Taking Charge of Your Health

i’m Ausra Radcliffe and I’ve been interested in natural health actually through chiropractic my husband is a chiropractor, going to different seminars I got exposed to actually nutrition little bit so I’ve been in this field a little bit and I was trying to find some school that would not change my thoughts. so i found trinity and that seemed to match my paradigm you can heal yourself through diet through like specific lifestyle addressing what we genetically need in life. so I did all my schooling or should say lectures online and i’m not even sure why I chose to come to an event in Indianapolis and it changed my perspective of how different it is actually sitting and listening to these wonderful instructors vs listening to them online seeing them here being able to ask questions and just watching their body language it just was phenomenal experience that’s why I wanted to come to practical applications it just like they’re my new role models I want to get more and actually even if i’ll graduate I’m definitely coming back for more life events just to listen to them talk here their knowledge I’m really thankful for the school for the experience and so I can continue helping people because that’s definitely my passion that’s all I want to do is helping people to be healthy and understanding them that the choose help it’s not by some kind of magic thing it’s our choice if not by some kind of chance

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