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So what are my favorite top 6
remedies for acid reflux? First acid reflux can be irritating and painful. When food and acid splash into the esophagus,
they cause belching, heartburn, and in some severe cases, chest pains. Some individuals have experienced pain
so intense that they thought they were having a
heart attack. If a person’s experiencing acid reflux
on a regular basis, the acids will irritate the esophagus, which may advance
scarring,ulceration, inflammation, or hemorrhaging. According to authors and doctors,if acid
reflux persists, it could lead to esophageal cancer. So here are my Top 6 ways to balance acid reflux : #1 balance your hydrochloric acid levels in your stomach. increasing the natural production of hydrochloric acid in the stomach is the first step to prevent acid reflux. replaced cheap table salt with high
quality himalayan crystal salt because it contains chloride and dozens of trace
minerals the body needs I also recommend taking a plant
derived Betaine HCL supplement 5 to 10 minutes before meals. This is an extremely effective way of
preventing acid reflux symptoms. #2 Change your diet : processed foods
and sugars are almost guaranteed to cause acid reflux. eat fresh organic fruits and vegetables
check out my brand new body cleansing diet and take a good probiotic supplement like Latero-flora. this will also help balance your bowel with good bacteria. #3 taken digestive enzymes
supplement : Enzymes are found in abundance in raw food
but the act of cooking food destroys these health promoting structures. There are many good enzyme suppements
available and the best one that I recommend is a product called Veganzyme. #4 Take raw organic apple cider vinegar : I recommend taking 1 tablespoon of
raw organic apple cider vinegar mixed in about 4-6 ounces of
purified water before each meal. this will help calm the stomach acids and suport digestion. this is one of my favorite fast-acting
home remedy for acid reflux. #5 take organic baking soda : mix a teaspoon a glass of water, stir and drink before it stops fizzing. bicarbonate is the active ingredient
and it’s a wonderful product for acid reflux however if you have a high blood
pressure or if you are on a sodium restricted diet, it’s best to get approval from your
doctor first. Finally #6 Take Organic Aloe Vera Juice: Aloe vera juice supports digestion and is another remedy for acid reflux. I recommend drinking 1oz. of organic aloe vera juice mixed in 2oz of water when acid reflux symptoms begin. If you suffer from acid reflux, the
chances are your body is pretty toxic. I also suggest the full body cleanse
starting with colon cleansing then moving on the liver gallbladder
cleansing and then doing harmful organism cleanse and chemical and toxic metal cleansing. For more information on cleansing and staying healthy, visit

89 thoughts on “Top 6 Natural Remedies for Acid Reflux

  1. How can vinegar possibly help with acid reflux, if itself is an acid? Also, what happens when you take bicarb and vinegar at the same time? The volcano experiment from kindergarden?

  2. My math teacher told me about the Apple Cider Vinegar, I'm glad you mentioned this. Additional affirmations are always appreciated.

  3. Hey……errrrr……well Im on two different tablets as I have really bad reflux. I just want to know… anti acid tablets shorten your life expectancy? Im 14 if I take them now for like a year or two will it shorten my life?

  4. Thank you for your tips,but i must ask you something.For the past 5-6 months i experience regular heartburn of which 85% is at night time.It hasn't stopped since.Should i be worried and what should i do?Tnx in advance 🙂

    U should have said that taking baking soda after meal is so bad, it should be taken only after meals.
    please when telling people what to take tell them too that there are cases that should be careful about , and that there are some mistakes in taking a certain supplement for some people .
    thanks in advance

  6. Hello Dr. Group. I am experiencing GERD for 3 months now and I'm having hard time sleeping at night (only around 4 to 5 hrs of sleep per night) because often I feel fast palpitations and this would keep me awake. I visited my Cardiologist and had me undergone 2D echo and he found no problem with my heart. I am taking Rabeprazole Sodium 20mg before breakfast daily for a month now, and Gaviscon before I sleep at night. But I dont feel any improvement, my GERD just keep on going back..

    Hope you could suggest any medication to help solve this terrible problem. Thank you.

  7. You can also try Ginger root, because it is known to calm the nerves and can absorb acid from the stomach. Also mentioned here is apple cider vinegar, I've tried this at dinner time  🙂 Thanks for sharing this video….

  8. after I have tred everything you showed and more I have found that viniger yes I no brags organic raw burns the througt over time giving sore dry thought and alovara couses stomic problumes like backups however the things do work just have side afects

  9. Hello GHS, could you recommend any cheap alternatives to some of these things that I could find in food products? Apple cider vinegar is cheap where I am (NZ) as is slippery elm and flax seed. However digestive enzymes and other herbal supplements are sold at cutthroat prices – so It's impossible for me to purchase them regularly.

  10. Peppermint essential oil rubbed on the outside where the burning was worked for me. IT TOOK A LITTLE PERSISTENCE BUT I COULD FEEL A DIFFERENCE FROM THE FIRST TIME.  Not saying I am cured but it sure stopped my hurt for a long time now. I don't have to do it much anymore. It seems to me that the oil took away the inflammation which allowed the gerd to stop on it's own. 

