Taking Charge of Your Health

Welcome to the Ultimate Meditation
Formula for your Illness. In this presentation I’m going to show you the
3 Effective Methods to Heal your Body only Using the Power of your Mind.
You’re probably in this video because you’ve had it with your condition. You are trying to look for new things. You get up in the morning and something’s
still not quite there (yet). You’ve taken the prescriptions of your doctor; and then you’re taking the recommendations of other natural therapies whether you like to go the conventional way or the alternative way. And yet something’s
still not healing completely. Well, you are in luck because if you’re in this time. I’m gonna help you do is understand how your mind can really help out your body
in order to reduce these problems. Not just by symptomatic relief but also
by understanding where these problems come from. And how to use the power of
this Mind to get in the body in a position where it can heal itself The first method: Let’s just get right into it. What I want you to do is:
Find a comfortable chair, a comfortable place You’re probably sitting down right now
watching this video. Whether you’re on a sofa or on a chair, or if you want to just do it cross-legged, that’s fine. We are going to try this simple
meditation technique, which is going to help alleviate some of your symptoms of whatever illness you’re experiencing. Just try this right now.
This is what we’re gonna do: Place your feet steadily on the floor. Then see (make sure) the back is not leaning against the chair. Instead (the back) is having its own posture.
Then, keep your hands together. And the reason to keep your hands together is because you want to make sure that they’re not fidgeting they’re not going elsewhere
because if you’ve noticed that your mind When the mind is trying to shut down the
hands start moving a lot. What I want you to do now is take five deep
abdominal breaths. Then do four more.
And what’s gonna happen is that I want
you to expand your belly, not your chest. You want to do it from your core.
If you’re wearing a belt and it’s tight on you then just loosen it up a little bit
make sure it’s not too noticeable if you’re in a public place.
As you are doing these breaths, you’re gonna start feeling a little bit
more relaxed. And take your time, don’t rush into this. You can either open
your eyes or keep your eyes closed and I’ll keep reading through and during the
meditation. And what we’re gonna do is that on the bottom of your feet I want
you to picture this ball of light. In this case I’m drawing it black (see picture).But I think I’m gonna change it to orange. Just because it’s cold. I think it’s gonna
help with warming. The soles of the feet, of both feet;
I want you to just picture this blog or a ball of orange or red light.
Or if you want to pick a color then go for it OK? And from there I want you to
jump at the Crown of your head. Go Inside, not outside. Or on the crown. But in the Crown. Inside. I want you to also imagine this blob of the same color of
light. Keep telling your thoughts. Keep telling your Mind. (Remind yourself of this ball of color) This practice is going to help you relax and reduce some of the stress that you may be
experiencing at this moment. It’s good to have an attempt of this practice at anytime of the day so the next The next thing we’re going to do is connect both
extremities; or both extremes. From the feet we’re gonna make a line all the way up to the head.
And then from the head to the feet. Whichever way you want to
travel with this. Just have your mind aligned. Make sure they’re
connected. Alright? In the next part, we’re going to use the breath to perform
this technique. If you see the drawing on the left side (of the video). What I want you to
think about is when you breathe in, That’s shown by the arrow (going) up. I want you to bring this line up (using your breath) from your feet to your crown. And when you breathe out
you’re releasing Through your nose or your mouth. We’re going to put one up
from your feet to the crown and then two from your crown out through your mouth. By the way these two pictures. I’m just
showing a different orientation of the same picture. But this is what I want you
to do: I want you to just keep this image in your mind. Regardless of what
else is going on in your body, I want you to just keep those three blobs,
or balls, of light in your body. Regardless of what else is going on. And as you’re breathing in. You are bringing up some of that light or you’re
connecting the lines and then as you put it out you’re releasing that light.
And by performing this technique for about Five minutes or so. it’s going to help reduce a lot of stress and it can also a lot of things for you. It all depends on how focused are you on this. This is what I want you to try out first. Now that we performed the technique, I want to tell you about the second method: The Secret Ingredients for a Healing Body I made this into a triangle. It includes at the top (Something) called the No-Mind.
At the left corner: Courage.
