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Cramps normally appear after intense physical
activity, when your body isn’t able to absorb the oxygen necessary, in order to produce
the glucose oxidation, and there is an excessive accumulation of lactic acid. The lack of minerals such as magnesium and
potassium is another cause: excessive sweating depletes these minerals and electrolytes,
causing cramps. Other common causes are: – diabetes;
– exposure to low temperatures; – circulation problems;
– hypothyroidism; – bad posture;
– anemia; – stress. In order to avoid cramps, you need to follow
some simple tips. First of all, you should drink lots of water,
both before and after physical activity. If your cramps are caused by a lack of electrolytes,
you should eat foods that are rich in magnesium, sodium, calcium and potassium; fruits and
vegetables such as celery, cress, carrots, banana, tomato, and citrus fruits, which contain
vitamin C and improve circulation. Stretching exercises can also help, due to
the fact that they improve the communication between your sensory and brain receptors. Here are 3 easy juice recipes that help prevent
cramps: Recipe 1 Wash three celery stalks and blend them with
a little water. Mix well. Next, squeeze an orange and mix it with the
celery juice. Drink one cup a day. Recipe 2 Wash, peel, and juice a tomato. Next, pour the juice in an ice tray and put
it in the freezer. Finally, wash, juice, and peel one cucumber
and two celery stalks. Strain the juice and add the tomato juice
cubes. Try decorating your drink with a sprig of
parsley. Drink one cup every morning, Recipe 3 Boil two spoonfuls of ginger in a cup of water
for ten minutes. Let it cool and drink a cup before going to
bed. Do you suffer from cramps? Have you tried any of these recipes? Tell us what you think!

14 thoughts on “This Is Why You Have Leg Cramps At Night (And How To Stop It)

  1. I had a severe cramps in several years in my lower leg muscles and feet . I start drinking a lot of water and green juice, have a massage twice a month, massage my lower legs with olive oil twice a week, walk at least 4 km a day. Now a days my cramps are much less and don't hurt as much!

  2. Yes I get cramps/muscle spasms when I don't get enough sleep.
    Woke up 10am Saturday, slept from 3am – 5:30am then it begun happening throughout the day.
    Water help but after about a gallon for the day, I'm good.
    Thank you, and hopefully I'll see a video on it.
    I do know lack of sleep raises your blood pressure.

  3. Natural Cures
    Decorate my drink with a sprig of parsley? Are you serious? I'm not working in a juice bar when I wake up in the middle of the night with a calf cramp you idiot. I came here to find the cause and prevention, frills are not required.

  4. My mother is 71 and has primary hepatic biliary cirrhosis and has just recently been getting leg and whole body cramps. Please …does anyone know what natural cures may work for her?

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