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Hey Everyone 🙂 Dr. Kalpna Ranadive Here. TMJ is one of the worst pain experienced by majority of women! 92% of the women experience this pain. What is this TMJ pain that I’m talking about ? TMJ means Temporo-Mandibular Joint. and where is this joint? It’s right over here okay? So Temporal Mandibular Joint or TMD is the other word that you hear is the Temporo-Mandibular Disorder(TMD) So for either of these disorders, Ayurveda has certain massage techniques that can help You get through the pain! Especially if you’re getting in a major bout of pain coming in and those who suffer through this do experience a lot of pain, discomfort, headaches, migraines! So I’m going to show you certain exercises. Definitely know some of these points and see how you can get through the next episode that you might experience with the TMJ or TMD disorder! All right so let’s begin! So what I’m going to show you, are a combination of Marma points which is the Ayurvedic Marma points as well as the Ayurvedic Massage! And the Marma points usually, I’ll point them, You hold them, then You massage them into a circular stroke or in a clockwise or anti-clockwise strokes. So there are three points that you need to remember & I want to show them now to You. So when it comes to TMJ or TMD this is the area that really gets inflamed but the pain can radiate along this bone and also behind and then this area can get really really painful! So the way the TMJ is it’s a ball and socket joint. So it goes inside a socket and then as the jaw moves it will open and it will move and close. Then it will come down & then go up! Come down and go up! So as it does that, there’s a ligament in this area and then that can hurt a lot! Now when that happens there is a lot of inflammation. One of the by-products of any inflammation is edema! And edema creates fluid! Now when that fluid gets build up it gets even more painful! So by knowing these points, what you’re going to do is , You are going to reduce that inflammation, You are going to reduce that edema and help you get through that pain situation even if you’re taking pain medication this massage would help you! So what you need to know in the TMJ is this area. And this is the joint and the pain will radiate in this area. So the point that you would remember are … Number 1, is this area and then it can go all the way to this part. So it’s called as Tragus, in medical term. So this area has got one point. It s gonna…if you press here you’ll find one point over there. If you open your mouth, this joint will move okay if you put your little pinky finger inside and then even turn it over here you can actually feel the Joint over there! And some people we need to move the little pinky finger inside and then they can feel it that way! So you can even get pain relief by putting, pressing over here or putting your finger in. You can use some Oil or Ghee. Either Sesame Seed oil or Ghee are usually best oils that you can use to lubricate your little finger so it don’t hurt yourself. But by putting that right there and just holding it you can literally hold it and if you want to support the fingers you can do that okay. So that’s number one! The second point is right over here okay t’s the corner of the jaw. So you have got one point over here one point over here. Here okay so again even massage this! Sometimes just holding on to that point would help if you want to do both at the same time you can take these two finger and then
the thumb and then go right here so here and then here Now the third point which is very very important is behind the Ear, there is a bone which is called as the mastoid process. This area. So you want to go all the way up here and massage it Here and massage it so this is a very very important point in the tempromandibular joint which is ignored by a lot of people. So let’s recap! For the TMJ there are three points. There are three Marma points that you’re going to remember. One is right near the joint, One! and you can go inside and outside, this whole area you can massage right in this area okay Second one is this area okay you’re gonna massage this and the third one is this the mastoid process. okay So I hope you were able to get some information about this and benefit from this . If you like this video please like share and subscribe. There are a lot of people 92 % of the women suffer from this. Even men suffer from this. They could benefit from this massage so please share this video you would do them a lot more good. Thank you for watching and I’ll see you next time

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