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Hello Foot Geekz friends. Today we’re here
with Coko from Coko Body Balance. And she’s a rolfer here in Vancouver, British Columbia.
And, what we’re going to be talking about today is plantar fasciitis and how you can
treat plantar fasciitis through rolfing. Anyway Coko, so what exactly is plantar fasciitis?
Most of the people who suffer from plantar fasciitis say that in the morning the first
step out of bed is ouch in the heel and midfoot. Rolfing uses fascia release, which is one
approach. Rolfers see the whole body balance and when your balance is good and receiving
the gravity properly then you can have a better function or improved function. So, quality of balance improves with fascia release and structural balancing through optimized posture helps the body feel good in the gravity field so you can move better and walk better. With plantar fascitiis, how do you treat it
as a rolfer? What are the most common movements or adjustments you will look at for plantar
fasciitis? Around the heel it’s very dense and strong
fibrious connective tissue and it’s very common for it to be stuck and very tight for the
people that have foot issues. So I would start by releasing the heel area. Also, I help to
release the Achilles tendon, as well as the hamstrings and IT band, as well as parts of
the lower parts of the leg. Those parts are good to start and because the fascia is connected
throughout these parts of the body it makes it easier to relieve the stress on the plantar
fascia. Most of the people could find a result after
the first session, but it depends on how severe the plantar fasciitis is. So 1 to 3 sessions
you may want to come even though you may feel less pain from the first session. Especially
if you’re looking to see a long sustainable result. You want to work on not only the feet.
Like I said you also want to focus on the upper body balance, as well as other parts
of the body. Your body is a whole and interconnected. The first 3 sessions are recommended to come
and treat, even though it may be a foot issue, to help look after the other parts of your
body and hence helps provide a sustainable result. Cause the thing is the fascia spans from the
toes pretty much all the way to the top of your head, right? This is all connected again,
so even though you may find a tightness or pain here, just digging into the pain area
actually is not effective, so that kind of approach seems like you’re working on the
wrong parts, but because it’s all connected, by loosening other parts of the body it helps
to make it easier to walk on the area of pain. You want to help the entire structure of the
body be more aligned and more fluid. Yeah. Alright, well that was excellent. Thank you
very much Coko. So if you want to check out Coko on her web site, check the links in the
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