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The DSM-5, or the 5th edition of the diagnostic
and statistical manual, lists three major types of tic disorders: Tourette’s syndrome,
which is the most well known, persistent motor or vocal tic disorder, and provisional tic
disorder. Individuals with these disorders all suffer
from tics, which are quick, nonrhythmic movements or vocalizations that happen over and over,
and are not caused by some other disorder like Huntington’s disease or substance abuse. For example, individuals might feel the urge
to spontaneously and repeatedly clap their hands, make a facial grimace, or grunt or
even perform hidden movements like moving the tongue. Although these movements might be appropriate
in some situations, the fact that they are repeated even in inappropriate situations
is why they are considered abnormal. In addition to having a tic, there are three
additional criteria that are used to help classify individuals into one of the three
types of tic disorders. Criteria A is the number of motor or vocal
tics, criteria B is the duration of the tic disorder, and criteria C is the age of the
person when he or she started having tics. For a diagnosis of tourette’s disorder,
an individual must have multiple motor tics, and at least one vocal tic, however, these
do not have to happen at the same time. The important thing here is that both motor
and verbal tics are present. The frequency of individual tics might change
over time, but they need to persist for at least one year. Finally, the tics must have started before
the age of 18, and in fact they most often appear between the ages of 4 and 6. Of the three types of tic disorders, Tourette’s
is considered to be the most severe. For a diagnosis of persistent motor or vocal
tic disorder, also called chronic tic disorder, an individual must have either a single or
multiple motor tics or vocal tics—but not both. Like Tourette’s the tics have to persist
for at least 1 year and must have started before the age of 18. Finally, for a diagnosis of provisional tic
disorder, an individual must have a single, or multiple, motor and/or verbal tics, but
they must be present for less than 1 year since their onset, and they appear before
the age of 18, Tics can be simple or complex. Simple tics are relatively short in duration,
lasting milliseconds, and can include behaviors like eye blinks, which would be motor, or
throat clearing, which would be verbal. Complex tics typically last longer, sometimes
over a second, and are usually a combination of simple tics, like shaking one’s head
while shrugging their shoulders. Complex motor tics can also include echopraxia,
which is a tic-like repetition of the movements of others, as well as copropraxia—tics involving
obscene gestures. Complex verbal tics can include echolalia,
which is repeating the last word or phrase that they heard from others, palilalia, which
is a repetition of a person’s own words or phrases, or coprolalia, which is saying
inappropriate words or obscenities. Tic disorders are often most severe before
puberty—between the ages of 10 and 12—and usually decrease in severity afterwards. Sometimes, individuals might notice a specific
feeling or urge that occurs before the onset of a tic—like an itch before reaching to
scratch. Tics also tend to become more common or more
severe during periods of anxiety, excitement, or exhaustion. There is no cure for tourette’s and other
tic disorders, but tics can be managed through a combination of therapy and medications. Cognitive behavioral therapy can help individuals
identify triggering events or feelings that precede tics, and habit reversal training
can help someone learn to do movement that are incompatible with the tics, like engaging
opposing muscle groups, which would be like smiling if the tic is a frown. Since tics tend to lessen when the person
is calm, reducing anxiety or depression can also help. There are also a number of medications that
can be used to control tics, but these are only used in the most severe cases. For example, antipsychotic medications such
as haldol and risperidone, and some epilepsy medications can be effective, although they
often cause unwanted side-effects. ADHD medication can also help some individuals
focus on, and therefore control, their tics. In some severe cases, botox injections to
the site of the tic can help to minimize their appearance. Alright, as a quick recap, tic disorders are
repetitive, non-voluntary movements or vocalizations that appear before the age of 18. These tics can be simple, for example barely
noticeable eye blinks, as well as complex, like compulsively producing really distracting
gestures. Thanks for watching, you can help support
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100 thoughts on “Tourette’s syndrome & tic disorders – definition, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment

  1. I use to have tics I got them when I was about 10 and they went away but now they are slowly coming back these past couple years I’m now 17 and idk if I should tell my parents or not they would make fun of me a lot and still do that i use to have it I’m worried it’s going to officially come back I don’t want it anymore I had them for about maybe 4 or 3 years

  2. i haven’t been diagnosed or been to doctors for it. i have 2+ physical tics and 1 vocal tic. they’ve gotten worse recently. i don’t know if it’s just stress or if i really have Tourette’s syndrome. it’s barley been a been year so i don’t know.

