Taking Charge of Your Health

Good day! My name is Dr. Chan, Dean of
Admissions here at the University of Utah School of Medicine. I’m excited today to
talk about different types of medical schools, this is our tip number three in
our series of how to get your application ready. I have an exercise for
you. Please close your eyes, go ahead close your eyes, now think. How did you
come to the decision to attend your undergrad? What did you do? Why did you go there? For a lot of you, you have to think back to your high school days that might be pretty hard. I would argue the same process that you did to figure out why
you chose your undergrad, you have to figure out for medical school, for
graduate school. Let’s go back to Jack and Jill. Jack loved skiing, that was his
passion in high school. He loved outdoors, he loved doing different types of
activities. So when he started looking undergrads, he naturally was attracted to
schools in the North East, maybe in Utah, Minnesota where there’s a lot of snow.
Jill on the other hand loved to go swimming. She was a swimmer in college and she
liked the sun and she hates the snow. So, she decided to go to a school in
California. So weather and climate certainly is an indication, but maybe Jack’s family
was in the Northeast, maybe Jill’s family is in California. These type of
factors go into it. Now you put on top of it schools, taking tours, financial aid, things like that. As a high schooler, as a
high school student, you had to make a decision why you applied, why you went to a specific school. As someone who’s applying to med school, you have to go
through the same process. Research online, visit the campus, talk to friends,
family who attended. Compare different programs and finances. These are all
things that probably went into your decision as you picked an undergrad. If
you’re applying to an MD school, that’s considered an Allopathic school. It’s a
doctor in medicine. There’s something called Osteopath, your Osteopathic those
are DO schools. What’s the difference? I’m going to leave that up to you to
research. There are many similarities but there’s some differences as well. Where
do you want to go in life? Do you wanna go in the Caribbean? You want to go to med school in a different country far away? Again, everyone’s different. Everyone has
different desires, have different dreams, so it’s really important to find the
best fit and match for you. There’s a phrase I like to say, all medical schools
are created equal some are more equal than others. You
really have to do a lot of research. So when you start applying to schools, have
a method. Do your research ahead of time because it’s expensive to apply to
medical schools, It’s expensive to interview at schools. You should really
know which ones you should apply for and where you should go.
That’s a brief description of differences between different types of
schools and an exercise to help kind of have you imagine where you should go. I
look forward to seeing your applications, thank you.

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