  11. Hello, I am looking for ways to help my 12 week old son! He is currently on thickened feeds (alimentum hypoallergenic formula with xanthum gum to nectar consistency) due to an issue with his airway which causes the reflux. He is on .6 of zantac twice a day, but is getting worse. I do have him on a probiotic as well called gerber soothe. Obviously I cant  do a detox diet on him. can I mix aloe vera juice in his formula maybe….

  12. Best remedy is to hit the gym and start eating food that is good for your health… It cures me from acid reflux, severe bad ache and joints pain.

  13. Great tips. All measures are temporary. In addition, small volume food helps.

  14. Thank you, doctor, for making this video. Do you think that these same recommendations will help to fight BILE reflux and gastroparesis?  Thank you for your time and consideration.

  15. Thank you, if anyone else wants to know more about acid reflux remedy you should visit Panlarko amazing reflux planner
    (just google search it). It is great.

  16. Hi Edward,

    Thanks for the helpful information. I'm suffering from LPR from past 1 year. I used lot of medicines but didn't work. Based on information i collected from few blogs, most of the patients recommending to take Alkaline water and Apple Cider Vinegar(ACV) with Baking Soda (2tea sp ACV + Half tbl spn BS/4 oz of water) 3 times a day. Will that be help full??

    Thanks in advance!!

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  19. Hello i had à question please I ve Been sick for over a month caughing, throut hurting really bad And now I lost my voice it hurts to talk i hâve taken antibiotics 3 Times And it dosent work. Iam prégnant 3 months And 2 weeks can i take the Apple cider? What do You think i can take that wont harm my baby? Do You hâve any suggestion. Thank You

  20. did you just say take chloride ? I guess you don't know that's shit is bad. Better do some more research guy.

  21. Nightime heartburn is the worst.. i found an article that helped me end the heartburn at night naturally.. maybe it can help someone else too… heres the link

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  30. Hi: Could you please spell the Betain supplement you mentioned in Suggestion 1? Couldn't understand what you said. I'm trying desperately to get off Nexium and Prilosec, but nothing seems to work for me, except apples. I've been on those drugs for 20 plus years, and I'm concerned, but don't know what to do. I am also diabetic, and concerned for my kidneys also. I am losing weight, and am presently on a low carb diet that has helped some. I am not obese though. I am desperate. Thanks for your help!

  31. Ok best cure is supps from betaine hydrochloride derived from beets ,the best of the best in this story.Why not extract juice from beet with blender or juicer and Apple cider vinegar with clean water and drink that.Tell me why to take supplements instead of eating a bit of beats.Everybody is always selling stuff with my best interest.The never ending story of this world.

  32. Why if I eat an Apple everyday in the morning also need Apple cider vinegar every time before food.Isn't one apple bad enough of acid.

  33. Dear Dr. Group, Do I have to do all these things at once ?  I can feel my wallet losing wait already 🙂 in all seriousness  I have it really bad, what do you recommend

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  40. There are a few tips for treating heartburn naturally
    Ensure you drink plenty of water.
    Avoid tomatoes
    cut down on citrus fruit eg lemons, oranges
    Avoid smoking, drinking alchol or caffeinated drinks
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  44. vita plus is the answer to our acid reflux believe me coz im the one who cured. im suffering it for 2 years but now im totally cured just txt me if ur interested 09261073582

  45. An apple works because of the enzymes in it! Your body needs DIGESTIVE ENZYMES from plant sources. Research OPTIMAL BREATHING about digestive enzymes, will blow you away. Make a plate of cut up Vegs , carrots, broccoli , cauliflower , green peppers etc. Eat those raw with a dip of your favorite sauce for snack or side dish at dinner, like a salad. Many enzymes in raw Vegs., not cooked.. Pure Magnesium Oil spray by Life-Flo on Amazon, spray your belly before sleep nightly to relax and sleep nights. Look up deficiency and see the many problems you can have from panic attacks, heart irregular palpations, etc. our food is dead of digestive enzymes, processed and fake foods, we need minerals and enzymes for our body to function. Choose from one of these products to clean your body out and supply you with vital nutrients . THE GIFT…..or……BP BALANCE, both I believe are on Amazon or look for them. I have taken both, THE gift first, then BPBalance. Also get on a good DIGESTIVE ENZYME SUPREME. Our bodies are dieing slowly because we know longer feed them properly. Stop using band aides, they only cover up the problem. Your body is talking to you asking for help and getting your attention by making you miserable with symptoms which you ignore. Your heart needs minerals to beat properly…pay attention before its too late. Digestive enzymes will solve your acid reflux and heartburn, unless you have a bigger underlying problem?

  46. If you have an uncomfortable feeling right below your sternum all, or most, of the time does this mean you've damaged something?

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  51. Everytime the apple vinagre (with water) pass to my esophagus I irritate it and start coughing. I guess the point is to look after the esophagus not to hurt it.

  52. pickle juice is very good but you have to do it yourself with sea salt, its the sea salt who is doing the job, don't buy pickle juice cans.if you want 100% result just do it yourself at home its easy healthy and very good for your body cheers

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