  3. I think i saw a man that kept saying random stuff and twitching his head and making random sounds
    So i think he has tic disorders

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  5. I usually have my arms, hands, leg and neck twitch and I sometimes go “shhhhh” or “fffffff” but earlier I screamed gay

  6. I always like clear my throat, specially while listening to a music or before sleeping. It's like I'm wanting to feel something, I don't really know how to describe it. Satisfaction? Idk. I also repeat a word, for example a word 'word' i say it with trying to get that certain pronunciation with uhm (hard?) R.

    Help me, what am i feeling?

  7. Um I have twitches in my head and shoulder and had them since I was little my parents say its nothing but I'm not sure

  8. Im 13 and for about 5 months now i have started spelling the last word of any sentence said with my toes and its really annoying and i really want to stop. I told my parents but they think i am trying to get attention so they say its nothing.

  9. i have a few tics that annoy the living hell out of me. a weird thing where i breath funny releasing air all the way with what might be a micro cough or clearing of my throat even if my throat is fine. This is also most times accompanied by rapid /uncontrolled blinking fits as a mini panic attack where i feel like i am not getting enough oxygen. If i am in a stressful environment it is pretty bad or if i am exhausted. I youtubed this again in hopes that there is a simple way to deal with it but after looking i'm going to have to see a doctor as it has gotten more prevalent. This started back in school at around 5th/6th grade maybe earlier first noticed after stress caused by failing grades and my parents getting rather strict on me. Exhaustion seems to be the main trigger so getting good sleep does help but it is hard to find what actually helps and what is just coincidence.

    Nobody else in my family that i know has this problem and finding other resources has been hard with unemployment affecting stress and ability to seek treatment. Best of luck to anyone that has this issue as it is not life threatening but for sure a stress on it's own along with social aspects that make people think you are on drugs or slow.

  10. I'm currently still in school and I started Stuttering and having tics (Tics include moveing head to left, lifting right knee up quickly I also sigh from my nose from this

  11. I will often have random jerks and movements make and wierd noises that sound like vocal clearing uncontrollably but I'm not sure if I have a tic disorder I also have palalia (not sure how its spelt) I do random distracting movements but I'm too scared to tell my parents because what if I am wrong?

  12. I don't know if this counts but I'm 15 and sometimes have a strong urge to twitch my head which I seem to not be able to stop it but it usually happens once a day or once every couple days

  13. Hoping somebody can provide insight? I have 'tics' that are like and unlike tourettes. Started when I was 15 (now 27). It feels like a chill running up my spine and then I tic. Head jerk, shoulder shrug, blinking or one of two different small sounds. BUT. I can in no way suppress them, they happen too fast. Watching others tic or talking about it doesn't set them off. They happen maybe a few times a week? At random times, but I think more when I'm tired. Since they don't interfere with my daily life I've never discussed them with my gp. I'm curious though… Is it Tourettes or something else?

  14. Sometimes when I’m really bored my eyes go blurry and they start to shake from left to right. I don’t think it’s tics but i was just wondering if anyone here knows what it is?

  15. you see I have been professionally diagnosed with Tourette’s and I agree with this video. I curse, flinch randomly, yell, say animal noises, and much more. Shoulder movements and head rolls/eye rolls depend on how long and how bad they are. If you’ve had these head shoulder and eye rolls for about a year then u probably got a severe tic or slight Tourette’s. I prefer you get checked by a doctor before “self” diagnosing.

    Edit: fixing anger tics(smashing keyboard and making random words lol)

  16. Growing up I would always get the urge to crack my nuckles and usually any bone I know I can crack.
    I always crack my ankles and knees.
    Like I adjust pressure on my foot and gently twist until it cracks
    It just randomly happens. I don't even think to do it.
    Its like my body just decides to do it without telling my mind

  17. do i have tourettes i have tics i shout randomly and i swear alot like all the time in public when im anxious it gets worse i also have been diognosed with adhd itd be great if i got a response to this.

