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47 thoughts on “TWO Needs You MUST Fulfill To Be Happy – Marisa Peer

  1. Hi Marisa ! Thanks a lot for this message it means a lot to me. I could listen to you nonstop I don't get bored. Love from Algeria

  2. We are meant for a passion filled loving life! πŸ₯°βœ¨πŸ’›πŸ‘πŸ» Sending love to all of you beautiful souls reading this! πŸ’Ÿ

  3. Thank you very much Marisa! You are sunshine, as always! I'm happy to see new video with you. Have wonderful day

  4. I'm really glad you are still regularly posting Marisa. Your three minute video is so full of truth! Speaking in public is so difficult and that fear just grips me, and once our audience senses this, they get agitated, and they don't like us! Wow! really cool stuff, thanks.

  5. I feel these videos are so temporarily motivating but why am I enough why am I loveble? I guess why not as well but if I just repeat mantras like I'm enough I'm loveable it feels empowering for a while but quickly fades :/

  6. Hi Marisa, I'm going through your "Uncompromised Life" program, because I needed motivation to achieve my goals. Well, I'm loving it! BUT… I wonder if the whole idea of making myself like something that I don't actually like, makes any sense. Maybe I'm working so hard to motivate me do something that I should actually leave behind, as it's not my real passion. Do you have any tools to help find one's passion? Once I do what I like, I will naturally feel excited about it and will naturally be looking forward to working on that, I won't mind long hours and will be happy to give the very best of myself, boosting my chances for success.
    …or should I actually work on making myself like what I don't by "making up the right pictures in my mind and telling the right words to myself"?

  7. Hello @Marisa I already found you. Thanks for your knowledge. I'm aware of the part where you say that if the energy when you are going to do something like speak at public, or sing is be nervous you can't connect with people now I only need practice with your tools to improve this.

  8. It absolutely works. Work on yourself, on your connection with the light within you. Everything, every thought will change. Change your mind! Marisa, thank you for being the wonderful soul that you are.

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