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I’m Maureen Lawrence and I’m a working
mother with two children Should we tell them that they’re grown children? I want to tell everybody my story about
the annual mammogram because I was gonna put it off and on this mammogram, they found a
spiculated mass, which means there was a mass but it was very, very small.
Like almost … you couldn’t find it any smaller. I’m an MRI tech. And because I’m in
the field of medicine I’m usually the one who wants to take
care of other people. But, you know, your family’s there
for you. My boys have been wonderful, my friends amazing, and I just …
you know, I’m getting emotional. I would tell anybody that is due for
their mammogram to not put it off. I think it’s very important. It gets
tedious and I really was very busy at the time
and I didn’t want to do it And my co-worker was like no, just do it.
Your yearly mammograms are to catch it early so that you don’t have to
have aggressive chemotherapy and your treatment plan can be a little bit
easier for your body to tolerate. SAVI is a name of an applicator that
we use for what’s called accelerated partial breast irradiation. And so traditionally,
the treatment for breast cancer for radiation entailed treating
the whole breast. But with this technology we have the capacity to
just treat a part of the breast the area right around where the surgeon
removed the tumor nodule. You’re going to be amazed at how kind
everybody is. And then by the end of your treatment you feel like you’re
part of the treatment team They are amazing. I’m actually feeling a
little apprehensive the last day of treatment, I’m not gonna see my treatment team anymore,
I’m gonna miss them.

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    Ibrance and other medications have a side effect of, "Oral pain" because alot of cancers are oral in origin.
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  9. a mammogram is the fastest way to kill your self if you do have breast cancer , you do not want to explode that tumor

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