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– If someone does have a migraine I do encourage them to get
care from their provider, their physician because they might be able to get treatments that are very effective and very quick. There are some over-the-counter medicines that can be quite effective such as some of the anti-inflammatory medicines like naproxen is an example
which works really well in the right situation. Naproxen comes in a liquid gel formulation that’s faster than a regular tablet so if someone’s gonna use an
over-the-counter medicine, we typically recommend that medicine. There are some combination medicines that include caffeine and acetaminophen. We know those as Excedrin
and medicines like Excedrin and those are also really effective for rare episodes of migraine. If someone starts having
frequent headaches, meaning more than two headaches in a week, they really should be seeing
a physician about that because the same medicines
I just mentioned, either the liquid gel naproxens or using medicines that have
caffeine and acetaminophen like Excedrin, if you take them too often, they actually irritate headache pattern and make you have more frequent
and more intense headache, something we call
medication overuse headache or also known by its street term, is rebound headache and so people get into that trap because they’re uncomfortable. They have to use these medicines because they make them feel better within about an hour or so but if they have recurrent headache and they keep taking those medicines it irritates our nervous system making the next headache more severe and more likely to happen
with little stimulus. (gentle music)

42 thoughts on “Treating Migraine

  1. Taking over the counter drugs aren’t really treatment. At least they haven’t been for me. Treatment is being able to see a doctor like yourself rather then being shuffled from one powerful migraine medication to another.

  2. My gp wont give me any medication and I am missing school, I can't swallow tablets and I don't know what to do!!:(

  3. Mostly headache is caused due to many reasons like cold, opposing to light, listening to big sounds, etc. Few symptoms of headache include pain in the face, headache, nasal congestion, etc. Headache treatment through homeopathy is safe and it reduces the chance reoccurrence of it. For best headache treatment in homeopathy, Homeocare International is highly recommended as they use the newest advancements and provides effective homeopathy treatment to control all your headache problems.

  4. I’ve been suffering with migraines since I was 12. I went to my doctor once and I was having a migraine at that moment and he knocked on my head for some reason, and I just remember the pain worsened and tears were streaming down my face. I don’t go to him anymore but I still haven’t fixed the pain

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  6. OKAY GUYS LISTEN UP !!!! This is how i treat Migranes. Process 1- Heavy Coffee –> 2- Lay down in Dark room –> 3- Masturbate ( remember to BREATH ) –> Rest after you cum for 15 mins. Do it ! Thank me later 😉

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  8. I started having migraines sometime last year just before I turn 18 and it sucks. But I just started doing yoga and it helps a lot

  9. I have migraines, every year on my birthday since I turned 8 has been with a migraine, I hope my 11th won’t be with a migraine.
    If your wondering how they feel like , first your vision gets blurry and you can’t see from the side, then your stomach starts to hurt, then you experience pain on the sides of your head, then nausea, then you will most likely throw up

  10. What if you are highly allergic to Anti-inflammatory drugs? I get so many headaches a month, I decided not to buy a firearm after the last one was so severe I started crying out loud…….

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