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So the adrenal glands are part of your endocrine
system. Endocrine is a medical term that just means hormone system. Your adrenal glands
anatomically live on top of your kidneys on both sides and make hormones like cortisol
and DHEA, aldosterone. Cortisol is a really important hormone—it has lots of jobs in
the body. One of them that we’re really familiar with is helping you deal with stress
that comes your way. So when you hear about that “fight or flight” type of reaction,
that’s actually mediated by cortisol. So if you don’t have enough cortisol, you actually
can’t motivate and address that situation really adequately. Another thing that’s
really important that cortisol does is it helps someone maintain blood sugar regularities:
we’d all love to eat every few hours if we could, but sometimes there’s situation
where we just don’t eat for more hours, you know, five or six hours—and so it’s
the cortisol during that time that signals your liver to release your stored sugar, called
glycogen, so that you can maintain blood sugar regularity. Lastly, cortisol is really important
for helping you maintain inflammation appropriately in your body. So if you don’t have adequate
cortisol levels, you’ll tend to see over-reactivity in your immune system, and so that’s a problem
you’ll see. It manifests as allergies, and sometimes, in a severe condition, as an autoimmune
case. Adrenal fatigue is something that’s actually very common in our society. I don’t
think people know, though, the term very well, but the symptom profile is very common, and
it comes about because of chronic stress essentially. This can be mental and emotional stress from
chronic studying as a student; it can be very high career stress for years and years; it
can be having physical disability, so someone who has a physical condition, a health problem,
for years—that will often tax the adrenals. And another one that’s huge in our society
is diet: coffee pushes, so to speak, the adrenal glands to make more hormone, and they get
tired. And sugar’s another big one—a lot of the refined carbohydrates in sugar really
stress out our adrenal glands. When we have adrenal fatigue, what we’ll see is fatigue,
interestingly enough. People cannot wake up in the morning—it becomes very difficult
to get going in the morning. There’s not good stamina throughout the day; people feel
like they want to take naps, or they’re just tired. People will just come in saying,
“I’m tired, I don’t know what’s wrong with me, nothing shows up on my blood work
and I’m just tired.” What we’ll also see is an inability to regulate blood sugar,
so people will get shaky—all the symptoms of hypoglycemia—and sweaty sometimes if
you don’t eat frequently enough, shaky, irritable. You’ll also start to see a lot
more inflammation reactions like allergies—it’s very common for someone who’s never had
allergies in their life, and all of a sudden, adrenal fatigue happens, sets in, and hay
fever will manifest, sometimes skin reactions they’re allergic, like atopic dermatitis,
or eczema reactions. This can happen when the adrenals are fatigued because there’s
not enough cortisol to keep down inflammation. In extreme cases, you can see initiation of
autoimmune diseases or worsening of autoimmune diseases—this is very possible. But these
are all things we start to see with adrenal fatigue. And you’ll also see interesting
food cravings: you’ll start to see more sugar craving, both because of the low energy,
and also because you can’t regulate your blood sugar well, because the cortisol is
needed to help the liver release glycogen, which is your sugar storage. And then salt
cravings happen because low aldosterone has happened—you can’t maintain adequate blood
pressure, and so you’ll crave more salt to keep your blood pressure up. So when patients
walk into my office, and they’re complaining of symptoms like extreme fatigue, or difficulty
waking up in the morning, or they’re having interesting sugar cravings or salt cravings
that didn’t used to be there—particularly in the afternoon—or they’re all of a sudden
having allergies that they didn’t used to have (and this can be both seasonal things
like hay fever, it can also be a lot of skin reactivity, you’ll start to see dermatitis-types
of reactions, eczema even—things like that); low blood pressure and dizziness is another
common symptom. When I start to see that profile of symptoms, I immediately start to suspect
adrenal fatigue. To confirm this, I’ll have someone take a saliva test, and the reason
I prefer saliva for cortisol and DHEA testing is because adrenals actually have a diurnal
rhythm that’s natural. So when a person who has normal adrenal function wakes up in
the morning, that curve should be the highest so they can actually wake up. And then as
the day goes on, that cortisol slope should be falling, and it should bottom out in the
evening so that they can sleep well. What we’ll typically see with adrenal fatigue
is actually that the DHEA levels fall first, and then when a person is very fatigued, the
cortisol levels start to fall—so rather than being at the peak in the morning, it’s
lower, and if they’re really tired, they can be flat-lined all throughout the day.
If I take a blood sample from someone to assess the cortisol and DHEA, I’m only getting
one spot in time throughout that day, and so it doesn’t allow me to see the function
from morning to evening, which is really helpful to actually assess what part of adrenal fatigue
that a person is in. So once I’ve realized my patient has adrenal fatigue, my primary
goal is to help them completely recover their adrenal gland function. I do this with a combination
of recommendations: first of all, diet is very important—it’s really crucial to
eliminate or greatly minimize caffeine intake. Sugar is another problem, so sugar and refined
carbohydrates will stress out the adrenal glands, and I ask my patients to greatly reduce
these in their diet as well. Sleep is very important: you need to really rest and rehab
during this adrenal recovery period. And having a little bit more joy and play I find is also
very useful in helping patients recover. On a supplement level, vitamin B5, vitamin C,
and the mineral magnesium are extremely useful. I’ve also found in my practice using what
are known as “adoptogen botanicals” such as Siberian ginseng, rhodeola, are completely
wonderful—Ruthenia, which is also known as asuraganda, is another wonderful botanical
that can be used to rehabilitate the adrenal glands. If adrenal gland function is greatly
compromised, as in there’s extreme adrenal fatigue, it’s also often very useful to
add in glandular adrenal extract from animals. This was used traditionally by eclectic, naturopathic
doctors in the past, and this is a very useful therapy, so that’s in cases of extreme adrenal
fatigue. I’ve treated a lot of patients with adrenal fatigue, and I’ve had great
success treating them. It’s really fun for me, as a doctor, to start to see things dissipate
like their morning exhaustion goes away, their afternoon crashes go away—they have a lot
more energy in general. They can start to exercise because they have more stamina; skin
reactivity will start to go away, so things like hives, or eczema, or other skin rashes
that were manifesting are no longer a problem. Seasonal allergies that were a problem no
longer are. This is really the beauty of natural medicine.

