Taking Charge of Your Health

my name is marc moonitz from Cincinnati Ohio. I’m a board-certified naturopathic doctor now so I decided on Trinity primarily because of their video-on-demand program and because of where I’m at my life at this point I’m it’s not conducive for me to go sit in a traditional classroom for 4 – 5 years I was looking for a way to collapse timeframes and video-on-demand appealed to me for those reasons as well as the fact that I’m a visual learner so I learned the majority of things new information visually and then some hands-on which is what attracted me the live events. some benefits of video on demand is you can stop, write down your notes in your manual continue. you can rewind you can repeat you’ve got access to the videos for a lifetime. you can work it into your schedule on your time you’re not subjected to somebody else dictating or directing when you have to get things completed you’re given three years to complete the entire ND program with Trinity. the other think I like about video-on-demand as well is as soon as you’re finished watching videos you have access to take the quiz on that module so you can quickly work through the entire program based on what your objectives are in your own timeline. For me Trinity is probably undervalued in terms of the education received, lots of benefits that are not tangible. there’s ongoing support between staff at Trinity. they also have a student facebook group so it’s great to be amongst our tribe so i’d recommend Trinity to anyone who has a busy lifestyle wants more information and knowledge for both self-care and if they have any aspirations on going out and helping other people and if you’re looking to do it and is short of a time frame as you can because of its flexibility so it’s really up to you in terms of how could you want to work through that so you have those options so for me that’s the best of reason for looking at Trinity

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