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– Hi everyone. I just wanted to give
you a quick little update of where we are at at the moment. We are back home now and
I’m very, very thankful that I can be home for
Christmas and I’m very, very thankful that I can
be here for Christmas to spend the time with my family. And I just wanna say
thank you very much again to everybody that’s contributed. All of you have helped me
to be able to spend another Christmas with my family. Germany went really well this time. It was very easy. Since the port was already
implanted into my liver from the previous time, it
really was just injecting the chemo into my port that
goes straight into the liver, so it was super easy this time. When I first went to
Germany, my tumor marker was around 960. And just to give you an
idea that the normal is 25. So, it was pretty bad at the time, and then as we went along
with the treatment in Germany, it went down a lot and
right now I’m at 160. So, it has shrunk a lot
and the treatment is most definitely working. So I’m very, very, very
happy and thankful for that. They do want me to possibly
come and do one more round of treatment. But we are not 100% sure yet. That will be determined
by my scans and my tests that I will have in January. So if I need to go for one more round, I will need funds again for about $30,000. But then my tumor marker will be normal, so that means basically all
the cancer will be gone. So that will be a great place to be at. Other treatments that I
am going forward with is the Rick Simpson protocol, the very concentrated cannabis oils. I will also be doing the
hyperbaric oxygen chambers, which is very successful
if you combine it with the ketogenic diet,
and I’m still following the ketogenic diet. And I was just informed that
I’m getting a Christmas present tomorrow which will be
part of my treatment and that is an infrared
sauna that I will be going in every day so thank you Brian
for my Christmas present. And so things at the moment
are looking very optimistic, very good. The doctors told me that
I’m a very good candidate to be a long-term survivor after this. I’m also feeling good, I’m
not tired, I don’t have pain. I’m not on any medication,
so, I am really doing great. And once again thank you
so much for everybody’s contributions and support and love that we have experienced during this time. So even though things are looking
really good at the moment, unfortunately it is not a permanent cure and I need to be looking
into other treatments that I will probably be doing
for the rest of my life. And unfortunately all of
those also cost money. Since it’s gonna be out
of our regular house care. So me and my husband will
be launching a Patreon in the new year, and if
you are interested in supporting us with that, you
can follow the link in the bio. So not only will the Patreon
help us to raise funds for all the different kinds
of treatments that I will be doing from now on, it will
also be a way for us to share what we have learned
during this experience. We have learned a lot through this and about our Canadian
system, but also about different kinds of treatments,
about chemotherapy, and we really wanna share
this with other people that are going through
cancer and specifically for other women with
metastatic breast cancer. I do feel that the system
in Canada really needs to expand their treatments
and their care for women with metastatic breast cancer, so we will be shedding a
lot of light on this subject and hopefully fight for better care. So thank you very much
for watching the video. Please like the video and share it, and if you wanna stay tuned
for more of my videos, please subscribe to the channel. Once again thank you very much
and have a merry Christmas. – [Man] Give Mama a kiss.

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