100 thoughts on “Treat Adrenal Fatigue / Adrenal Exhaustion / Adrenal Insufficiency with Natural Medicine

  1. @ChronicFatigueSyn You can take a supplement called "Isocort" (google it, buy it online) and it will give your adrenals a rest; and, you can take adrenal support supplements (google that term too). Those will help. But, big picture, diet change, getting enough rest, exercising and having less stress in your life are critical to success. An ND would likely identify other issues as well, but what I just suggested can take you a long way.

  2. Might suffer from this. Somedays im full of energy and other days i feel like a living dead. Ive also had alot of stress in my life lately as i am a recovering alcoholic.

  3. You should remember to note that people who have bipolar can't take any form of ginsing as it will throw them into a manic state.

  4. @justynawilson Those supplements should be fine for long term use. I also recommend visiting a naturopathic doctor.

  5. I take an Adrenal support supplement daily. It contains Licorice root. I have read that long term Licorice root supplementation can cause health problems. Cataracts, potassium deficiency, etc… Is it okay for me to use it long term? If not, how long should I take it?

  6. I have panic attacks and anxiety disorder. Seen many doctors, all say it has to do with adrenals and neurological imbalance.. They say adrenals are always pumping adrenaline, will the supplements you discuss help in resorting normal adrenal function?

  7. @Minkay88 It would be best for you to visit a naturopathic doctor for a full workup. That way the right program can be created for you.

  8. @LarryCook333 I have an appointment with one this week… Was just wondering if you knew anything about a relationship between the restoration of adrenal glands and panic disorder or have heard of instances where natural medication helped in reducing panic attacks through vitamins that restore the adrenal glands..

  9. Been suffering from Chronic Adrenal Fatigue symptoms, been to many doctors will no help in sight. Do you perform phone consultations? I am in New York City.

  10. Good video. Stonyvvv is correct. Primary docs don't have a clue. Mine did diagnose me with hypoglycemia but 2 years later, I was getting worse. When the edema, allergies, severe brain fog, and fatigue got so bad that some days I didn't know how much longer I could continue, I finally took the advice of a friend and went to see a "functional endocrinologist" that she'd seen on TV. They ran saliva test. Two months later, brain fog is less, edema greatly reduced, allergies almost gone completely.

