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It was an emotional adventure for my daughter
and myself She has always been a strong person, before
she lost her vision and even after. My name is Trelle Dandridge and I’m from
Galveston, Texas in the United States and I have optic nerve atrophy from a head trauma
in a car accident and I lost my vision slowly over the course of about ten years starting
with my peripheral vision and then ending with my central vision. There were no prior treatments in my country
and there has never been anything available for what happened to me.
Which is why I started researching what was available elsewhere. I found out about Beike Biotech by researching
on the internet and this was the first option that was presented to me that actually seemed
like a viable one. I have had two sets of stem cell injections
now: one in China and one here in Thailand. After receiving stem cell treatment in China,
I started noticing increased light perception, which was big for me, and I did have a neuro-ophthalmologist
that measured the growth of my nerves before and after. He was able to measure optic nerve
tissue growth in both of my optic nerves. Stem cell treatment here at Better Being has
definitely enhanced and will continued to enhance the stem cells’ viability over time. The most significant part of the treatment
plan, I feel has been the comprehensive part of being here at Better Being. I like the
holistic approach, where they focus on nutrition, they focus on exercise, they focus on the
hyperbaric chamber. The holistic approach here has been such a better experience. They provide the stem cells with a healthy
environment for them to help live as long as they can and to continue to regenerate
as much as they can. The staff and the doctors are very compassionate.
I’ve enjoyed my stay here. The program is very comprehensive. And you feel like you can
go home and actually continue doing the things you were taught here. I would say that it’s definitely worth a
shot. When you see changes that affect vision, then
it’s a good thing. I am very fortune that I was part of this
with my daughter and I just look forward to following the changes in her and I’m very
blessed for the people that we have met on this journey together.

20 thoughts on “Trelle, Optic Nerve Atrophy | Stem Cell Treatment Testimonial

  1. Hi and thanks for the video. I was wondering have you seen any mmore improvement since last update? I am almost completely blind now and am interested in stem cells therapy. +

  2. I had 2 brain tumors and was left with optic nerve damage, hemianopsia and Macula damage on my right eye. I hope stem cells can help me.

  3. I am ready to take stem cell treatment on my right eye, which was damaged by gloucoma that cause severe pressure on my eye, message me for all the information.

  4. I always wonder if treatments would ever help me be able to read. I was born with a condition known as Septo Optic Dysplasia and Optic nerve hypoplasia I think i may have Atrophy because ive lost vision /clatrity in the past 5 years, but it could be just age  also

  5. my optic nerve is damaged and stick every doctor even in aiims doctor are saying that it is impossible we have to gone to almost every doctor in India plz plz plz help me

  6. I am very interested in this approach. I recently suffered inflammation of the optic nerve back in January. My peripheral vision in my right eye is off. I am doing my follow up appointments. The last time I did my follow up(3weeks ago) my vision improved. My next follow up is in couple days. But I'm curious about your treatments and the cost. Please respond

  7. I have optic nurv problem. I lost my left eye vision in a road accident. But my eyes is ok but no vision in left eye. Please help me.

  8. i really hope you see this comment

    so i lost sight instantly on my right eye after a head trauma caused by a car accident my left eye sees perfectly no problem , i dont have a visible defect in my right eye in fact nobody can tell i have this problem i was able to train it over years and of course i avoid energetic activities like working out in public because thats when its starts to move inwards or outwards my question to you could stem cells help me see again from my right eye ? if theres a chance let me know ur opinion so i can pay u a visit

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