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– Thank you, Delano.
– Thank you. Welcome to another episode of TSL Plays. We are here at Kaplan Singapore and we are going to play ‘Guess My Course’! Here are the rules. We are…
Women In Black! We are… ZhinChow all the way! Let’s welcome the students in! – Hello!
– Hi! So many people! – Are you ready, Miss Chow?
– I am. Let’s go. Let’s welcome the first student we will be guessing. Hi! – What’s your name?
– My name is Nicole. I’m like a detective. SHe looks very demure, with a girly fashion sense. – What’s your hobby?
– I dance and play the piano. She’s the creative type.
Definitely like the artistic kind. – So it could be Mass Comms.
– What other things do you like to do? I like to read and write. Very wholesome.
What kind of dance do you like to do? I do hip hop. I thought she did ballet. I saw a picture just now that caught my eye. – Whoa! Artist!
– Like model only. The shoulder like that… She’s very calm, chill and sweet. Kind of like when you see those motivational quotes. – Could by Psychology or Mass Comms.
– Could be Psychology. I think it’s Law!
From the start to the end, I thought it was Law. But yeah, I think it’s Law. It’s a tote bag. We must see how she positions her items. – Pencil case…
– Are you very OCD? Not really. – My calculator.
– She’s got a calculator. Cards… – Must calculate things, right?
– Yeah, the brain waves. (Bickering) – Why do you bring a calculator?
– It’s part of my daily… Daily tasks? Mass Comms is out.
I never brought a calculator when I was at school. I have a very true-telling question.
How do you handle stress? Stress always goes away… – Psychology!
– “What is stress?” Student number two! Hello! – Nice to meet you too!
– This is a very interesting way of saying hello. – What’s your name?
– Delano. What’s an exotic name. – Are you Singaporean?
– Yeah. Do you dress to impress or for comfort? I don’t know what’s comfort. – Oh!
– Mass Comms. He always changes accessories… Updated with the latest trends. – Must be Mass Comms.
– But he could be from Hospitality. He needs to present himself well. I am hanging between Hospitality and Mass Comms. Definitely not Psychology. Let’s go through his Instagram account. Influencer on the side… He knows how to present himself, which screams ‘Mass Comms’! My current bet is Mass Comms.
He knows how to present himself. Mass Comms! All students need to drink water. I use the same laptop cover.
I swear. – That’s why I think it’s Mass Comms.
– I just need 3 pens. – 3 pens enough?! – I just need to write… He doesn’t have a pencil case. I suddenly feel like it’s Mass Comms. Because he’d need to write lots of essays. I’m from Mass Comms and I type everything.
The essays are very long. If you write… Your handwriting… – Then what are you guessing now?
– Law. Let’s welcome the third student of the day. – What’s your name?
– Damon. Damon. Based on his appearance, he may need to meet people often. I think that he’s a really shy person, one that will be a very good friend to you. I think he feels very loyal. Yeah. Lawyer maybe? – What are your hobbies like?
– I like to go to the gym a lil’ bit. – Basketball…
– Oh, quite sporty. – Video games a lot as well…
– Sporty and not sporty. Let us look at your social media. He looks like he has a very exciting social life.
Describe your social life. – Not much.
– Huh? But you have pictures like this. – My mum took that photo.
– Really? – You like gymming a lot?
– How often? – How often do I look like I gym?
– Sensitive leh. – He gives me hospitality vibes.
– Pretend this is a tray of food. How would you serve us? Confirm not Hospitality. – Let’s see what’s in your bag.
– Alright. – He brings a leather jacket to school.
– Maybe he spends a lot of time in the lecture theatre. – In front of the computer…
– It is pretty cold. There’s a pencil case.
A gaming laptop… – Very intense computer usage.
– That’s why I said… Cyber Forensics and Computer Science. – Do you use your laptop very often for class?
– Yes. – All the time?
– Always. Super important! – How about your pencil case?
– Nope. He has a proper pencil case…
But his eraser haven’t open. – Free gift lah.
– Pen also haven’t open. Ah… Computer Science! This kinda looks like my bag. My notes… Everything is in my computer. From my experience, guys who are into tech, cyber security or computer science… they tend to put lots of investment in their laptops. – I don’t think a lawyer would bring this.
– Yeah. A lawyer won’t bring this. They need to travel a lot and it’s heavy. – Hello!
– I’m Shiya. Shiya, what do you like to do on your weekends? My schedule is really packed. I always do anything that value adds to whatever I have, like picking up a new skill or giving back. Which is why you are in Kaplan. She is very smiley. Every time I say something, she will have a slight nod…
