Taking Charge of Your Health

Touro University Nevada’s College of Osteopathic
Medicine is the largest medical school in the state of Nevada. The college offers a four-year Doctor of Osteopathic
Medicine program that prepares students to become outstanding osteopathic physicians
in any field or specialty. The Touro faculty are dedicated to seeing
our students succeed, with a unique open-door policy that establishes a critical line of
open communication. “Medical school in itself is just difficult,
it’s meant to be difficult. We’re learning a lot and we have a lot of
volume of material that they expect us to master in a short amount of time. So those rigors are difficult but you can
make it through it here at Touro. I’ve found that with the help of my fellow
classmates I’m able to make study groups and meet with them whenever I need to go over
stuff. We also have an incredible faculty that are
more than willing to explain anything that we don’t understand. The open door policy has been a huge blessing
at Touro for me. A lot of times when I’m studying and I don’t
know what a slide is saying, I don’t want to wait and make an appointment for next week
to find out, I want to know right now so I can continue with my studying and not get
hung up on that. And that’s exactly what the open door policy
allows me to do.” “At other schools you have to email the
professors beforehand and ask them if they have time to go in there and meet with them,
versus here the door is always open. If I have a question, I can just walk down
the faculty hall and they’re always there. They’ll either ask me questions to make
sure I understand the topic, give me additional resources, they’re very encouraging. It’s just very comforting to know that help
is very close.” Students utilize cutting-edge technologies
in the Tang Regional Center for Clinical Simulation to help hone their skills. They also gain comprehensive hands-on experience
in the cadaver lab and Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine Lab. “You almost feel like every day you’re
doing something hands on which is really really interesting and really keeps you focused and
motivated to keep going because you’re seeing a practical aspect especially with the osteopathic
training that we get. In this lab that I’m in right now every
week we come in here for two hours where we learn the techniques hands-on that we’ve
learned in the didactic portion of the schooling. In addition to that we spend hours and hours
in the cadaver lab, the anatomy lab, doing something which only a few, if you think about
it less than one percent of students in this country get to do and that’s to really learn
anatomy in a detail that I feel is really important for a future medical practitioner
to be able to do.” “Working in the labs are some of my favorite
parts. Especially because these are the times when
you get to synthesize all of the information that you’re learning. So our curriculum is created in such a way
that everything is aligned. So the anatomy that you’re learning in the
cadaver lab you’re also applying in the OMM lab. It’s great because you can take images that
you’ve learned from the anatomy lab and transpose them to the people that you’re
working on in OMM lab so you can see exactly where certain muscles are running, exactly
where nerves are lying and that’s great.” In the third and fourth years of the program,
students participate in local clinical rotations to further their learning in real working
environments. In doing so, they are able to stay in the
Southern Nevada area for the duration of the program, with access to easy and affordable
housing close to campus. “Touro is a very unique school in the sense
that we can do every single one of our rotations within 40 minutes of this campus. That is something that is unheard of at most
other campuses. For me that was a huge deal to me because
I don’t have to worry about staying in another state for a month, leaving my wife at home
because she has a job. So to be able to do everything here close
and to be able to have high quality hospitals, and any experience I want to have I can have
it here in the Valley of Vegas.” In Nevada, the opportunity is great for physicians
to practice here. “I came from New York but I plan to practice
out here since there’s a doctor shortage out here and we really need more doctors out
here. So I like the idea of working with local doctors,
getting to see the patients I might see one day in my own practice, and really getting
to know the community of physicians and other healthcare workers and building relationships
that I can use in my future career.” The Touro campus is designed to provide a
supportive environment that fosters a spirit of community. “This is exactly what I want as a medical
student, the fact that everything is so close to each other. If I have a problem I can just go right down
the hallway to a professor’s office. I don’t have to walk halfway across campus
and then all the way back. Also you see students from other programs
and because everyone is in the same building, you really get to meet people with different
experiences in healthcare and you get to have the discussions that you may not get in other
places where everything is spread out and so separate. You really get to understand the differences
and the team work that it takes to be a health care professional.” Touro also strives to foster a connection
with the students and community at large. There are meaningful service-learning opportunities
integrated into the curriculum, as well as volunteer opportunities that are available
through student groups. “Once a week we go to Shade Tree Women’s
Shelter to serve dinner to the women and children that live there. As a medical student it’s kind of hard to
see what goes on in the outside world because you’re always in the library, but going
out and into the community is very humbling to give back and you know just take some time
off from studying and do something that’s actually meaningful and valuable.” At Touro, we’re committed to giving students
the tools, mentorship, experiences and resources they need to succeed every step of the way,
from their white coat ceremony through graduation. As our campus and program continues to grow
and expand, so too does our student body. Each year we look forward to welcoming a new
cohort of passionate, driven students who share our commitment to improving healthcare. A group of future doctors and leaders whose
journeys all begin right here. See Yourself here at Touro Nevada.

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