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Hey everyone, this is dr. Kyle with Columbia River chiropractic bringing you your next tip for Tuesday Hopefully you guys caught our video from last week where we introduced TMJ dysfunction and how that’s kind of related to the skull and different Alignment issues we might find that this goal kind of created a foundational Component for jaw dysfunction. Anyways, today’s video what we’re gonna do. We’re have a special guest that focuses on the muscular portion of TMJ dysfunction She’s going to talk about Different symptoms that might be related to the jaw and different ways that we might be able to address the muscular dysfunction That would be associated with TMJ Anyway, this is our special guys Nancy from Nancy’s massage therapy and cupping and she’s gonna take it away All right. So there’s those major muscles that we would address here one being Right here. That’s a major muscle of chewing So you’ll notice kind of as you’re chewing you feel this muscle here Kind of moves and a lot of times people get a headache that kind of localizes around These areas from having that TMJ dysfunction going on some other symptoms you might notice deviation of the jaw side-to-side So when someone opens their jaw They might notice that it deviates from one side or to the other During chewing and that is a very good sign that there’s some TMJ dysfunction going on whether there’s pain present or not And then also popping grinding and any kind of Crunching type of sound you might hear in and around your jaws you choose really good indication that there’s some TMJ dysfunction going on and some ways that we can treat that there are some external massage modalities that we can do in and along the bottom of the jaw through here and Right around those major muscles of chewing but there’s also some more Intricate work that can be done inside the mouth. It’s called intraoral massage and I happen to specialize in that and what we do is we work all of these external muscles and also spend some time addressing the internal issues to help provide you with some relief from tension headaches or Any kind of sometimes you might be having with your TMJ dysfunction again My name is Nancy of Nancy’s massage therapy in cupping and this is finger tip for Tuesday

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