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The Internet is like a breeding ground for conspiracy theories. well some are juste stupid and funny, others promote ignorance and an unhealthy distrust. So we went to the Kurzgesagt lab and developed a foolproof system to destroy not all but a lot of conspiracy theories. It’s really simple, just ask yourself: Does the theory affect really rich and powerful people? Is the answer yes, OK, then it’s most likely… Not true Let’s test it on three examples Number one: There is an easy cure for cancer but it’s withheld because it would destroy the profits of pharmaceutical companies. Do really rich people die of cancer, like might enough say the former CEO of Apple? Yes? There is no suppressed cure for cancer. Number two: Chemtrails, the theory that airplanes spray chimicals in the air for population control or some of the crazy reason. Do really powerful people breathe air? Do Obama or Putin breathe air? Yes Chemtrails are not a thing Number three: Apocalyptic conspiracy theories The world will end soon because of the Antichrist, Mayas Aliens, someone say that. Do really rich and powerful people ignore the soon to be upon us and a very evident apocalypse? Yes? The world will not end soon. This obviously doesn’t works for every conspiracy theories out there But it does works for some of the most stupids one’s. So the next time someone tries to convince you that Illuminati puts stuff in you water, just show him this video and maybe be a more selective about your friends on Facebook.

100 thoughts on “The Ultimate Conspiracy Debunker

  1. Your method to debunk is: does it effect really rich/powerful people. The end of the world definitely effect the rich and powerful.

  2. The people that tend to think in conspiracies about the rich, successful and powerful people it's people frustrated and resentful that deeply wants to be rich and powerful or feel meaningful to this world ?
    *The answer is is Yes.

  3. Chemtrails are definitely a thing, it is a known fact now that as humans we would like to have influence over things like the weather for example. There is a russian test case where the reaction of the chem trails turned to a stone like solid and it rained stone. Its hilarious you dis-cause it with absolutely nothing but arrogance.

  4. The U.S. Army sprayed cadmium over poor areas of St. Louis in the 1950's. This was reported by the well known conspiracy mag the St. Louis Post Dispatch. Just like that this video has been debunked.

  5. Then I guess Climate Change is fake since really rich people, who have companies that pollute, would never let themselves and the world be under threat of increasingly dangerous and fatal weather conditions.
    Nice try guys, but you have not factored in the moral degeneracy of most of the super rich and powerful.

  6. How would a rich person know that the end of the world is coming? That’s one thing no one can really anticipate because it’ll just happen randomly.

  7. Well,the first one, the FDA tried to stop some proeminent cancer research and it is still trying. the last one , there alot of rich people buying bunkers(although i believe it's for other reasons)

  8. Islamic invasion would definitely effect the rich, as a new empire brings it's own elites.
    Rich people likely wouldn't like to pay an extra fee to their local mosque to placate the jihadis, so there's also a fiscal threat, not just a physical one.

    Given the shift in political discourse recently, the right wing rich saber rattling, it seems more and more likely.
    Either America is a nazi state, or nazi islamists are invading; one half of the country is retarded.

    Relating the scientific method to the rich is retarded, the rich are not exceptionally intelligent; just rich, mild correlation at best.

  9. If all this would be so easy and so logical, would be great But when we deal with psychopats, than logic lose its meaning ! This rat race economy paradighm produce more and more of such individuals ! If we jus see all teh wars, holocaust ect, than non of it its logic, but we all know, is happening !! ……….

  10. Not saying those conspiracies are true, but if it was as direct as you say, explain to me climate change. Like, does trump breathe air? Yes. Does he do things that would jeopardize the quality of it for all of us? Also yes


  12. Is man made climate change real?

    Do the rich reduce their waste, stop eating meat, stop using fossil fuels stop flying private and commercial jets, stop using electricity, and stop using plastic… NO.

  13. This is superb! Love it! I've just started a conspiracy theory debunking channel (one vid down lol!). Unfortunately, you can't reason with a conspiracy theorist as they don't understand reason and critical thinking. My approach is to provide evidence and a light dusting of ridicule.

  14. Ok man I love your videos especially the one about the egg but we are getting closer to the end of times just an fyi but don't worry I still like your videos

  15. Wow, I Will never trust a video from this channel again. I watched this right after watching a video about how you research your videos soooooo much! THAT WAS CLEARLY A LIE! Drawing such strong conclusions from such weak reasoning is how a stupid person proves their point. One of the many "idiots reasonings" you run into when arguing with the stupid. Maybe you should take some time away from your computers to go outside and look up. It doesn't require more then that to know chemtrails are real! What a disappointment.

  16. Is it not possible the story as to him dying from cancer was a lie to throw off co piracy theorists? Not saying that's what happened but I'm not saying its impossible.

  17. "The world will end because of climate change !!"
    "Do rich or powerful people believe in climate change ?"
    "So their's no climate change, LOL, everything is fine !"

  18. "conspiracy" .. a great label for manipulating others into feeling uncomfortable about the blatant truths that 1. defy common sense, 2. preserve extreme class inequality 3. encourage people to become our own prison wardens. Congratulations Kurgeagt… you just joined the prison warden staff. … which earns you points from the censorship nazis!

  19. Some of the victims of Auschwitz were very wealthy people. So the Holocaust did not exist? I think I see a flaw in your logic. Or are you a racist, antisemitic, Holocaust denialist? Doesn't that make you a conspiracy theorist too?

  20. You fools. The rich take pills to negate the effects of chemtrails. Unfortunately for them, in some rare cases, they nullify the effects of the secret cure for cancer, which is why Steve Jobs still died of it. Wake up !

  21. By your definition Watergate was not real.

    Also most conspiracy theories talk about affecting the poor and weak people (mostly to control them), so your idea does not work to begin with.

  22. "Do really rich and powerful ignore the soon-to-be-upon-us and very imminent apocalypse?"
    For the people saying that climate change contradicts this, there are a couple problems with that:

    1) Climate Change is not imminent, it's gradual. We won't see the worst effects of it for decades. The rich often don't look past their profits this quarter, and maybe next. They frequently don't consider how their actions might have greater consequences at all, let alone decades into the future. Politicians usually don't look past the next reelection cycle. They need votes, so they need results now. They're not going to bother with something that costs now and pays off later unless their voters are demanding it.

    2) Money and power mitigate the consequences of climate change for people who have them. If someone makes millions wrecking the planet, and the cost of food goes up, they can afford it. If their area starts flooding, they can afford to move. If the economy falters, they and people like them will still have the biggest piece of the pie. With climate change, the rich and powerful have the most to gain and the least to lose profiting off of making things worse for the rest of us.

  23. No, it works for all theories period, conspiracy or otherwise. Take for example global warming. Will global warming kill rich people? Yes. Why then aren't rich people doing anything about it? Why are rich people still buying waterfront property? Why do rich people still travel all over the world in jets? Because they know damn well global warming is a HOAX!

  24. This is not good when you try to convince people that climate change is real considering rich people don't do squat about that.

  25. Just bringing this up, but that last example might be controversial, as we're told quite regularly there is a certain god-like force about to destroy us all, and the leaders of the world ignore it quite a lot.

  26. blame it on a ginger!
    depressed, toothache, country declared war… its all THEIR FAULT!

    damn rangas!

    lol. organic foil…not available at whale-mart.

  27. "Do really powerful people ignore the soon to be upon us and very evident apocalyspe?"
    glances at climate change reports
    Fuck, rich people are rotten.

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