  18. I think I have tourettes but I didn’t know it had a diagnosis until my brother was diagnosed. I’m 19 now and I have the one where I repeat the ends of my words, jolting, flap of my arm, meowing like a cut, words that don’t exist, and jolting my upper body at the same time as I make a sound where I breath in so quick that it hurts cuz I breathe in so much so fast, leg jerking, and many more. I noticed my ticks around the age of 13. I made this sound all day every day where I would breath out weirdly. It happened repetitively and wouldn’t stop for long enough for me to talk in school. My dad thought it was all in my head and I believed him but they wouldn’t stop. Does anyone have advice? I also have autism so I am struggling to do things independently so unless my parents think I should try and get a diagnosis, I have no idea how to get the funding to get checked.

  19. Im not seeking attention, please answer. Im curious.

    I blinked my eyes (hardly) last year and the year before it stopped this year but i have a throat clearing one now. Sometimes the muscles in my whole body just tighten when something bad comes to my mind (anxiety). I have an anxiety disorder and ocd too. (I didnt diagnose myself. I learned it from a psychologist.)
    So whats this? please help.

  20. Do I have any of these?
    I often get the urge to repeat how words are said but by doing a weird inhaling or sniffing action. Also when I get stressed or frustrated I start to repeatedly try to pop the joints in my neck or elbows.

    Edit: it started back in 2011 when I was in 6th grade

  21. Since I got tourettes at 8 I take risperdone which really helps. My tics are less often or and I have sometime control with it but it helps To reduce some smyptoms. I also have asperger syndrome. I am now 28.

  22. Meh this is really late but i have a tic that i keep blinking really hard, and squeeze my eyes with my hands during class and at home, doctors say its nothing and if i try to hold it, it might disappear

  23. I dont if i have it but i do twitch my arm and make noises. But its like a cycle with one thing. It can be days, weeks. But my arm twitch has been on me for months. I started eye blinking at kindergarten

  24. Ok so I have always had this issue where one side of my lip will lurch up and I'll have this really mean/disgusted look on my face it lasts about a second or two then I go back to normal, sometimes my arm lurches forward like I'll be writing and the hand I'm using to write with will pound on the table or shoot sideways, I also will get a shiver up my spine (this one is probably normal but what ever) and when I shiver I squeak ig, it only happens for a second and I can go back too normal. I don't now if they are tics but I was diagnosed with severe anxiety and I'm thinking it's probably just my anxiety making me freak out for no reason. Idk y'all got any ideas/info?

  25. I’m not sure either disorder could I have? but with tics sometimes I jerk my arm back and move my fingers really weirdly, and i also have this urge to continuously make this soft-gently grunting sound

  26. I’ve had several tics come and go throughout my life but my current ones are full head twitches in any direction, blowing out of my nose frequently, constant throat clearing, random finger movement after being still for several seconds, and a randomly occurring stutter. I used to squeak loudly when I was 7 but that went away. When I was 10-13 I would roll my bottom lip over itself and also roll my eyes back quickly. I have yet to discuss any of my thoughts on this with my family but I know they are aware of the tics.

  27. Idk if this is a tic but I clench my teeth when my body is put under physical stress and when I blink sometimes I can’t control just blinking repeatedly for a couple

  28. I have all of those. It's hard, I got diagnosed with tourette's when I was 5. I'm 11 now, they got worse. People ask me what's wrong and it annoys me, I told my best friend and he told people I act stupid cuz of my tics. My symptoms are jerking my head, humming, squealing in my mouth, making sounds while inhaling, click my tongue, flick my fingers and toes, blinking, blinking hard, making fart sounds, eye rolling that cause headaches, eye rolling my eyes to the bottom corners and bottom of my eyes while jerking my head up, whistle, reverse whistling, whistling through my teeth, saying random things, and beatboxing.

    1 like=1 person who thinks I will get over my tics.

  29. My head tics, it has been since I was 14. My mom thought it was behavior I got from a friend but none of my friends have it. It’s random and doesn’t happen too often, but my parents have yet to notice.

