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These 5 superfoods are proven creatinine fighters
and kidney health boosters. Include them in your diet to lower your creatinine
and improve your kidney function. When optimal kidney health is your target,
there’s no getting around your diet. Hello and welcome, this is Katherine from
00Kidney. In this video we are going to see some easy
but proven methods to lower creatinine levels naturally, mainly by improving your kidney
function. If you want to take care of high creatinine
levels, treating the intrinsic causes is extremely important. And, while we live in a drug-oriented, pill-abusing
culture, when it comes to your whole-body health there’s still no denying that food
is the best medicine. A lot of people say that eating healthy should
be a no-brainer for everybody but, still, the following superfoods are often overlooked
and undervalued. In the next few minutes, we will make sure
that this doesn’t describe you! First we should understand why lowering creatinine
should not be the primary target for people with kidney problems. What is creatinine and why creatinine levels
are considered so important? Creatinine is a waste product. The body metabolizes it in the muscles and
everyone has it in a certain quantity. When your kidneys are working correctly, they
are able to filter and pass a sufficient amount of creatinine. Now, people with kidney disease or impaired
kidney function have been observed to have higher levels of creatinine, especially in
stage 3, 4 and 5 of the disease. In short, creatinine levels increase if the
capability of the kidneys to filter wastes in the blood declines, thus making creatinine
level a good indicator of your kidney function. This is why the amount of creatinine in the
blood is always monitored during routinely blood tests. What can you do to lower your creatinine levels
and improve your kidney health? Your kidney health is in direct connection
with what you eat on daily basis, and how you treat your body. Your daily routine, stress levels, sleep quality,
environment, level of physical activity or lack of it, your quality of life… are all
factors in the equation of your overall health. Diet plays a crucial role too. It is maybe the most important factor. So, for people who want to lower their creatinine
levels through the right dietary habits, one of the healthiest solution is adding greens
low in potassium, phosphorus and sodium. This is why I have put together this top 5
list of superfoods bursting with powerful antioxidants, vitamins, and lots of micronutrients. Add them to your diet to see a fast and lasting
improvement in your kidney health and to lower creatinine levels. Number 5 Organic corn on the cob
Corn is considered by many a not-so-healthy food. This is mainly due its distant relatives,
corn flour, corn syrup� which are processed foods and not the real thing. A very high quantity of processed foods and
industrially refined corn or maize is consumed every day, still, very few people know about
the health benefits of eating raw, organic corn on the cob. Raw uncooked corn is low in calories and potassium
but very high in fiber, phytochemicals and folic acid. It is a very good source of vitamins A, B,
E since those present in corn are more available for absorption than those in most greens like
spinach or broccoli. These antioxidants plays a crucial role in
the prevention of many chronic diseases, including CKD and various types of cancer. Number 4 Lemon Juice
Maybe the best way of adding lemon juice to your renal diet is drinking it in the morning
with a warm cup of purified water. This way lemon juice wakes up the kidneys
and the liver to pass toxins, support weight loss, stimulates digestion and helps regulating
creatinine levels. Lemon juice acidity has been observed to prevent
and break down the formation of kidney stones. Number 3 Berries
While raspberries, strawberries and blueberries are very rich in antioxidants and have a lot
of properties useful for fighting high creatinine levels, for our purpose the best type of berries
are cranberries. They are in fact exceptionally useful in helping
the kidneys and the whole urinary tract. Cranberries can enhance the natural acidity
of the urines and prevent the adhesion of bacteria to the bladder wall. This will prevent bacterial infections in
the urinary tract and bladder, making cranberries a must in a well-planned renal diet. While they could be eaten fresh, cranberries
are more widely available as juice. Number 2 Cabbage:
Cabbage is considered one of the healthiest foods in our diet for more than one reason. First of all, it is low in potassium so it
is very suitable for a renal diet. It is very rich in fiber, folic acid, vitamins
C, K and B6. It is also full of phytochemicals, compounds
that have shown anti free radicals properties. Cabbage is particularly rich in Sulforaphane,
a phytochemical capable of slowing down the growth of different types of cancers, including
kidney cancer. While cabbage is present in a variety of recipes,
to get the best from it you should try it uncooked. In fact, prepping it will reduce its nutritional
value. Cabbage is one of those superfoods you should
be eating daily, even if you are completely healthy. Number 1. Red bell peppers
This superfood is considered by many experts the best thing you could be adding to your
diet. And they are probably right: Raw uncooked
Red bell peppers do not just taste great, eaten alone or in a salad, they are packed
with a vast number of nutrients your body needs. They�re especially rich in vitamin C. Just
one medium sized red bell pepper is enough to fulfill more than your recommended daily
allowance for this fundamental micronutrient. They have also low potassium, making them
an excellent choice for kidney patients. Uncooked bell peppers are a great source of
lycopene, a phytochemical associated with prevention of kidney disease, cardiovascular
disease and prostate cancer. They are also rich in vitamins A, B6 and folic
acid. Bell peppers can be found in different colors,
ranging from green, less mature, to yellow, medium state of maturation, to red. Red bell peppers, the most ripe, provide the
best amount of precious nutrients. This doesn’t mean that you cannot eat yellow
bell peppers or than you can’t cook them, though. A word of advice from Michael Wright, the
dialysis patient who was able to reverse his stage 5 CKD
Pre-packaged processed foods may seem an easier choice, but raw unprocessed groceries is what
your body really needs! This is all for today! If you liked this video, please like and subscribe! Thank you for watching!