  11. Hi – I suffered from adrenal fatigue for almost three years. I know how bad it feels. Have you tried modifying your diet and detoxing?

  12. Hi – I suffered from chronic adrenal fatigue also and have recovered successfully now. Just wanted to see how you were doing. Please let me know if I can help in any way.

  13. Hi – I suffered from CFS for three years and have successfully recovered. Please let me know if I can help in any way. Hope you are feeling better.

  14. The same thing happened to me. Excessive binge drinking and a hectic lifestyle resulted in CFS and Adrenal Fatigue that lasted three years. I am a whole lot better now. Let me know if you need any help – I hope you are feeling much better.

  15. Yes i am doing alot better now thank you. After frequent visits tot he doctors office we came to the conclusion that my symptoms was due to smoking 2 packs of cigarettes for 20 years. I nve now been smoke free for 1½ month and feel like life is finally returning to me 🙂

  16. Very glad to hear that. I hear quitting smoking is one of the hardest things to do – way to go with quitting for 1.5 months. Did you make any other changes in your diet or life style also. For me, it was also life style and changing my diet really helped.

  17. Just read your post here. I suffered from chronic fatigue and adrenal fatigue for 3 years too. Managed to recover from it. Quite tough. Just wanted to reach out and see how you are doing? Hope you are feeling better.

  18. No doubt it is tough. Yea, I have leaned many things through the struggle. It would probably be best to talk about this privately. If you are on Facebook, you can add me at TJ Khara.

  19. Yes i did not quit because there is nothing to give up with smoking it is a drug addiction nothing more i read Allen Carrs book "Easyway to quit smoking". Diet change and exercise. I learned about carbohydrates and sugar and how it effects the body, but most important of all to learn to relax and get enough sleep. Sometimes we are unaware of stress in our lifes and we still stress even when we go to sleep. The key is sleep. Sleep, sleep, sleep. The body is an engine and you cannot expect it….

  20. To run forever flawlessly if you do not take care of it. I guess the modern term is "burn out". People back in the day like our grandparents did not have these symptoms. Why?… No stress. And the stress is created by: " I have to do this, i have to do that, i have to do this, i have to do that. My god there is no time!!!" Presidents or leaders of nations dont have CFS, because they know the world will be there tomorrow no matter what they do. And its the same for you and me.

  21. Eliminate what is causing you stress in your life and burning you out and feel health and life returning to you, no matter what you have to do. Get rid of it. Life is not hard. We make it hard.

  22. What are your thoughts on Milk thistle for treatment? Also have you ever treated anyone with adrenal fatigue that was causing telogen affluvium?

  23. It's been 3 years & my doctor doesn't know what's going on but I highly suspect that I have Adrenal Fatigue so I am starting a healthier diet; however I am unsure whether I can consume dairy products like cheddar or milk as well as potatoes. Does anyone know?
    Btw great video, she covered a lot of important points.. I wish my doctors were as informative!!

  24. I am in richland, Ms.I am in the final stage of death.noone can help me here in this state…done all the salivia test, i was a 2, then a 4, then a 3, the a 2.i'm DYING.anyone on here as i try yet to type-help!!!!!!!!!!! 601-672-1145….i have no time. 8 hrs at a ER yesterday 2 be sent home yet again…..bedridden….God Help me….tammy carter

  25. Did anyone else do the Iris Contraction Test with the flash light & have normal results? I'm certain that I have AF but the self tests aren't showing so. I am currently reading Dr. James Wilson's Adrenal Fatigue: The 21st Century Stress Syndrome & he is more knowledgeable about the topic than the different doctors I've been to put together.

  26. It is way harder to "just relax"& reduce stressors in daily life(especially these days),like your basic doctor will tell you.Also-just a comment on Presidential stress;they are good at hiding stress from the public&cameras;but it is easily seen in "before&after" office photos.I heard where the average president ages 10yrs physically for 4yrs in office-the grey hair make-over will show that.

  27. Search for a "naturopathic doctor" or "integrative medical doctor" in the city you live and see who is around you who can help.

