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Today is a very beautiful day, Especially because I got 10 hours of sleep. I am so awake and energized. I feel like it’s been a very long time since I felt this way, So it feels great. However, When I was in New York, right when I was getting over the jet lag, I came to Korea. And then now that I’m getting over jet lag, I am leaving for LA tomorrow. So today is basically a treat yourself kind of day. I’m gonna get my nails done and my last skincare treatment before I go to America because I won’t be able to go in for a checkup for like a month. So yeah, we’re just gonna treat my nails and my skin. It’s getting better, but I have been breaking out near my Chin area because of the lack of sleep, But it’s getting better, okay? So let’s go inside I’m at N’Olive. They’re having like a massive summer sale right now. So a lot of the nails, as well as the skincare treatments, Are discounted so I’ll include all the information In the description box so that you guys can check it out. I’m wearing sunglasses today because I’m not wearing Eye makeup so yeah, sorry about that. All right. Let’s go. Everyone who works here are so pretty but they don’t Like being on camera. So that’s okay, but I wanted to ask.. Green, blue, red Yellow So basically the Google colors. But today we’re gonna do something simple that will Match all my outfits. I’m thinking navy or red. But I feel like I should go for navy We’ll see… This one with this one, or… Or should I go for pink? What will go well with this? This kind of pink? This will go well together. Look at all these colors you can choose from. So pretty. But I’m gonna go for this silver one right here And this dark purple. It looks navy, almost, but I’ve been Eyeing this color for a while now. They’re gonna put the sunscreen on my- on the back of my hands. Just finished my nails! This is what they look like. And now it’s time for my skincare. I almost forgot to mention earlier that I will be doing A Q&A about my life in Korea because next Friday marks My third year. I honestly can’t believe it. So if you have any questions, I know some of you guys Asked on Twitter, But ask down below in this video and hopefully you guys Will make it to that video! All right, time to change. Just finished my treatment, and they did tell me that My skin is getting better. However, I am getting a lot of scars in this area, so, I do have to take really good care of it. Now I’m gonna go get dinner with my mom And my brother so let’s go on over! Mom: I’m gonna eat Korean cold noodles. Joan: Spicy beef stew for me. Aren’t you sad that Spiderman is coming out the day after we leave? Abe: I don’t wanna talk about it. Well, watch it in America. Abe: Yeah. Abe: I’m really not hungry. My brother paid for dinner. Thank you! Abe: I’m the best Mom: Thank you.
Abe: Yeah. All right, I hope you guys enjoyed watching today’s vlog. Here’s the shoutout of the day for those of you guys Who translated and transcribed my vlogs. And I’ll see you guys in tomorrow’s vlog! Have a nice day! Bye!

100 thoughts on “Treating Myself: Korean Nail Salon & Acne Treatment

  1. One when I went to get my nails done once for a wedding the people took me to this expensive looking ass place to get them done and they only had primary colors and maybe like 2 nudes and i ended up spending like 100 bucks for them. They were thick and sucked. They didnt even like bat an eye at me I left with very thick acrylics with a very uneven gel coat. In the end I went to my regular nail salon which only charged me like 30 bucks and they fixed them looked so pretty in the end. Like bruh Id love to go to a korean nail salon instead of the ones here in the USA thwy did me so dirty. Id be so excited seeing all those colors

  2. How old are you and just one more question I am Japanese and um I kinda forgot because I really live in America but I’m Japanese how do you say your awesome

  3. She asks What colors are trending ? The lady says red, orange, yellow, green, blue, pink, black, purple, teal, white………… WTF ?

  4. Wauw! Korea is a country of trending and clothes and nails… I want to go to Korea but i cant speak Korean. Do you have any tips to learn the language and spelling and writing? Ly

  5. Me encantó , lo mejor para mí fue poder disfrutar de sus vídeos subtitulados , gracias

  6. Is every store there, humongous… I could not shop there, my Anxiety would be so bad!! To Big….. I need small spaces.. but not an elevator because I would cry!!! Hmmmm😸

  7. Korean style in nails are like “less is better” 😂, look really great in their nails for some reason very aesthetic , but in me the people would be like “this style doesn’t match your personality “

  8. you know man hard working ladies spend money in one hours . that’s why lady always the winner

  9. Oh my God!!! It's been two years since she uploaded this video, and for some reason, it's my fave😍 wishing a similar one…

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