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People are using computers, mobiles and other
types of screen devices more and more today. The continuous staring and looking at the
screen puts a pressure on the eyes. Apart from this, if the background light is
less, it causes further problems in the eyes. It leads to eyestrain. The eyes can become red and dry and there
can be a discharge of water in them. The eyesight can become weak with blurred
vision. The affected person suffers from headaches
and the eyes become irritated. There is a problem in focusing the eyes. It is important to take treatment for this
problem. The doctor can recommend eye drops and exercises
for the eyes. Some home remedies help in improving the condition
of the patient. We will suggest some remedies for this. 1. Use Eye Mask. An eye mask helps in decreasing eye strain. Brew tea with a tea bag. After that, place the used tea bag over the
eyes. It will reduce puffiness and strain in eyes. You can also place cucumber slices on the
eyes. Some people like to place an ice pack on eyes
to get relief from eye strain. 2. Use Chamomile Tea. Using the chamomile tea helps in protecting
the eyes from stress and strain. You can make the tea by steeping the chamomile
tea bag or loose tea in boiling water for five minutes. Strain and drink the tea to get relief from
a headache caused by eyestrain. Also, place the warm and used tea bag over
the eyelids for five minutes. 3. Blink The Eyes. Blinking the eyes helps in reducing eye strain. When you are using a computer or mobile for
a long time, you should blink the eyes at frequent intervals. It will stop the eyes from becoming dry. The eyes become moist with tears when you
blink. 4. Massage The Eyes. Massaging the eyelids helps in improving the
condition of eyes affected by strain. Place the fingers above your eyebrows and
do gentle massage over this area. Do the massage on lower eyelids, forehead
and cheekbones too. Massage will increase blood circulation and
reduce eye strain. Do the massage once or twice daily. 5. Use Milk. Whole milk contains high amounts of fat, which
helps in reducing irritation, strain and puffiness in the eyes. Soak cotton in milk. For this remedy, you should use cold milk. Lie down, close the eyes and do massage around
the eyes with cotton soaked in milk. It will help in relaxing the eyes and reducing
strain. Do the remedy one time in a day. 6. Use Sunglasses and Goggles. Protect the eyes from sunlight to reduce eye
strain. Use sunglasses while going outdoors so that
the eyes are protected from sunlight. Use goggles while swimming in a pool. Protect the eyes from the heat while travelling
in a car. Avoid contact of eyes with the heat of a hair
dryer. 7. Use Proper Lighting. It is important to use proper lighting to
avoid eye strain. If you are watching television, use a soft
light in the background. Place the light at the backside while reading
books. Place the reading lamp in front side while
reading books at the table or desk. 8. Use Warm Compress. Applying a warm compress on the eyes helps
in relaxing eye muscles and soothing them. Wet a cloth with warm water. Squeeze to remove excess water. Close the eyes and cover it with the wet cloth. Do this when you are in a sleeping position. Do this three times using a new cloth every
time. Use the compress once or twice daily.

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  1. Sleeping, tylenol, eye drops, frozen eye mask, blinking, sunglasses dosnt work it gets worse throughout the day

  2. I dunt know how to do this I'm just 10 my eyes flipping hurts I'm trying so hard not to cry it hurts screen D: it's making it hurt more

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