Which is why you are in Kaplan. She is very smiley. Every time I say something, she will have a slight nod… “Tell me your problems.” “Yeah I’m listening.” The way she carries herself gives me the Hospitality, Services and Event Organization vibe. Very cheerful. Her hands are behind her back all the time. Wow, three group photos. You’re very sociable. – I volunteer a lot.
– And you appreciate spending time with people? From her social media, it looks like she enjoys spending time with people. You have a picture with your friends… Are they all dancers? – Oh, so you dance?
– No… – I help.
– Help what? Help with cultural activities… Making people smile. – This is a concert hall, right?
– Yeah, this is for a volunteer event… I think I know already. – She’s the event type…
– Hospitality! – Let’s check out what’s in her bag!
– For sure. My pencil case… Cute! – My wallet…
– You like Winnie-the-Pooh! Are you a Pooh fan? – My key card…
– Winnie-the-Pooh! She likes Disneyland! her dream is to work in Disneyland. Hospitality, because it has Events management. Essential stuff like accessories and plasters… – Graphic calculator…
– What? Graphic calculator? It’s a GC, people.
Suddenly think she is from Computer Science… Do you use this calculator everyday? Almost everyday. It can go up to 2-3 hours a day… Huh… Cyber Forensics? Wait… This is a graphic calculator. Can plot graphs and stuff, right? Stats lah. Psychology lor. Yeah, it’s either Hospitality and Events, or Psych. I’ll just go with my gut, ok. Maybe some mods need graphic calculator.
Plot graphs… And I’d say that even in social sciences like Psych, you’d need to do some stats. Ok, so now we have our last student! Hi! – My name is Leon.
– Leon. – I love your body art!
– He’s in a very casual getup. Do you design your own tattoos? Yup! Creative. Mass Comms. Tell me one reason why you chose the course. Value added service. I don’t know what it means, but ok. We don’t have your social media photos… Is it because you are from Cyber Forensics and you think it’s dangerous to submit photos? No, it’s not dangerous… – Not allowed to disclose any information?
– No, I can! Her eyes are getting smaller and smaller. – Even about yourself…
– No, I can. Like personal stuff? Yeah. – Do you even have social media?
– Yeah. – It’s private?
– It’s very old. You can’t have the most updated photos… – Do you like taking pictures in general?
– It’s my job. – I think it’s Mass Comms.
– But if he is already doing production, does he need to study Mass Comms? Good question. Because of the secrecy, I think it’s cyber forensics. – Your bag is very aesthetic.
– Nice water bottle. Protect your eyes… Very important. Like some secret weapon. – Like some laser…
– Don’t press! The tool of the trade. The casing looks like the kind that can withstand super harsh conditions. Looks like Iron Man’s laptop. Is it because you are always on the go outdoors and things might drop? Yeah! I think the most jarring thing is that he has no social media account. This is a really cool pen which he uses every single day. – I’m starting to get lawyer vibes.
– Yeah. My first instinct is Hospitality Services and Event Ops. My guess comes from the items. But deep down in my gut, maybe when people wanna learn something new… They might want to learn something like cyber and computer science, because that’s what is important these days. I still think that it’s Hospitality and Events Ops. Because when you go for events, there are often photographers or videographers there. Then maybe you wanna learn the trade as you are interested in it. Alright! Women In Black, we meet again. I think that it’s hard to judge someone based on the things that they have or the items they carry or what they wear. Kaplan has a lot of courses. So to pinpoint someone to be from a certain course… It’s very difficult because it’s different these days. Just because they study something doesn’t mean they’ll turn out a certain way. Yeah. The first student is Nicole! – What was your choice?
– We actually picked Cyber Forensics and Computer Science. We were damn thrown off by the calculator. – Want to change your answer?
– We will stick with it. we are confident. We picked Psychology based on how she communicates and her life. So, Nicole… What course are you in? Yes! We did it! I feel like our whole list is wrong. If she chooses Psych… My head is all a mess now. So Nicole, why did you choose Psychology? People always think that Psychology is about listening to other people’s problems. It’s actually a counselor’s job. We observe why people act a certain way. Then the calculator for what? – For stats, right?
– You can’t separate Psychology from stats. – We use calculators as much as we use books.
