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Man: Unfortunately, if our evaluation does
not reveal any specific treatable cause for tinnitus, then there is no treatment. And this is a very big problem, because in
the United States alone, there are over 20 million patients who suffer with tinnitus. But there is no pill that you can take twice
a day for five days and this will be gone. As a rule, if you have this noise for over
three months, it will not go away. It then becomes a challenge to learn to deal
with this noise. Tinnitus is always more pronounced when we
are nervous, because although the noise is generated in your ear, it is perceived in
your brain, in the same part of your brain that controls emotion. So it’s very common, if something happens
that gets you upset, for example, you have an argument with your significant other, the
noise will get louder. You will then become more upset by the noise. It will get even louder. You’ll get more upset. You’ll find yourself in a vicious cycle of
escalating noise in your ear. So the best treatment for tinnitus is anything
which will relax you. If you can learn to meditate. If you can learn to do exercise. If you can do anything to help yourself relax,
it will make this noise less bothersome. Another very effective treatment for the noise
is to create background sound, which will mask the noise. So, for example, many patients are unaware
of noise during the day, but they hear it at night. And the reason that they hear it at night
is because it’s quiet in your bedroom. So you can create some background sound in
your bedroom. You can sleep with the television on or a
radio, or you can buy a noise generator, where you can select the sound of wind, the sound
of rain, the sound of the ocean. And this background noise will mask out the
tinnitus or the sound that you’re hearing either in your ear or in your head. Finally, a small group of patients become
very anxious or very depressed as a result of this noise. And in that instance, it’s very important
to be properly medicated for either the anxiety or the depression, and that must be done medically. If you go online you will find many, many,
many cures. For $10 you can buy a bottle. You take it for two days, guaranteed to get
your money back. Don’t hold your breath until you get your
money back. Whenever we in medicine are unable to cure
a disease, others will fill that void to try to give you relief. But it is unfortunate but true, that there
is no medication that cures tinnitus.

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  1. I really wish they could use feks. 10% of the military budget they have spent in afghanistan and give it to the scientists to try to find a cure!!!! i am sure there is a way to help people that suffers from it. I got homeopathic remedy called thiridion anf that helped me a lot 🙂 but if yu use to much of it – you can get worse :/

  2. I good tip i have is try to stand in the shower, even put your fingers ontop of your ears, most likley u wont hear anything at all och and i found that a sauna does the same thing but in a smaller deegre cause of the noise that the shower makes

  3. i've have this since i was like 5 years old or something. I didn't really cared about it. I only hear it in the night cause then it's quied. Tinnitus is not that bad, when you just accept it. Sometimes i got this loud peep in my ear, but it dissapears after a minute.

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  5. I have tinnitus at the moment, although that's because some wax is blocking my ear and making it deaf. Hopefully, the wax will come out and the ringing will stop

  6. The ringing is not always due to problem with yourself. It could also be, wind turbines, transmission power lines, Cell phone towers, Transformers, Earths ELM, etc…
    This is a major problem for a lot more people than you think because not all will admit having it.

  7. Tinnitus can be perceived in one or both ears or in the head.

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  8. We need a cure not just sounds to mask the sound out ! We have to get the the root cause of the condition then we can treat it , this is the problem though , there are hundreds of different causes , can be due to High Blood Pressure , stress , anxiety that affect the function of the kidneys and liver according to Traditional Chinese medicine . I have much more faith in Chinese doctors than western doctors to say the least .

  9. Very informative video! There are medications that can be prescribed by a physician that will help to alleviate the symptoms, but unfortunately a lot of times when it comes to Tinnitus the question is more "how can you manage it?" rather than "how can you get rid of it?".

  10. Learn how Thomas Coleman has recovered himself from extreme 14 year chronic Ears ringing without medications, audio therapies or dangerous surgery
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  11. I'M 25 years old man. I also have tinnitus. For the last six months I used to hear  the sound at night only, but now it can easily hear during day time. I feel desperate, headache, thought of suicide. My right ear is totally deaf, now I am using hearing aid machine, but I can't understand what the people are saying. My left ear is helping me to survive in this world.

  12. Me to I am 25 years old and I have that problem, but the big problem is when I going to sleep, I hear like aeroplan landing…..I hope it will be okay one day. ..

  13. How to cure in stupid ways xD(my ways)
    Hold ur nose,blow like u r sneezing mucus out and blow until ur ear couldnt hear the ringings xD works on me

  14. Alright there! Have you heard about – Durston Magic Tinnitus Eradicator (search on google)? Ive heard some great things about it and my mate at last said ta ta to the tinnitus breakout with it. 

  15. There is the all natural therapy is able to hep you treat tinnitus once and for all without side-effect using drugs even if you've suffered the disease for years.

  16. I agree with what Dr Hoffman said. treating ringing in the ears is a sensitive procedure that's why it's necessary to get a full tinnitus cure program such as Ian McCall's or some other's highly recommended by experts tinnitus cure programs.

  17. i think some of you are deaf, the dr said "there is no cure. i have had tinnitus since i was a child and can have 3 to 4 sounds going on at once. you just have to teach your self to ignore the phantom sounds, if you are focusing on the sounds then turn your thoughts to other things….i also have hearing aids and they do not suppress the sounds

  18. I was just sitting in maths taking a test and my ear starts ringing, I mean it just starts in a instant. Its been about 9 hours, should I wait to see if it goes before doing anything.

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    how to treat tinnitus
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  20. I went swimming last week and I think i got water in my ear. I developed a blocked ear from the water and wax. I bought ear drops but it isn't really working. I just realised a weird static noise in my ear and really frightened so pls any ideas? At night, its very annoying and i haven't told my mother about it.

  21. hi could you help me plz tell me something what should I do I'm suffering from this problem last 4 days getting irritated from this sound too much.

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  29. Hi, Im a Chinese. I want to know if I still can learn english well with the Tinnitus,especially listening?How much effect to you the local English speaker?Thanks!

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