At the right corner: No-Resistance. Notice how I’m putting “No-Mind” and “No-Resistance” instead of just “Mind that’s not working” or “Mind not here” There is a reason for that, (just like) also “No-Resistance” instead of saying like go because “No-Resistance” speaks more to
your current state of body so this This triangle are the three things that will help out your body to heal from the Inside-Out. The “No-Resistance” part… That’s really the part where you’re not fighting anymore. You know when you are Trying to listen to something (like a conversation) and just doesn’t fit with you, like you’re trying to have a conversation, and all of the sudden they bring up this political issue that you don’t agree (with). Then, all
of a sudden like you’re in your body language closes down. You’re resisting
your mind. Your mind just stops listening and all of a sudden it’s like, “OK, I just don’t want to listen to this anymore!” Or in the body, whatever
illness you’re experiencing. I will use, for example back pain. Some people actually have back pain because they aren’t unable to relax the muscles either on the back, Or surrounding the area of the back.
And of course, for all good purpose, there are people who just cannot relax. These people (may) have a lot of tension on their shoulders… and that’s another example! It’s very difficult to relax.
As we know, stress and the inability to relax can cause so many small problems that
eventually will lead to bigger things. Stress in a way is a silent killer. The resistance aspect is that: The inability for your body to remove
the stress when it’s not needed. The Courage aspect is the ability to move forward,
the ability to get up and say, “I want no more of this!”
“I want to do something else.”
“I need something else” “I need to get up and do something about my life!” The thing is that a healing body is moving away from its illness. An ill body stays in one place.
If it remains in one place the mind is going to catch up and say, “Well, if I’m not going anywhere then
I’m just gonna stay here.” And that’s how the process of Identification of Diseases begins. You may have noticed that people could say, “Well, I’ve had diabetes for 20 years…” And all of the sudden, like you’re being labeled:
“Oh, that’s the diabetes guy (or girl)!”
“Oh, that’s the guy with hypertension.” Or:
“Oh, that’s the depressive girl… Look at her, she’s so depressed all the time!” There’s something about that: An identification, like you’ve been
identified by your own illness. The Courage is the ability to move away from that “box” And the last one is:
“No-Mind” I will explain what that is. This is a state of No-Mind to us. An (type of) access.
This “No-Mind” term comes from Zen No-Mind is the state of exactly what you’re thinking… Where there is no thinking. Then you’re like, “What? But how’s that
How can we have those states of no thinking?” Well, in the Zen tradition, and in many meditation traditions That is the state where people are trying to
achieve, or they’re trying to dwell into more and more. And in reality… The No-Mind is a state where you can (access) into a different part of your being in your mind That you’ve never thought was even available to you. I put this (No-Mind) can be achieved by something called: “The Source” Or The Source helps you reach the state of No-Mind. What is The Source that I’m talking about?
Well, in Western traditions, (This) is the Balance of the Humors like the Greek physicians talked about. When you balance all of the humors then you’re going to be in the perfect state of health. The concept of God especially from the
Abrahamic religions: Christianity, Judaism, Islam, And to some extent Zoroastrianism
as well. Which is an older religion of the three (mentioned). Or in New-Age terminology is what’s called the “Infinite Power of the Universe” In the Eastern traditions: This Very-subtle Layer. This is the term used in Tantra. Also in the Chinese traditions in Taoism, I believe, they use the term:
“Presence of the Universal Qi’ And In Hinduism they use the word “Brahma,” which is almost equivalent to the word God. These are the ways of the No-Mind…
How to access this No-Mind. I believe if people are able to access this
No-Mind presence, The Mind is going to gain an infinite type of energy, an infinite type of power, that you can use for your own favor. And HEAL YOURSELF FROM THE INSIDE OUT. I will show you how, when we get to the Case Studies. If that makes sense, then I want you to think about the 3rd Method: It’s about THINKING OUTSIDE THE BOX. Here is the thing:
It’s very easy to say, “OK, well,
you gotta think outside the box… “… You gotta do it a different way!” Well, it’s very easy to say that. But actually doing it is like close to impossible.
It’s just as hard as going to the moon… With no rocket. Thinking outside of the box requires knowledge outside of your common environment It requires something
more than that. It requires listening to your intuition… And going with it. The thing is that this Box that we all live in… … is our current illness right now. If you are ill, if you are having some sort of condition at this moment… In your mind. (According to) what you’ve read and what you’ve learned is that “I’m never gonna get better from this.” “I’m never gonna be able to have
a better lifestyle than this.”
