Taking Charge of Your Health

This is hospitality. I get to go to work with an amazing team every day. Something new and different every day. I really love working with clients and seeing their event come together and how happy it makes them. If you like to create temporary happiness in others lives. if you’d like to take care of other folks, then you’ll find a lot of happiness and a lot of reward coming to Kansas State University and really learning how to apply that to a living. I’m living my dream job right after college and I couldn’t be happier. I lead a team that plans all of the events for the hotel and most of the large conferences in Kansas City. I oversee five different food and beverage restaurants. I oversee a 127-room property and a total of 9000-square-foot banquet space. We open restaurants all over the United States. I’m basically responsible for, at present, 9 restaurants. Right now I have probably close to 500 employees. I have 37 managers. My job is to support the team and make sure they have everything they need to do their job. And it’s so fun to get to interact with people at the happiest times of their lives and just celebrate those fun moments with them. K-state Hospitality Management Program gave me the tools for me to succeed in my career. It provided me the opportunity to do what I love. Everything that you hear about k-state is true. From the friendliness of the people here to the purple pride that runs through all of us. I feel that my degree really prepared me well for food, lodging and meetings. My education at K-state helped me to read a balance sheet which is important. It’s something I tell every class that I speak with at K-state. Without the required internships through the Hospitality Management Program, I would not have networked, made mentors the way that I have, and gained experiences around the nation that were able to give me the tools to get this position that I’m in today. What we bring every day is a natural empathy for others, and we get to apply that whether it be restaurants, hotels or event management. Every single day I wake up and I have the opportunity to work and meet with people that I love. And that is what it’s all about. That is what this program is about, and that is what hospitality is about. This is hospitality!

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