Taking Charge of Your Health

(music) – [Keira] Hi, everyone. My name is Keira. I’m the founder of Krumbled and
a big fan of healthy living. Today we’ll be touring Kingsford for a total body transformation
that will have you looking good and feeling great. From acupuncture treatments
to relaxing massages, we’ll take a look at the
best health and beauty treatments Kingsford has to offer. First up is Health Space. They offer so many services
like chiropractic care, herbal medicine, physiotherapy,
acupuncture and yoga. And that’s just the start. I talked to Joseph, one
of the practitioners, to get his thoughts on how
acupuncture can help you. – [Joseph] Recently, I had
a uni student suffer cold from the winter holiday. He received treatment here.
All the symptoms has gone. It’s a very good result. – [Keira] Next up is Blossom Thai Massage. Go here if you just want to
feel the stress of the day just melt away. Neem, a masseur, took some
time to talk with me about their most popular treatments. – [Neem] Traditional Thai
massage, aromatherapy, oil massage and deep tissue. (music) – [Keira] Just a short walk
away is Hair Under the Stars. This is a great place to
visit for a quick blow-dry. The salon is spacious and
the staff are dedicated to helping you find your perfect look. Right nearby is Wholistic
Natural Medicine. If you’re feeling frazzled,
this inner-city oasis has lots of treatments to
help your body get back into harmony. I spoke with Norm, the owner, to learn more about his
story and what makes his place special. – [Norm] When I was 26, I
gave up a good paying IT job, went back to uni and
did a four-year degree in health science and
traditional Chinese medicine. We have the ability to
address health issues from both a Western and an Eastern perspective. – [Keira] Last stop is
Kingsford Naturopathic Centre. It’s worth visiting for diet
advice, sports nutrition, and healthy ways to detox. I was lucky enough to chat with David, the owner of this family-run
business, to find out how long he’s been helping
his clients in Kingsford. – [David] When I came
here about 28 years ago, it was like a ghost town,
on this end of it, anyway. There was just very few
pre-uni students around and that’s it. Today, it’s just gone crazy. It’s really busy; it’s boomed. – [Keira] Okay, everyone. Thanks so much for joining me on my total body makeover tour. As you can see, there are
so many different treatments to try out, and the best
thing is they’re all right next to each other in Kingsford. Just be aware that there
is some construction going on, but Kingsford is still open for business, so come on in, enjoy yourself and get ready to live it up locally.

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