  30. Hi, I hope someone can help me:

    My boyfriend has TS. I have only found out recently…
    we are planning to get married and have children, therefore I started asking myself how likely is it for children to get TS too?
    I’m very depressed and scared as I dont want my children to go through it all..
    Could people with TS let me know if this run in their families?
    Thank you

  31. i randomly shake my body. like shiver. i’m not cold i just do it. edit: i just started doing this thing where i jerk my neck to the left near my shoulder. it’s random like the shiver thing

  32. My head will jerk to the side , my chin wobbles uncontrollably, I scrunch my nose a lot and my shoulders will go up into my neck , my shoulders will shrug and my head will shake at the same time and my head will jolt and i don’t know why it’s only recently started happening

    I’m 14 and don’t know what it is
    Also when I se anyone ticking I get my ticks and it happens if I talk about them

  33. I sometimes blink super hard. And apparently when I read (so I guess whenever I focus on something) I grunt. I don’t notice it.
    The blinking has been happening for years, but it hasn’t gotten diagnosed as Tourettes because it got confused for my allergies. I got diagnosed with dry eye and got eye drops. We kept going back, they kept saying “It’s just dry eye, keep putting the drops in.”
    Luckily, a couple months ago, we went to a neurologist who diagnosed me.
    Also I guess I blink harder when I get nervous or stressed. (Like, move my entire cheek hard)
    And that’s my sob story :v

  34. I wink, cough and bang my knees together or bite my teeth really hard. I used to have this really loud groan that kinda sounded like the old Minecraft Steve falling lmao but that has low key gone away thank fuck. I also push my stomach like I’m giving birth and I think it fucks my bladder because I have to pee so much more idk. I used to open my jaw as wide n almost lock my jaw but thankfully that’s gone because that was so scary. But the teeth one it’s scary because I’m scared I’ll crack my teeth. I hate it

  35. im 14 and this is scary, ive been gettign ticks where i scrunch my face up, clear my throat, do a wierd thing with my lip and blink really hard, i also make grunt sounds and say fuck under my breath quite often, it has been happening for around 3 years now and i dont know why, its really scary and people give me wierd looks and sometimes comment on it because they think im trying to make fun of them or something by my facial expressions, do i see a doctor, or do i just deal with it. Oh and an extra thing i used to do was say boop for some reason, and whenever i hear a distinct sound like that it starts to catch on and i start making the sound for a couple of weaks.

  36. I have lots of motor tics and two vocal tics, I'm trying to convince my family to let me get tested, let's hope showing them this video will get them to let me go to the doctor. 🤞

  37. My left arm jerks and I throw my head back or to the side, my feet will kick a little along with a humming sound. I've hit my head in thinhs because of it and ive thrown thing or almost pushed my self of my seat. Ive almost stabbed my self with a screwdriver because my arm jerked when I was working on something. It's really annoying and have been going on for almost a week and I don't know what to do.

  38. I have a tic disorder. I jerk my head and foot. I started at 7 when I blinked my eyes. I had a whole bunch I don’t even remember. It’s getting better, but if one tic goes away, another one comes.

  39. am single men of age 35 and it hard to fine love in my life i don’t mind looking for a girl friend with tourette because of my stupid tic but there not so bad i would say like level 2 I manage to control it when I see people because I don’t want people to see what I have there is a way to manage to control in my tics

  40. i think i have tics, my mums gonna take me to the doctor just in case its something bad but we both agree this is more likely

  41. Can you have a tick without one of them being vocal :/ I keep getting asked if I have a tick and im like "what are you talking about?" Sometimes I'll catch myself doing the said thing but still.

  42. Usually everyday for the past year I would have this random thing where I would just say hello or yes like out of no where. I’m not even sure what it is but I’ve narrowed it down to maybe an early Tourette’s. Or not idk I do this like clicking thing with my tongue. I’m now 17 and it started when I was 16. I’m just not sure what it is I have

  43. So, a month or so ago, I developed this thing where I jerk my head to the side and pop my neck, twist or flick both my wrists at the same time, and pop all my fingers either at the same time or after my wrists. I sometimes occasionally do the same with my feet. Whenever I try to surpress these urges and sit still, my face twitches and I involuntary make a groaning sound. I have no idea if I'm faking having tics or if these are tics.

  44. I was diagnosed with tourettes syndrome when I was 5 years old at Boston's children's hospital. I'm 27 going to be 28 this year. I've learned kind of to control the tic parts of my tourettes for the most part unless under extreme excitement or anxiety. But what bothers me is no one talks about what else tourettes does to your way of thinking and only just what your brain does to cause the tics. It also has been theorized to cause behavioral issues, depression, needing more help to do simple tasks even when you can do them perfectly fine and well but your thought process is scrambled in some ways that it makes you hard to focus sometimes on simple tasks sort of like ADHD. There is a lot more to tourettes than just tics.

