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Music*** Hello everyone, how’re you? Assalmu Alaikum viewer, I’m… DON… :p (a bollywood song) I’m mean Memoona Muslima You can also be a DON after watching this video Because we’re going to make something special It’s better than costly supplements Actually I was making it for my child than I thought it would be fine to share with you I’m sure you have heard before about it But you don’t know its actual benefits Which organs are directly hit by this Right on Target… You do not know the benefits of desi and organic things. We could not find any English or street food Just a minute… I have to give it a name… because I don’t know it’s actually called we give it a name “PHAKKI” (Punjabi Lang) No… It’s awkward Powerful powder Na Na Na… Shaktiyon wala safoof (Hindi Lang) Submitted… 🙂 What you call it? Must write in comments… So, lets start to make the “Shaktiyon wala Safoof” *Intro + Music I aim 1500 likes for this video and I know you’ll make it possible in first hour you’ll be watching 5 bowls in Olympic logo shape have those organic ingredients which you have to buy same in weight 2 or 3 more things will be added except of these First of all, we need roasted yellow Peas it’s also known as horse food that why it a most powerful thing for human body Also known as substitute of meat if I started to elaborate its benefits shortly even than this video is not enough daily use of roasted yellow peas controls your blood sugar and cholesterol students should keep them in pocket everytime these boost your brain & eyesight if you have fresh roasted yellow peas these have great taste remembering by word of taste I make rice (Biryani) with desi chicken at home I’ll take it with curd (dahi pakoriyan) if you want to eat them, can be made at home yourself, nobody can stop you :p the second ingredient is fennel good for digestion effective in belly pain & gas trouble whether make coffee or take with tea or boil in milk and drink it in result of good digestion people have to use face mask sitting with you in the room or have to spray perfume best result in weak eyesight Third ingredient are almonds I already have told quantity, all things will be used same in weight almonds are some costly ingredient But it has so many benefits for memory loss, you can’t imagine those people who are talking about weak hair if they 10 pieces of almond soak in the water at night and take without its peel empty stomach conditionally, don’t miss a single day you can’t miss and post on another day after one month, you will not lose a single hair I can bet on this because this reduce brain weakness, and this is main reason of hair loss also amazing benefits for eyes also it has shape just like human eye next ingredient is mixed melon seeds (char Magaz) also tasty in eating actually these are seeds of melon, water melon, cucumber & gourd are mixed after derive these are also used in remedies and herbal products it works like a rocket for brain and 100% tested next ingredients is Raisins (its optional) its for good taste black pepper powder again for brain and eyesight its also good for bones and joints I suggest you to use it with every meal these are both optional but all things are used, which are being told… it will be made just like Cannons next ingredient is crystal sugar/rock candy/rock sugar/natural sugar it has various names has unique taste full of sweet without chemicals one most important vit. B 12 rich in this Now you have to follow a simple process of grinding grind all things and give them a powder shape now take a empty bowl and pour all things in it one by one roasted yellow peas powder Fennel powder almond mixed melon seeds powder (char magaz) later those 2 things which I mentioned in start of the video Raisin or black pepper Now rock sugar powder as desired I added 3 tbs now mix it well and then store it in a safe air tight jar we can store it just for a month you can take it in day time or before sleep 2 to 3 spoons with milk or chew it in the day time as desire its best for your whole family male & female who use too much computer or mobiles this is best thing for them good for eyesight we regularly use it in our home not costly, and you know there is not better thing than health which powder you are watching on your screen It costs just $2.50 some more things are optional like honey, it can be used when you feel it dry in eating organic ghee it’s upon your desire otherwise milk can be used your children can be DON or Captain of America after eating it :p I hope you enjoy the video, please give it a THUMBS UP & SHARE see you in the next video till then and take care Allah Hafiz (Good Bye)

100 thoughts on “Turn your EYES & BRAIN into Computer with this Powerful Home Remedy Urdu Hindi

  1. Memoona baji zind bad
    Memoona baji me 1 hakeem hu or mera pansaar store b he Lahore chungi amar sadhu
    Tahir dawa khana and pansaar store agr ap is me khushk dhania or warq e nuqra dal dyn to ye or b ziada acha murakub bnta he
    By the way is ka name he
    Safoof e jahangeeri
    Is k jitny fawaid btay jayn kam hen

  2. Assalam o alaikum Memoona, I really like your remedies you are simply best. Ap plz ye bta den k is safoof me Jo ingredients hn unki quantity bhi bta den plzz aur ye bhi btain k isk use se meri glasses Utar jaingi??? Plz mjhe reply zarur den!

  3. Jis ny unlike kiya ha unko zada zrort ha ye sfof khanay ki….😝
    Jals log😒memona baji zindabad wel don bht acha sfof ha…

  4. Bajee agar ye kam kar gyaa tu apko dil se dua do ga k Allah apki hfazat kare apko har khushi de ameen

  5. Kali mirch kitni ,measurements nahee bataya aur kismis sabut daalni hay ya pees kar ,please
    Kismis kitni ?

  6. Aap ke ghar wale ktne khosh naseeb hain mujeh aap ki jesi wife chaye I promise agr aap ki nazr me h to lazmi comment karain

  7. Assalam u alaikum dear mai apka weight loss maajoon use kar rahi hu kya mai ye le sakti hu iss sey weight gain to nahi hoga na please bataeeye meri nazre bohat kamzor hoti jaa rahi hai

  8. People who have diabetes or other diseases should not use sugar at all. Make it sugar free. Can make it spicy n tastier.

  9. Can someone please tell me the ingredients I. English or ( Hindi ) I don’t understand the first ingredient thankyuo 💕??

  10. بہت ہی اچھی بات ہے کہ آپ ٹوٹکے کے ساتھ ہنسی مذاق جاری رہتا ہے۔

  11. Impressive……& worthfullll..!!!!! I watched dz video more than 25tyms in 1hr lzng ur voice, d way u r explng vth fun nd iz outstndgggg..finally tnx..heplful vd

  12. A.s.a me u tu Ber chanal bnana chahti hn me middle class house wife hn me Kuch Krna chahti hn please help me

  13. Main yeh banai isme saunf jyada ho gaye aur mere bachche nahi kha rahe to main Kya karun please tell me

  14. Asslamualikum mai zarur bnaugi apni bete ke liye inshaallah ap ke sare video pr mai bhot yakeen rkhte hu sare videos help full hote hai thanku memoona itne acchi videos ke liye .. 😊

  15. Mujhe Aap bata skti hain Ki Jab Sare ingredients 50 , 50 gm rhenge, toh Kali Mirch Ki Quantity kitni Leni h? Plz Reply me must

  16. आप ने हर चीज कि मात्रा नहीं बताई कि कोन सी चीज कितनी लेनी ह

  17. Video achi hy..Thank u. me zrur try krungi nd mjhy ye bta den isko khanay sy qabz to nh hogi? Actually mjhy qabz rehti Hy..

  18. Thanku mwmona sistr jazak Allah.ap ny mera bohat bara masla hal kiya.mjhy doctr ny demaghi kamzori btai hy.mere baal aik saal se itny jharr rhy hn k sar gnj hogy hy😢😢😢badsurt lgti hun.mgr kal se hi badam shuru karungi.plz btaden k jo bal girgay woh kesy ayngy

  19. Aoa, very nice api MRA beta 4 year ka hy bht week hy kam khata hy bht doctors ko chek krwaya BT kush nai es py video bnaen

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