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Welcome to the VitaLife Show! And today’s episode is about colon cleansing. I get
so many questions here at VitaLife Show How do I do a proper colon cleanse,
what’s the best colon cleanse diet? I’m going to answer those questions for
you today be sure to click Subscribe and watch the end of the video so that you’re always getting our newest uploads here at Youtube so what is colon cleansing well colon
cleansing is essentially is getting the gunk out of the intestines and did you know that your intestine are approximately 15 to 20 feet long so if this represents our intestines I
mean imagine this out all this tissue has to be crammed
into this small part of our body so what happen unfortunately when our colon becomes toxic is that this area expand that we start
to have digestive issues, IBS symptoms, gas, bloating maybe it even headaches
fibromyalgia these are all symptoms that I see day-to-day in my practice as a
naturopathic doctor signs of these toxins that have built
up in the intestine in the colon what are some easy tips for detoxing the
colon let’s go through them first on my list is having a lot of hot
water throughout the day hot water help to get the peristaltic
motion going in the intestines a great natural way
for about 10 cups of hot water which I talked
about in a previous episode about doing a liver cleanse thats not
tea or anything that’s just plain hot water throughout the day you can squeeze a
little bit of lemon so be sure to check that out but again that hot water help to get things going really easy way for that colon detox next is fiber
increasing the amount of both soluble and insoluble fiber in your diet is really important that’s
really easy to do making sure you have plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables
and also psyllium seed husk which you can get of course in a supplement form in a capsule form which is really easy
to take and increases your fiber because most people are very deficient
in the amount of fiber that they have in the diet next on the list is getting enough
esstential fatty acids, so essential fatty acids things like avocados nuts and seeds are
great way to increase your the EFA’s especially those omega
3’s which is really important and they act as a lubricant in the intestines to make sure that things keep on moving think about oil in your
car engine the essential fatty acid the high quality fish oil supplement is
great as well to get things lubricated get things
moving and last on the list is to make sure that
you’re always having appropriate bowel movement so what does
that mean having enough of them a day so for women I say having at least two
bowel movement a day for men three a day because men tend to
have more food in their daily diet and it’s
important to keep things going there’s some great herds as well to make
sure that you’re having enough bowel movements daily and some of my favourites Cascara Sagrada very gentle and one of the things that I’ve used in
our VitaDetox Formula so you can check that out about issue dot com if you tend to break out on the chin so this a reflex area for the large intestine and if you
get a lot of acne here that’s a telltale sign that you have toxicity in the bowels so
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with colon cleansing and I can help to answer all those questions I want to check out our other videos
hear the VitaLife Show so first of all our yoga facial exercises great
video and I show you all about how to stay young and looking youthful and beautiful doing
this naturally at home our full body cleanse detox video which is more in depth about what I’ve talked
about here today and talks about all the internal organs and our video on liver cleanse so this
is great to know why it’s important to do liver cleansing and colon cleansing
at the same time with a full body detox thanks for
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25 thoughts on “Tips how to do a Colon Detox Cleanse : Detox for Weight loss – VitaLife Show Ep 153

  1. I have fibromyalgia drinking hot lemon water how to drink with it being on hot or do I just sip until its St and able to drink.. N can detox for fibro be done in a doctor setting or what is a detox detailed plan

  2. Do you suggest hydrotherapy as an additive for colon cleansing? I haven't looked through all your videos so I'm not sure if you've mentioned this yet! I'm looking to ease into a detox and wanted to add that to my arsenal. Thanks!

  3. I'm glad you didn't talk about coffee enemas. As I hear enemas, I click out for I hate it. Why do it artificially by force? Almost all nutritionists or doctors recommending coffee enemas like a trend. May be it's based on Garson therapy. Some people are doing it religiously everyday! I wonder if it's good for the system. I have the feeling that the system will become lazy and start to depend on enemas and stop making own bowl movement. I don't believe in overdoing anything. Your way is natural and moderate way like a happy medium. Thank you!

  4. Love your videos always get great information from them. My question to you is I've been having regular bowel movements throughout the day my concern is having thin bowels and sometimes feel like constipated while going. Would a colon cleansing help?

  5. I recently discovered your channel and really like the videos you're doing. Can you do a few videos on breakfast, lunch and dinner meals? I 've been struggling with my diet for many, many years. I've tried vegan, vegetarian, raw high protein etc. I usually end up feeling worse and have come to the conclusion that my main health issue is not eating enough. Low blood sugar, low nutrition etc.  My diet currently is gluten free, oil free, dairy free and low on grains (carbs). It's a struggle to eat enough when your cutting out all the bad stuff.

  6. Hello, I m diabetic 2, and  just found out I have pre cancer on the tongue. I  want  to do a cleanse, and I must say it sounds good. I don't want to do colonics at all, but your tips on the warm water and fiber,  etc etc sound good. I am going to look at more of your video's as what to eat as well. Do you deliver your products to Australia.

  7. wiesa thimson- there has been many ways to cure cancer. do your research. cancer is just a fungi. it CANNOT live in a high oxygen high alkaline environment. cleanse your kidneys. then your colon. then your liver in about 4 week time Frame. kineys a week cleanse. Colon with flaxseed & kefir for 3 weeks then do Dr. Hulda Clark liver cleanse with Epsom salt. after your cleanse get 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide. it's about $15 for couple months worth. add a drop to your water and gradually move up. do your research first! you can cure your own cancer & any other diseases. God made our planet perfect with a natural cure to anything. pharmaceutical companies are evil & you should try getting off any medication you are on before you cleanse. you will also cure your diabetes & feel like a child again. light moderate exercise like walking or bike riding. but do your research. read Dr. Hulda Clark cure for all diseases. woman was a genius! best of luck & prayers go out to you. Jesus is Lord. God wants you to live a happy long life. pray. he always helps me. your not alone in your health struggles. best of wishes! xoxo xoxo. Jesus is Lord.

  8. Hi just a question. when u say warm water do u mean boiled hot water? it sounds good cos I get constipated and bloated myself.

  9. I don't go at all without taking senna I eat fresh veggies and grass fed meat organic eggs. What can I do to go without senna?

  10. I suffer with ibs and it gets so uncomfortable and I find my trigger foods are bread and pastry but I still get symptoms even when I cut them out, could this mean I need a colon cleanse? x

  11. well doctor you were definitely stupendously beautiful have you ever heard of a product called (homozone) fantastic product that oxygenates your brain and it's an absolute ruler Roto-Rooter for your colon and I'm trying to find a reputable place to buy it that it's hard to find look it up online and see if you can make a recommendation for me and I'm a hundred percent and homeopathic I'm diabetic and high blood pressure runs in my family and so basically I'm drinking hibiscus tea to deal with that ok be blessed you're beautiful I love hearing from you and go ahead and let me know about that product if you could thank you bye bye

  12. I've been studying colon cleansing quickly and discovered a fantastic resource at Dajons health plan (google it if you're interested)

  13. It's 100% sure I will loose weight or other benefits after using your vitamins may be I have hypothyroidism because I try so many product but not help fully

  14. Thanks so much for this video Dr. Bowring , I'm doing colon cleansing I did prepare a gallon of purified water with 3oz. Of organic aloe vera juice & 3 tbsp of apple cider vinegar with 3 tbsp of organic lemon juice I've been drinking it cold from the refrigerator would you disagree with that process 🤔

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