Taking Charge of Your Health

RHDAustralia presents the treatment
tracker app. A free app for people on regular penicillin injections to prevent
rheumatic fever and rheumatic heart disease. The app is great for reminding
people when their injection is due and staying motivated to get their
injections on time. How does it work? Download the app and create a user
profile then enter your last injection date and choose your avatar. Create more
than one user if you want to get reminders for more than one person. The
app sends notifications leading up to your due date and a reminder if you miss your
injection. Every time you get your injection on time you earn points to use
in the store to buy clothes and accessories for your character. Earn
extra points by playing the treatment catcher game – avoid the bugs and catch the medicine and calendars. Once downloaded the app operates offline and does not
need internet connectivity so you can always keep track of your treatment. The
app is available for both Android and iOS. Go online to
for more information. The treatment tracker app, track your
treatment and help prevent rheumatic heart disease.

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