the trail is
called Earthworks Trail, just a quarter mile. Check out that
cardinal, so cool. Such beautiful bird.
(slow jazz music) Here we have some artifacts
from old paddle boats, and some earthworks
from the Civil War. (slow jazz music) Hmm, Ferry Landing;
let’s check it out. (slow jazz music) It’s locked, don’t look down. (slow jazz music)
(cicadas buzzing) It’s pretty cool actually. I think I’m gonna go back now. It’s very… It’s quite a
distance if you fall. (slow jazz music) You know what would
be really cool? If a train went by right now and see them all fly away. (birds chirping)
(cicadas buzzing) All right, let’s go
back to the campground and see all this from a
different perspective. (slow jazz music) This is of course the confluence of the Withlacoochie River
and the historic Suwannee. (slow jazz music) (burner clinking) Well good morning from the
Suwannee River State Park. I’m gonna go for a
morning jog here, hike, but I wanna show you
something before I go. I couldn’t connect
my sewer yesterday because look where it is. Look where we are. So peaceful out here.
(birds chirping) By the way, site 13, lucky 13. A fire pit and our own
picnic table, clothesline. Maybe we could put a hammock
on one of these trees. As I said, gonna go
for a quick hike here. (birds chirping)
(shoes crunching) Beautiful morning.
(dramatic music) I am only taking the new
GoPro 7 this morning. Should be a good test I guess. (dramatic music) We’re gonna do the
Balanced Rock Trail here. Should be interesting.
(dramatic music) Oh, this is beautiful here. (insects humming)
(dramatic music) Oh there’s like a, like
a hot spring down there. Some kind of spring
springing into the water. It is called the
Little Gem Spring. All right, let’s continue.
(dramatic music) Okay, this is very
nice. (exhaling heavily) I’m gonna start heading back. I think the Balanced
Rock fell. (laughs) It stood there once. I was looking for
the Balanced Rock, and I couldn’t find it. Okay, so it fell, or someone
tipped it over or something. Oh in 2015, not that long ago. (dramatic music) Oh wow. That’s a huge spider
web, huge spider web. (dramatic music) Very nice, I like this place. Now I’m gonna go back
to camp for real. (dramatic music)
(Robert breathing heavily) (upbeat music) Okay, let’s hit the road. We’ve got bad weather coming. (upbeat music) On the next episode, we are going to drive by
Taylor County, Florida searching for the
perfect homestead, then we’ll continue west
on the Florida panhandle. We’ll stay at Big
Lagoon State Park. We’ll visit a famous bar on the Florida-Alabama state
line, then Mississippi, Louisiana, as we slowly
but surely approach the Lone Star State.
(upbeat music) ♪ I’m riding ♪ ♪ Riding in my RV ♪

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