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    Rest 4 to 1 is okay to cook?
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  5. I have this strange issue – If I take a few supplements during the day, at night I will be extremely dehydrated, get insomnia and no amount of water will satisfy my thirst. These are basic supplements I take like Vit B, Vit C, Turmeric, Magnesium etc. I've always had high creatinine in my kidneys and am now wondering if taking supplements can possibly spike it and cause me kidney stress/dehydration?? Anybody ever have this issue? It's driving me crazy because I need to take these supplements for other health issues but it ruins my sleep.

  6. Thank you very much for your health tips and I trust your advice thanks for all the best you gave God bless you

  7. I have a question.

    Im not fully comprehending the mechanics of how creatinine is lowered without lowering creatine.

    Creatinine is created by creatine breakdown.

    That being said, I take creatine suppliments,

    (as I am an athlete, and do very heavy weight training, which creatine is absolutely needed, as my training depletes my natural levels of creatine rapidly! ((And so I assume also increases creatinine levels as well.))

    Creatine, which is an absolutely beneficial to health, and recommend by doctors as a general beneficial suppliment for just about everyone.
    I don't recall any warnings about those with kidney issues, but id assume so, but I could be totally wrong about that.
    It is recommended it be taken with ALOT of water though, mainly to prevent cramps by those that are sensitive to it. It's said creatine tends to draw water from surrounding to process it.

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  14. There are two kinds of kidney diseases. This is helpful for urology or Nephrology patient. I hope lemeno juice was not good to CKD patient.

  15. For all those who think my accent is "strange" it is because I was born in Asia and grew up in Italy (Europe) and graduated here.
    My accent is Italian. If you find it difficult to understand, I've put the subtitles. Kindly, don't judge a person too easily with offenses without even knowing it.

  16. Too much of criticism will only lead to more stress and negative energy that accumulate in our system which is detrimental to one's health. Practice a little more understanding of our differences as human beings. KINDNESS is what makes us all beautiful.

  17. For all those who think my accent is "strange" it is because I was born in Asia and grew up in Italy (Europe) and graduated here.
    My accent is Italian. If you find it difficult to understand, I've put the subtitles. Kindly, don't judge a person too easily with offenses without even knowing it.

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  28. Hello, Katherine. I discovered your channel today. Thanks for putting out your content.
    I agree that nutrition should be a "no brainer"; however, in a "fast food" and processed food culture, there is a signifucant lack of education on the subject.

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