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Top 15 foods to eat to induce periods. 1. Almonds High in fiber and protein helps to improve hormones balance in the body, also helps you to get regular periods on time. 2. Broccoli Include broccoli into your diets for effectively induce periods and maintain regular menstrual cycle. 3. Eggs High in protein can helps to keep menstrual problem away. 4. Grapes Juice Drink it a day able to help remove inconsistent periods. 5. Tofu High in calcium which helps to get period consistent. 6. Fish or fish oil Omega 3 fatty acid helps to look after blood vessels in the ovaries from any damage that interrupt the period time. 7. Parsley leave Boiled it in wafer to drink for emmenagogue (stimulate menstruation), drink it twice daily to control your periods 8. Fennel seeds It helps prevent irregular periods and improve healthy menstruation, soak it overnight and serve the water next morning. 9. Salmon fish Improves and stabilize the hormones to help prevent irregular menstruation. 10. Green Vegetables Spinach, asparagus and eggplant are great healthy vegetables to help improve periods on time. 11. Sesame Seeds It helps to improve periods scheduled but can increase body temperature, so take it at moderate amount. 12. Yogurt dairy It helps to keep periods in time and get high calcium and protein. 13. Soy milk Amount of phytoestrogens (a hormone from plant soy) that helps to control irregular menstrual cycles. 14. Ginger tea For really delayed periods, mix parsley and ginger tea, will helps alot, but don’t over dose. 15. Celery Eat or drink celery helps to stimulate blood flow to your pelvis and uterus can control your periods. If you like the video, please thumbs up, subscribe for more great videos, and comment below for more 🙂

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  1. I have thyroid because of which my period cycle is irregular it comes only after i take medicine named as deviry can you suggest me some homeremedy for natural flow

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