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Hi viewers here are some quick home
remedies to heal bleeding gums gum bleeding is that problem which is faced
by mostly everyone gum bleeding is the first sign of gum problem this problem
occurs due to gum infection and cool oral hygiene it mostly occurs while
brushing or when you’re eating some raw foods if the problem is followed by
swollen gums bad breath then these had the symptoms of gingivitis home remedies
work well in treating it and in curing various other problems like period ental
diseases causes for bleeding gums hard brushing deficiency of vitamin hormonal
changes taking blood thinners diabetes are heart diseases may also lead to gum
problems here are some home remedies to heal bleeding gums first home remedy use
Clow oil for gum bleeding Clow oil is useful in reducing
inflammation of gums and helps in stopping gum bleeding take a small
amount of Clow and rub it on your gums and you can even chew a piece of clout
you may feel a burning sensation but you will definitely feel relief second home
remedy to heal bleeding gums have citrus fruits fruit are not only good for
health but also good for gums gum diseases are caused by deficiency of
vitamin c fruits like orange lemon pomegranate are the best source of
vitamin C third home remedy to heal bleeding gums using aloe vera as we all
know Oliveira has many medicinal properties one of its mineral property
is reducing gum bleeding as it kills bacteria responsible for gingivitis aloe
vera also helps in healing massage aloe vera gel on your gums fresh aloe vera
bulbs can also be used you can even have liquid which consists
of a levira for home remedy to heal bleeding gums gargle with salt salt is
found in everyone’s kitchen so this method is considered as one of the
earliest method add little amount of salt in lukewarm water and gargle use
saline solution to rinse your mouth in the morning as it helps in improving
blood circulation and swelling reduces this will surely decrease your problem
fifth home remedy to heal bleeding gums use baking soda baking soda is also
easily available and is present in everyone’s kitchen mix baking soda with
water and apply it on your teeth and gums by doing this you can reduce
bleeding gums sixth home remedy to heal be income consume can be reduced it has
many antibacterial properties which helps in curing many gum problems fresh
soup is best as fact juice contains many preservatives and is
mixed with sugars seventh home remedy to heal bleeding
gums use extra virgin olive oil extra virgin olive oil contains Olek acid and
flavonoids which act as antioxidants and helps in reducing gum problems it is one
of the best method to solve the problem of gum bleeding clicks few drops of oil
in water and swish are you can put drop of oil directly on toothpaste or brush
you can do this same price Eddie yet the home remedy to heal bleeding
gums use black seed oil it also has an anti microbial property which helps in
fighting against those bacteria which causes gum problems you can brush and
massage your teeth with oil one can also switch and then flip the oil you can
also add a few drops of oil in warm water and your hygiene solution is ready
now home remedy to heal bleeding gums use
honey free stinks are not good for teeth and gums but still honey is beneficial
due to its antibacterial properties honey is a good source of minerals and
vitamins which provide nutrition to teeth and gums massage your teeth with
organic honey twice a day so as to avoid gum problem 10th home remedy to heal gum
problems garlic and honey paste garlic is one of the powerful antibiotic and
when we mixed it with honey the power increases and then if act as an
antibacterial tonic for gum massage your teeth and gums with this pace
you will feel burning sensation but you will get relief from bleeding gums tips
to avoid gum bleeding soft brush must be used and brush twice a day floss once a
day mouthwash which contains alcohol must be avoided avoid smoking or tobacco
products have a balance right by following all the home remedies you can
reduce bleeding gums thank you for watching this video like and subscribe
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