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Hello Friends I’m Dr. Richa Varshney from Sambhav Nature Cure Hospital, Lucknow India Everyone wants a good sleep Everyone desires to have a good sleep when we wake up after a good sleep we feel fresh we are happy problems arise when we don’t get a good sleep this becomes chronic when it turns to a sleep disorder This is a root cause of many problems Your whole day becomes disturbing If you are suffering from insomnia Dont worry Acupressure therapy has tricks To Get To Sleep Fast here is the acupressure point to Get Sleepy Fast The root cause of insomnia is gallbladder This point is for curing the root cause Watch the points carefully, it is different in different hands

47 thoughts on “Tricks To Get To Sleep Fast | How To Get Sleepy Fast

  1. Ma'am make a reflexology point differs,Sujok point location differs, how body responds.this answer no therapist, doctor,YouTube gives

  2. mam hormones ke liye or weight gain par b video bnaye Jo aapne pehle video me weight gain ka point btaya Tha use koi farak ni pda please mam koi or point btaye.

  3. Hello Maa'm, As advised by you regarding the exact position of GV 11 points on hands for speech problems, I had sent you an email with pictures showing where we are applying byol magnets ,5 days ago. But I have not received your reply as yet. Kindly read the mail and confirm please whether we are putting magnets at correct place or not ? Regards

  4. ऐसा काेई पाेईंट हेजाे कमर की दबी हूई नस खाेल सकता हे

  5. मॅडम अगर हाथोका फोटो एक साईड देती तो अच्छे से समज आयेगा

  6. मॅडम हमारे शरीर मे 7 चक्र है तो इनका कोई पॉइंट हैं?

  7. Didi meri dono aankhon ki roshani me antar hai ek aankh se dur ki chijen dhundhali dikhati hai aur ek aankh se pas ki chijen, mujhe kamjori bhi jyada hai khas kar leavr dil aur dimag , ayurvedic ilaj ho raha hai , mujhe kya karana chahiye.bachchedani bhi nikal di gai hai , didi ram ram.

  8. Wah ,meh toh pure gaon walon ko sula sakta hun iss se 😮
    Aur phir gaon me hera pheri karunga 😂

  9. Mam muze bachpan se neend sahi nahin aati hai or ab main iske chalte job chod Chuka Hun or main Kya bataun mam please Meri help karo jaisa aapne kaha main katke dekhta Hun lakin isse koi haani or gallbladder se kaise neend aati hai

  10. What are the names of the 2 points? I know that GB21 is not one of these points. Please tell us what they are. I have not been able to find any gall bladder accupressure points on the hand.

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