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You took your dosha quiz, and now you’re wondering,
“Okay, Heather, what do I do with…?” Wait! You haven’t taken your dosha quiz? Be sure to download that from the description
below. Take that quiz, and then we’re going to look
into what these different doshas, or constitution types mean. For the best advice on self-care and personal
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a new video every Thursday. Today we are looking at the different doshas,
or constitution types that make up who we are. It’s really important that we start here because
in order to understand what can bring us into balance we have to understand a bit more about
our personal makeup from an Ayurvedic perspective. Now, I spoke a little bit about the doshas
in an earlier video, so I’m going to link to it up in one of these corners here, as
well as in the description below. So make sure that you watch the first video
in this series before you move on. There are three different doshas, or constitution
types. I like to think about this as our general
makeup. Who we are. Different qualities that we possess within
us that make us who we are. And in Ayurveda, they group these characteristics
or qualities into what are called doshas. These doshas tell us a little bit about the
fabric of who we are, it’s a little bit like we’re mapping our physicality, our mental
and emotional states of being so that we can choose appropriate practices, movement, breath
work, meditations, food that will support our system and bring us back into balance. If you recall from the earlier video I made,
there are three different doshas. There’s Kapha, there’s Pitta, and there’s
Vata. All of these different doshas, these three
different types of people that we are, are made up of a combination of elements. Ayurveda works with the elements, and the
elements Ayurveda works with are ether, air, earth, fire and water. I’ll repeat those. Ether, air, earth, fire and water. Each of the doshas, or constitution types
are a combination of two elements. Did you take the dosha quiz and find out what
your constitution type is? If you did, type in your dosha below. I’m really curious to see what all of you
are. Let’s now talk about the element combination
types, and which type of dosha that means you are. If you are a Kapha dosha, again, we’re working
with Kapha dosha right now, if that is what your quiz revealed to you, it means that you
are a combination of earth and water. Kaphas are generally known to be solid. They’re dependable. When they’re in balance, the people you can
rely upon. In fact, a lot of Kapha individuals I know
are referred to as “the rock” in the relationships they’re in. They’re the ones who are considered loyal,
and they’re the people that others turn to when they need something done reliably, on
time, and they need things to be stable. Kaphas are generally known to have slower
digestion. They need a lot of big movement, movement
that’s going to fire them up to bring them back into balance. So if you think about the elements earth and
water, Kapha is a good makeup of these two. Earth is very solid, it’s very heavy. If you think about the mountains and how they
move up through the earth in this slow way, and they’re solid and they’re steady and they’re
grounded and very centering. That’s the earthy quality that Kapha brings
to the party. When we talk about water and Kapha, we tend
to think of slower moving water. We tend to think of water that almost has
a molasses like quality. It’s slow, it’s flowing, it’s not turbulent
or white water. It’s very heavy in its quality. So these two elements, earth and water, really
describe the Kaphic dosha. Let’s move on to Pitta. If you are a Pitta dosha type, P-I-T-T-A,
Pitta, you are made up of the qualities, the elements fire and water. If you think about fire, it’s very hot. It’s igniting, it’s sparking. These are the qualities that Pitta brings
to the party. Pitta types are known as being assertive. They are very decisive. They get things done. When a Pitta is in balance, they are just
in their flow. They know how to get things done, they work
very quickly, but they’re also very sharp in terms of their mind. When we talk about water when it comes to
Pitta, we’re talking about more of an oily water. If you think about oil lamps, and how the
oil in an oil lamp lights the flame, that’s the type of water we’re talking about when
we look at Pitta constitution types. So there’s also this oily type of quality
to Pittas, slippery, slick, in the best ways when in balance. Slippery and slick, easily able to adapt. So there isn’t that heaviness that we see
with Kapha in Pitta dosha type. These qualities that we see with fire and
with water, remember the oily type of water, really do a good job of explaining, or enhancing
what a Pitta dosha type is. Okay, moving on to our Vata dosha type. Vata is a combination of air and ether. And ether is that space quality, that element
of expansiveness. Vata individuals when in balance tend to be
very creative. They’re very light. I often say about Vata individuals, they’re
the type of person who when you go on a vacation and you want no plans at all, invite a person
who’s a Vata dosha. They’re very much go with the flow, whatever
happens is good, we’re going to take it easy, we’re going to kick back. Vata types are that combination of air and
ether. If you think about air, particularly cool
air, it’s very crisp. It’s variable, you’re never quite sure what
direction it’s going to move in. Ether is sort of that expansiveness, spaciousness,
everything is possible. Vata people are really, when in balance, very
creative, they’re very adaptable to the situation. They tend to be a little lighter in their
experience of things. These qualities of the elements of air and
ether really do a great job of describing a Vata dosha person. Now that you know the basic elements and how
they apply to the doshas, I’m curious. Do you see these different elements in yourself
as they relate to your dosha? If so, type something in the comments below,
I’m really curious to know. Over the next few weeks I’m going to be doing
a deeper dive into each of the doshas, so be sure to tune in for that. You can subscribe to my channel and hit that
bell to get notified when I release a new video every Thursday. And again, if you didn’t take that dosha quiz,
make sure you download it from the description below to find out what your dosha, or constitution
type is. Stay ignited out there, and figure out your
dosha. I will see you soon. Bye.


  1. I've heard of these before but never really know what they were in detail, so thank you for this video, it really helped.

  2. I love your intro Heather and great video! I am Vata and Kapha tied from the quiz from last time. I do really relate to the Kapha (earth and water examples you gave) and the Vata (creative and adaptive) Its so funny how it really does describe me perfectly. I am such as mix of both and when you explained Pitta I was like no that is not me at all haha… Thank you I love learning about this and looking forward to learning more in your next videos πŸ’™

  3. I'm getting ready to take the test, I'm so intrigued. You always talk about most fascinating things, at least to me. Thank you!

  4. Hey Heather! Looks I'm a mix between Vata and Pitta. So I'm Vata-Pitta? Thanks for taking the time to explain the key differences.

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