Taking Charge of Your Health

Twiddy & Company, we’re a property management
company on the Outer Banks. We manage 1100
roughly properties ranging from Corolla all the way
down to South Nags Head even. I think analytics kind
of helps set us apart. Particularly on the
homeowner front. We are able to
provide our homeowners with some really good
information about what to do and how to make kind of 1o
year, a long investment you know most worthwhile. We do kind of a similar
thing for our guests as well. You know we’re selling
dream vacations. People work all
year for vacations. And so we just want to give
you kind of the easiest most convenient relevant way to
get your family down and have a great time. I think 90% of people
at Twiddy Company use SAS on a weekly basis. Almost all of our company
will get a report either daily or weekly to either kind
of help them with their day to day tasks. You know, whose
arriving this week? Who needs a linen
invoice filled. And then I think there’s
a lot of higher level kind of strategy that goes into what
direction the company is going. Should we spend
more money on this? Should we invest more
in these kind of homes? Should we look for these
kind of homeowners? So I think the benefits
that Twiddy gets from SAS is it gives us one of our
biggest competitive advantages. Both with getting our guests
down to the Outer Banks and with presenting
the right way to manage an investment to a homeowner. Having that wealth
of information that marketing prowess. So, with help from
SAS I think we went from guessing
at a lot of things to knowing and being able to
test and continued to improve. It’s really helped kind of to
shape the direction that we’re going.

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