  45. I'm 14, I always clear my throat, say bad words (but not so loud, but if someone is sitting next to me, he can hear them) and when I think about things that I hate, i start moving my neck not on purpose, and pretty much every all the other symptoms. But they said people only have it when they're 12, so do I have it or no?😫

  46. I was diagnosed with tourette when I was 6 years old. I saw a lot of doctors but nobody knew why I was so different. I don't even have tourette but It was the only diagnose that they could give me. It honestly sucks. Nobody really knows why I act different and i'm all alone with this, cause I might not to ever meet someone like me, cause I don't know If there is a lot of people like me. Anyways I am 14 now, living normal life and I learned how to control the tics, so people now thinks I am normal. Not sure If it's good thing 😀 (btw I'm sorry for my bad English I am from Finland)

  47. I don’t know if I have Tourette’s but I posses most of these symptoms. Mine feel almost like a sneeze, I can stop them sometimes, but stopping them kinda hurts my chest. But other times, they sneak up on me. I put my hand to my face and do a jerking motion. I also tilt my neck to my left shoulder and make a high pitched “ooo” sound, or sometimes even a “tictictic”. It usually only happens when I think of a couple of situations that where scary. Or if I’m uncomfortable. Or having an anxiety attack. Or if I see someone tic. Is this normal? Am I overreacting? Can some one have tics from traumatic situations?

  48. The thing is, I really think I have it. I’m just too scared to say anything. I sniff a lot, blink a lot, do this weird thing where I twitch my arms, and I also snap my fingers quite a bit.

  49. Okay someone please awnser me if they have any info!

    I don’t believe it is tic or Tourette want someone else to know it it happens to them and they have it (I shouldn’t be very concerned but I am)

    Okay so I have been having these “shivers”
    That I can’t control because it ifs really hot my head will still jerk off
    I have been blinking hard, I think that may be normal,
    I have been making random noises sometimes and clicking my tounge moving it in my mouth, like if I am anxious I will start moving when I don’t control my body to do it
    But my voice will not inturupt me (sometimes) it will be like a rat noose because I’m tRiYiNg to be quiet
    Please tell meh if u know anything

  50. i screamed fuck in class today and i seriously can’t tell teachers, all my classmates know so it’s just the teachers i’m embarrassed about

  51. My friends have always joked I have tics but this genuinely makes me wonder because since the age of 7 or so, I’ve had shivers multiple times a day because I get a “cold” feeling, I don’t know I would literally be in 90° weather in Vietnam and I’ll still have these random and sometimes agressive shivers and depending on how aggressive they are, I make a zapping sound from my mouth, like what a cartoon character being electrocuted, I have to suppress it during certain times of the day but it naturally happens, are those tics??

  52. I'm 14 years old and having tourettes anywhere..but my family doesn't even know that I having it and my I talked about it they (tourettes syndrome) they say im crazy or something..

  53. Eye-blinking.
    Repeated up and down movement of larynx.
    Sniffing my own nose.

    Yet others do not notice this (people are caught up on their own problems so I can see why).

  54. I haven't had one certain tic, but multible of them. I've had coughs, blinking, making a cracking sound with my nuckles, neck, shoulders and feet and nodding and shaking my head (not intensely). They started in the beginning of the kindergarden. I am 13 now. I hope they'll be gone.

  55. For a while I had to constantly clear my throat or sniff and I couldn’t control it but that went away and now I have to shut my eyes really tight and can’t stop until the feeling goes away but I don’t think I have Tourettes

  56. So I’m 12 and I’ve been doing this shoulder jerk thing where i jerk my shoulder to my neck randomly. It hurts sometimes. I also do movements with my eyes and eyebrows where i move them around and stuff randomly. Sometimes I’ll stretch my shoulders around. Sometimes ill move my neck and shoulders around as if i were shivering or something. It doesn’t happen when I’m deeply focused on something. Like playing a song in band. But ill tic in between songs depending on the day. I also make random noises and humm. I know most people get it around 7 or eight which is why I’m unsure.

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