Taking Charge of Your Health

How will the appearance of AI, sensors, or
robots affect medical specialties? How can physicians of the various professions
successfully prepare for the sweeping changes coming with the waves of technology? What skills will they need in the future? In our new e-book, The Technological Future
of Medical Specialties, we aim to show how medical professionals can brace themselves
for the transformation called digital health. We want to go against the fears that artificial
intelligence, robots or any other innovative solutions will take over doctors’ jobs. While digital technologies certainly have
the capacity to take over administrative tasks, organizational processes or even simpler diagnostic
steps, the expertise of medical professionals is irreplaceable. Especially, if they recognize that their jobs
can be much more efficient, creative or even fun if they learn how to cooperate with digital
technologies. Instead of burdening, monotonous assignments
easily done by artificial intelligence-powered tools, they will get the chance to meaningfully
connect with their patients, to spend time with them and show how they care. That’s the most significant advantage of
technology: it brings back long-lost humanity to medicine in a powerful way. What else should we do than embrace it?

One thought on “The Technological Future Of Medical Specialties – New E-book

  1. mixing between medicine and engineering sciences is the most powerful revolution in near future & having great minds like you that's what telling us it is.

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