  28. bingo!! I did the saliva test. All through the day u do it. I never even registered! See, stress may cause this nightmare, but once u are where i am-Stress is worse-u can't stop it! Everything is out of control! 2 yrs ago did the crazy deal- I knew what was wrong with me. I swear I diagnosed myself, but no dr. listened!! It was Dr. Lam who found 1 Mississippi lady to test me.I wish u the best. I know my spelling is bad. I can't think!

  29. Why are mainstream doctors not picking up on this condition? Lack of recognition of modern-day diseases is a travesty of the medical profession at large.

  30. oh wow was it really 7 months that you replied 'im so sorry i didn't see it in my inbox. yes there is one thing that makes me feel better.I can truthfully say that one thing that works is drinking no less than 2 litres of water a day and eating a raw vegan diet. I found that borrowing my energy from raw plants really works. Its amazing really . but as soon as i stop eating that way i'm tired and drained again.

  31. yep… that's pretty much my life since I was about 7-8 y/o.. Arguably antidepressants made it worse b/c it just replaced panic attacks w/ having to constantly be on high doses of stimulants to have any emotion (& that didn't work too well either.) lol.
    now that I'm off them I'm still struggling w/ fatigue, weight loss, carbs usually make me nauseous, and more recently I also get intermittent flank pains… and like 3 dozen other symptoms. 😀
    The biggest challenge for me now is financing it.

  32. Dr. Lam finds doctors for you? lol… I was trying to find that out on his website. Because he's not near me, and I'm trying to find someone who is who is at least partially paid for by insurance. I'm in college and I'm under my parents' insurance. My grades have plummeted last year. They pay 1000's/month out of pocket for it so they make me waive the school plan.
    And theyve pretty much refused to pay out of network…they also love to say I'm lazy, depressed, everything is in my head.. etc. 🙁

  33. buenas noches quisiera saber si mi hija quien tiene hiperplasia suprarrenal perdedora de sal pudiera tambien presentar fatiga suprarrenal gracias

  34. I had to have a complete hysterectomy at the age of 50 because I had uterine cancer. They did not remove any lower lymphnodes because they said the cancer was confined. I have to go in every 3 months to check and make sure that cancer has not come back. My question is…do you think it would be ok to take .bioidentical hormones? I was told that there is an increase chance of getting cancer with added hormones, but does th0at pret.ain to BH too? .
    l h..o.

  35. LOVED this video. Not only did she explain what adrenal fatigue was, she told us how to combat it. Would love to have her as a doctor.

  36. I have been dealing with adrenal fatigue off and on since Sept of 2011.My gallbladder had died and I was so sick. I know that stress, but then a dx of hashimoto's thyroiditis slammed my adrenals. I'm an LPN. I know my body but have had several Dr's write me off as I have fibro. Dr's just kept throwing more pain pills at me. I found an osteopath and have appt this week. Thanks for the video, I know I'm not crazy.

  37. She explains adrenal fatigue so well and gave really good advice!! Love her, I wish she could be my doctor 🙂 I had really bad doctor, she made things worse… Unfortunately you have to be your own doctor these days but I had luck and 2 weeks ago I bought the book ''Spent'' from Frank Lipman and finally figure out what's wrong with me!! It's such a bliss!!

  38. Hi are you sure you are in the last stages? You can look it up online Functional medicine also there's a lot of good information on this one The thyroid madness you are lucky you live in usa I live in puerto rico they don't even know what is adrenal fatigue and the naturopaths that I went don't even know how to treat it she also offer phone consultations I will pray for you

  39. Hi I would like to know does she recommends adoptegeons like Isocort or Cortex for the adrenal Issues I am going to have my saliva cortisol done this month.Also does she knows about dissecated thyroid? and How much is the phone consultation can she treated me over the phone? Thanks also my english isn't that well. And does she treats the thyroid?

  40. Yes, Isocort does work by giving the adrenals a rest. Dr. Agrios does do phone consultations. Her contact info is on the video description – you can call and talk with her staff. You'll be glad you did!

  41. Hi larry I left her a message I found her a facebook and somebody ask her if she does phone consultation and she told him to find a naturopath on his area I live in puerto rico naturopaths in here at least the ones I know don't treat the adrenals do you know of any naturopath in the states that knows how to treat adrenals and thyroid and that does phone consultation?

