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Welcome to the vitalife show I’m Doctor
Janine Bowring a Naturopathic Doctor and today I’m sharing with you the top 10
foods to help to increase your metabolism, to help you to boost that
metabolism and burn especially that belly fat. So number 10 on the list is
water, increase your water it’s really important to stay hydrated because
researchers have found that dehydration causes a sluggish metabolism, so make
sure you’re drinking enough water every day especially if you’re exercising.
Number 9 on the list is sesame seeds, so sesame seeds contain a lot of calcium
and a study has shown that in the absence of calcium what happens is that
we go into lipogenesis now what is lipogenesis? it’s a very scary term
ladies and gentlemen. What it means is the making of fat, we don’t want
lipogenesis if it’s not necessary do we. So make sure that you have enough
calcium in the diet eating sesame seeds has been number nine on my list for
years because really important to get in that whole food calcium from those
sesame seeds. Number eight on the list is dark green leafy vegetables again high
in natural absorbable calcium. So one of the things
unfortunately which you’ve heard me say in other videos is that because we have
this nutrient decline in fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds because of
soil depletion sometimes we can’t eat enough of these foods so sometimes by
supplementing it’s really important to get in that high quality calcium as well.
Now number seven on the list is turmeric, the turmeric is a wonderful spice that
has natural abilities to help with digestion helps improve our metabolism
also helps with joint pain and inflammation so turmeric is something
that you can easily you know work into the diet
certainly there are capsules as well in a higher concentration if you’re really
looking to boost that metabolism and doing it in that capsule form.
Ginger is number six on the list, ginger fantastic for helping with digestion
because whatever we’re eating of course we want to absorb we want to digest to
make sure that it is used and being burned up and used as energy
and that’s why we eat in the first place, so ginger really does help with that
digestive process helps to boost and increase that metabolism. Number five on
the list is cinnamon, cinnamon helps to stabilize our blood glucose levels our
insulin levels really important that cinnamon is added a little sprinkle here
and there every day fantastic way to help to boost that metabolism. Number
four I’ve talked about it before coffee, so coffee is fantastic because it helps
to increase that thermogenesis your body’s internal engine to burn off that
fat especially that belly fat so researchers have found that using
caffeine from you know its natural sources helps to increase that burning
of specifically that belly fat. Number three on the list is coconut oil, coconut
oil so mix that with the coffee that’s our keto coffee check out our other
video on that. But mixing the coconut oil and coconut oil into your daily diet is
fantastic it contains medium treinta chain triglycerides say that fast three
times and what these MCTS do is help to rev up that metabolism really important
for brain chemistry as well to keep you alert and happy at all times. Number two
on the list is green tea now green tea has EGCG and this is that potent
antioxidant which is really important for fat burning as well mixed with that
little bit of green tea caffeine helps to specifically target that belly fat
which is fantastic. Number one on the list peppers so things that are spicy
really help to rev up our internal engine help to get that metabolism going
boost that metabolism and we of course metabolism it helps with weight loss, so
improving that metabolism naturally the peppers contain capsaicin and what this
does is help to naturally increase that thermogenesis. So thanks for joining me
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  1. Thank you for this information. I eat everything in this list except sesame seeds. I will definitely add it to my diet.

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