– What do you wanna do in the future? Psychology is very broad. You can work in every single… Any job. – At least you know that you have options with this degree.
– Yup. Next up, we have… Next up… Delano! – So what was he to you guys?
– He threw us off! Act shy! When he came to us, he did this and I was like… “What is this?!” – What did you guess?
– Delano? We guessed Law. Zhin and I guessed Mass Comms because of his outlook and the way he was communicating with us… He has that Mass Comms vibe. But we are going to change our answer. – What are you gonna change to?
– Mass Comms. – Cannot…
– Both of us chose Mass Comms and he might be from Cyber Forensics. So, Delano, can you please do the honours and reveal to us… (Screaming) I want to die right now! Why did you choose to study Law? There is a broad (career path)… There is a unique law for every transaction. Contracts and everything. After this, you can be a paralegal, legal advisor, in-house council… Every company needs a law advisor, so options are quite open. Now that we are down to three… Let’s bring out our third student. Damon! We chose Mass Comms and I think we are gonna stick with it. Zhin and I will change our choice to Mass Comms. Yup. Tell us, what’s your course? Why did you choose this course? I want something that’s more to the technical side.
I’m not really into theory. There’s a lot of theory, but when it comes to Cyber Forensics and Computer Science, there is a lot of technicalities involved in it. Finding a job in Singapore, for example.
IT is number one. There are over 700 job listings, but only 100 or so for the others. I’d have never guessed that he was a Cyber Forensics and Computer Science student from his outlook. So don’t judge a book by its cover. The next student is Shiya! You know what we guessed at first? We thought she was from Psych. She volunteers and is always looking out for people… and being considerate towards people. These skills are also applicable for this industry. That’s why Zhin and I chose this.
Are you going to change your answer? We have to… We picked a wrong answer (just now). – We will go with Hospitality.
– Tell us what’s your course! You guys are right! Tell us more about the course you are in! A lot of people say that events is about the experience… you really need to learn both sides.
What to do on the floor… backstage and everything. – You guys were thrown off by the calculator?
– Yes! I was about to say that. As an events organizer and planner, we need accounts! Everything is about money and keeping in budget. When you look at hospitality, the first thing that comes to my mind is the service industry. But I didn’t think about the events aspect of it. – Last but not least…
– Our final one! Leon! No guesses what course he is from. Mass Comms! Mass Comms – you’d think that he’d be on social media! Yeah! I mean… Mass Comms… I work with a production company in Paris. Therefore, I handle clients under Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA). They won’t let me disclose locations. Why do you choose to study Mass Comms now that you already own a production company? it’s a value-added service. More about crafting a good press release or document… that would make your audience think that you’re an angel. – Sums up what we do daily.
– Exactly! Wisdom right there. By far the most shooketh… Because we are both Mass Comms students. We are all very different. You can’t tell. So… we won, right? We got a few! I think that the biggest takeaway from this game is that you cannot stereotype how students are in different courses. We can’t think that when a student studies a certain course, they will do a certain job. But it’s not true – when you choose to study a course, there might be plenty of career choices. Thank you Kaplan for making this video possible. Kaplan offers over 300 degree pathways you can pursue. If you want to learn more about Kaplan, you can click on the link in the description box below. If you liked this video, remember to like, share and subscribe. And watch our other videos over there! And remember, stress goes away~ Bye!

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  1. Never judge a book by its cover
    Wouldn't have been able to guess Delano or Leon's course, they seem like really cool people
    Damon highkey cute tho

  2. 15:28 The team on the left should have chosen the opposite choice of the other team because that's the only way they can win. It's simple game theory.

  3. i wan to crryy!! why now then go Kaplan~~!! I was there last year! boo hoo =_( watching your vids plus doing my work there…

  4. I'm a mass com student. People can immediately know I'm a masscommer because of my appearance and my styles..

  5. The thing I learnt about while studying in Kaplan is that locals dress very lapsup

    It's true don't be offended lol

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