Like, “How is this possible?” A lot of people have that belief system in them. And to some extent… There are things that are true about your
current condition that can limit things for you to do. But this is something else,
this is something healing beyond your body. But also healing your mind. Think outside of the Box requires you to get out of your belief systems; your religion, if you have one, especially if you are dedicated to one. Try to get out of it.
Or, not (literally) try to get out of it, but try to think What other possibilities
could be there too. (Explore & Question) The values of morality and the moralities of yesterday. Like I’ve heard from a Zen master saying that, “If you get attached to your moralities of today, tomorrow you’re going to get killed because you believed in that morality of yesterday. And then (there is the aspect of) Past Lives. There are people who believe that they come back and they have things to do. Like they have a mission, a life lesson to
learn, and that’s fine But if you’re going to be attached to
this life purpose and life lesson without moving on, In a way this is also a bondage that’s keeping you here. There are many ways to
prevent you from thinking outside of the box. So, that is my Third Method. This is how I will help you on. I’m going to help you, in you case, get out of your mentality of “I am my disease.”
Or “I am (bad) when I’m suffering”
Or “I’m suffering because I deserve it.” We need to remove the
victimization aspect. That’s what I am going to help you do. I have been doing a lot of this work with many people. For many years before I became a doctor. Now I want to show you a few case studies We have Charles. He is a very
dear friend of mine: Naturopathic and Acupuncture colleague. He’s always had a History of Asthma for as long as I’ve known him. Last year we had a chat and I said, “Well, I can just teach you this technique that I learned from the Winter.” It was called the INNER HEAT. In Tibetan tradition, it’s called “Tummo” Basically, it teaches you how to dwell in One part of your body and just produce
Heat out of that. By producing heat… You are producing a sense of tranquility in your
body as well So Charles says, “Yeah, definitely!”
We had a few sessions together.
And he felt something. At the first session I couldn’t tell much
because it takes time to reproduce (the practice), But later on, he said that he started feeling
like he could breathe better. There were times where he said that he felt warmer. And other times he said that he just had less feelings of stress altogether. He was able to see something different, something new. Of course, he integrated this practice into his own philosophies from learning
Chinese medicine and other naturopathic modalities. Then (he) created his own variation of this,
and it’s working just as fine. Again, what I teach is not a set-in-stone teaching. It’s something that you can just use temporarily, and then modify it later on. The next case study is Soojin.
She’s an international
student from Korea and also a Also, a psychology student.
That’s her major she wants to be a psychiatrist.
and what I told her What I told her to do, because she was having a lot of
panic attacks and difficulty sleeping, I said, “Why don’t we just try some techniques together?”
She said sure so when I was with her, What I tried to do is:
Create a safe environment in the Heart Center. I created that safe environment for
her and it was found that she had a lot of fears That she didn’t know where they
were coming, but somehow they were there. The moment she started
exploring this. She started realizing that she could go to her safe
area, which was inside of her body. The panic attacks diminished more and
more. Now of course… This wasn’t the only thing she was doing for panic attacks. She was also treating herself doing other therapies, Seeing other doctors for this. Also she was able to get better sleep. This is what I do. This is what I want you to think about when you see my webpage. The only thing only tool were using here
is your Mind. And the ability to expand that power into things that you’ve never experienced or felt before. What I want you to do now is go
down at the bottom of the page, Click where it says BOOK NOW for a free
consultation. Follow the instructions.
It will tell you what day and date works best for you. I am going to give you a call on the phone or we can set up a Skype chat, if you prefer it that way. To tell you a little bit about myself: I am a naturopathic doctor in the state of Pennsylvania. I do home visits. And Online Consultations. I’ve been a practitioner since June of 2017. It hasn’t been this long since I have been practicing this type of Meditation Medicine. I’ve been using this for as long as I remember practicing meditation, in my early 20s (2009) This is something to help others
achieve that state of mind. This is a new state of mind, as well as a new attitude. Together we’re gonna get there. You will be able to get out of your
Box and see the world in a different way. That in itself can be very healing for the body. It is difficult to say how your body will feel
specifically from these meditations, But one thing is for sure:
As long as a shift happens in your mind and in your life, Then the body will follow. That’s been my experience and that’s been the experience of others. Go down to the page,
Click to make an appointment,
And I will chat with you then! THANK YOU! (Subtitles Created by Yours Truly)

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