Taking Charge of Your Health

Doping day today, as you can see. Also recovering day
and treatment. I’m injured, but I think
I’ll be back in a week. Next Saturday
we’re focusing on treatment. There’s the Atlético match tomorrow.
I’m not playing. I’m also not playing
against CSKA on Tuesday. But my goal now
is to focus on Saturday. That’s it.
I’m focusing on treatment. Here we go. SEPTEMBER 29TH – DERBY DAY
CIUDAD REAL MADRID Another recovering day. I’ll swim around
in the pool and… I don’t know the word
in Portuguese. The water jet. I’ll talk
to the physical therapist. Hot water, cold water, contrast…
A lot of things. It’s cold as hell in here… My body starts itching
because of the blood on my gluteus. It itches. If I do it too much, it hurts. And if I don’t do anything,
it also hurts. So, just to warm it
and stop hurting. -To activate it.
-Yes. Do you do physical therapy
every day? If I do it every day?
Yes, but not like this. I don’t do this often,
but I’m upstairs every day. And sometimes I do it at home. I can’t do it like this. -Not this one?
-No. It’s really cold! This kind of shoe is to protect
the bones from the water. It seems like it’s going to break.
The hands hurt, too. I can’t stand it. -That’s why I put the shoes on.
-Too cold. But I get used to it with time. I’m not feeling anything. It only takes one minute. Treatment was great today. -On the field?
-No, that’s tomorrow. It’s still hurting. -What?
-It’s still hurting. -Are you stealing?
-What? Why are you stealing
someone else’s socks? -I’m just swapping.
-Swapping? -Swapping?
-I’ll leave it here. -No, no!
-Leave it there! Take this, asshole!
You’re stealing! I’ll leave this one here. Did I ever steal from you? -What?
-Did I ever steal from you? -Stealing what, Marcelo?
-No, no… Is there a camera here, Marcelo? -Yes, there it is.
-What? -Right there!
-I’m not taking it. What?
Are you kidding me? Have you seen that video? There’s a camera,
the guy is on the line… He takes the wallet,
looks at the camera, drops it on purpose… “I’m sorry”.
He pokes the other guy… The guy gets the wallet,
and he’s like… In the grocery store, right? I need you to record this. Look at this. Yes, one more. I look like a puppet. -Damn it, Marcelo.
-You look weird. Look, we were so young… -The one…
-You guys looked like hell. -What happened here?
-Photoshop. Do you want to go there? -Which one?
-Both. Very good.

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