  42. I suggest you call her office, with credit card at the ready, and state you want to book a phone appointment and give them your credit card number to do so…that should work!

  43. What this lady is talking about is exactly what happens when I drink too much starbucks.

    Craving for sugar, salt, and fatigue.

  44. LarryCook333, I don't understand, I have fatigue in the morning and I have severe sugar cravings implying that I have adrenal fatigue, yet when I do a blood test with the doctor for my adrenal glands, the doctor said the test came out normal. Could this test be wrong?

  45. I just recently viewed your video on Adrenal Fatigue. Do you know where online? or do you carry the botanical herbs that you recommended? And can you share the recommended dosage for a 30 something year old male?

  46. I have high DHEA, high testosterone and extremely low cortisol throughout the day.. I'm so lost because I only see stuff about low DHEA and low cortisol together. Do you have any idea what this means? I'm taking an adrenal supplement right now with vitams as well as progesterone topical cream.

  47. Help!!!! I was recently diagnosed with adrenal fatigue! My hands/feet are cold all the time and I'm incredibly sensitive to cold weather! I've been eating right. What else could I do to help this?? I also am taking hcg and adrenal vitamins.

  48. Hi, I have extreme adrenal fatigue and was put on supplements and a whole foods diet. I've been on it for 2 weeks now and still extremely exhausted and lightheaded. How long until I feel better? Please help!

  49. I can't find any doctors in my area who treat this condition, with anything that works. I have wasted a bunch of money seeing them, and tried many programs that haven't worked. I am in a phase 3 (low cortisol) level. They will usually try and give me supplements that will reduce cortisol even more, claiming that I am under stress from high cortisol. This leaves me even more tired. After suffering for this many years, its safe to say that my adrenals ain't coming back. I need cortisol replacement therapy for the rest of my life, but they refuse to give it to me!

  50. I cannot believe it!!! I have EVERY LAST ONE OF THESE SYMPTOMS!!!! I went to my endocrinologist and she tested my blood twice for adrenal insufficiency and because it was borderline normal/high, she said I was within normal limits. I am completely baffled! Thank you so very much! The Lord just used you to change my ENTIRE life!

  51. Glad to see Ashwagandha mentioned.  Have heard that taking it with a glass of warm milk with a spoon of honey added is supposed to be very helpful.  Good video.

  52. Hi there, I have low cortisol throughout the (just barely within the 'normal range'), my naturopath has prescribed ACE extract and adaptogens.  My understanding is these are best for high cortisol.  Can you please confirm if these are good for low cortisol.  Also I have read that glandulars (not extract) should be avoided as they cause glandular atrophy?

  53. hi i know i have asked you questions before but i would love an answer so much! i dont have difficulty falling asleep at night i sleep all through the night! and wake up feeling ok! i don't have a loss of libido or crave salty food! bright lights don't bother me! i dont have low blood pressure and i can still go on a long walk! i do have fatigue a little bit ie after my walk i feel like my legs are buzzing and restless i have to eat every three hours or i feel weak kind of like hypoglycemia symptoms! i have darkish circles under my eyes! and i have been very stressed recently! i have all day long ectopic beats hospital said stress related! i done a test thats said i have dysbiosis and quiet an overgrowth of yeast! my naturopathic doctor said adrenal exhaustion yet i surly i would feel worse! yes i am tired but not that much its more of a restless sensation in the arms and legs with palpitations and stomach issues! please tell me do you think i have adrenal fatigue i did abuse red bull and coffee over three years ago!

  54. this has been happening my entire life. My dad worked from home, and i had unbearable stress that i cant get through still as an adult, i need a lot of help someone please contact me

  55. Well I have loads of stress/tension, nasal polyps and dry exema but borderline high blood pressure so mixed symptoms. Maybe my adrenal arn't exasted! Just still pumping out too much cortisol

  56. Hi question, how is it possible when you have low cortisol levels to cut out caffeine and sugar from your diet and those are the main things that raise cortisol levels. I find that when i have coffee and sugar I actually feel alot better than when trying to cut them from my diet, I always feel horrible so I add them back..what are soultions?

  57. It's so bad. It's starting to make me feel suicidal how fatigued I am. I can't function during the day and it's ruining my life.

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