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hi I’m Loren Lockman in this short video I’m gonna be talking a little bit about how you can eliminate type 2 diabetes forever and if you or someone you know has type 2 diabetes you probably know that they’ve been told you’ve been told you’re going to be using medications the rest of your life to manage this condition and that there are negative side effects those medications and negative impacts of having the conditions now to clarify for anyone that may not know type 1 diabetes is insulin dependent diabetes where your body is not producing enough insulin and you need to take insulin type 2 diabetes is insulin resistant diabetes where your body makes all the insulin needs but for whatever reason it’s no longer effective at managing your blood sugar as a result of this you need to take medication in order to allow it to do its job again like every medication the medications taken for type 2 diabetes are toxic and it’s important to understand every single drug is toxic to the body and every single drug is only dealing with the symptoms now if you’re dealing with type 2 diabetes and you’re thinking well if I can get rid of the symptoms I’ll be okay yes and no the fact is that the symptoms come up the problems with managing blood sugar come up not because your pancreas is broken or your insulin is no good or anything like that but simply because the conditions in your body are such that it’s no longer working able to work the way it should the best way to change this is to change the underlying conditions in your body by doing that you have no type-2 diabetes you no longer need to take these these drugs your body manages it’s blood sugar by producing the insulin it needs and having that insulin actually function properly in the body just as it should and just as it does for the majority of people on the planet now you may know if you have type 2 diabetes there’s a about a 90% chance that you’re significantly overweight and so losing weight is is one factor but it’s not always related to overweight even though it is again more than 90 percent correlated the good news is regardless of whether your type 2 diabetes has come about as a result of overweight or not your body can regain its effectiveness and using its own insulin relatively easily now for the last 14 years I’ve been taking people through a process called supervised water-only fasting and what we do with water only fasting is we allow people to rest as completely as we can we monitor their vital signs to make sure that they’re okay looking at them every day and talking about what someone’s going through we check their blood sugar as regularly as we need to with many people it may be every day for the first week and then less than that depending on what’s happening with their blood sugar but in over 14 years and working with probably at least two or three dozen people with type 2 diabetes what we’ve seen so far is that 100% of them complete their full week or longer process here not needing any medication whatsoever their body now managing its own blood sugar with no problem and not requiring any special diet now let me clarify ideally if you want to remain disease-free and even more than disease-free you want to function at the highest level you can it would be wise to chant shift your diet to a diet that’s much better at promoting health because the truth is is that the vast majority of things that people are eating there’s roughly 50,000 items in the average American grocery store and my guess is that well over forty nine thousand of them are not food they’re not things that are designed to go in your body and the majority of those things will actually contribute to the problems that are causing type 2 diabetes for you so if what you want to do is not only remain disease-free but actually you’re not an amazingly high level you can the fact that you’re watching this video today tells me that you can see if you’ve already died from type 2 diabetes or something else probably can’t help you but the fact is that if you’re still alive your body can regain an amazingly high level of health and vitality it never fails if you’re willing to allow the body to cleanse and heal itself and then learn how to make the best choices possible in terms of meeting all of your body’s needs see the body has some relatively simple needs and once we understand how to listen to the body and how to meet those needs as well as we can type 2 diabetes in every other health condition you can imagine becomes a thing of the past I’ve seen this over and over again we literally see real miracles here all the time things that are not supposed to shift shift all the time so if you’ve got type 2 diabetes or you know someone else that does and you’d like to help yourself or somebody else eliminate those issues what you’re going to want to do at the end of this video is send us an email give us your information go to the website check out the information there let us know how we can help you subscribe to our list because we’ll be sending you more information that will help you make better choices and once you learn what to do you can be completely self-sufficient for the rest of your life you already know if you’re taking medication every single day this is probably already shifting how you live your life it has a little bit of the impact on how you function and what you’re able to do and what you can do instead is live your life at the highest level of health and functioning with total freedom to do whatever you choose contact us today and let us show you how you can create a new amazingly high level of health and vitality completely free of all medications and do it for the rest of your life thanks

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  1. Thanks for your comments and for sharing this information with others; I too, hope it helps as many people as possible. Namaste.

  2. Sorry about that 12dollars. The first 10-12 videos were shot with a very poor camera and focus was an issue. The rest are much better.

  3. Thanks for your kind comment. Whether it's insulin resistance or not, water fasting long-enough and properly gives your body the optimal conditions to cleanse and heal itself. Just get experienced supervision to insure both your safety and the greatest amount of success possible.

  4. Hello Loren.  I am just now completing the 7th day of my 22 day water fast.  I've refrained from taking my medications for type 2 diabetes and for HBP. However I have been taking readings twice a day to keep an eye on things.  There are two observations I don't understand and didn't hear addressed in your video so please help me make sense of this.

    I saw my sugar readings drop from 176 to 89 by day4 (hoorah!). By today (3 days later) it's back up to 147. How can this be if I've consumed nothing all this time but water?

    As for my HBP, it's been in acceptable ranges all this time, so I'm happy about that. But my resting heart rate is 100-120 all this time. I can feel my heart pounding and rate increasing with the slightest exertion, e.g. walking to the kitchen or up a flight of 10 steps.  Is this normal during a fast? Should I be concerned?

    Thanks …

  5. I think water fasting cleansing technique is cleaning your blood suger, micro sugar in red blood cell and all that sugar completely. So that insulin no more resistant.

  6. Hi there I just finished watching your video and did some other research on water fasting I just found out 3weeks ago that I was diagnosed with diabetes now doctors are not sure what type I am but they gave me diabetes control pills and iron pills and the i-sens pack to check my sugar glucose and it was very high at 17 somethng since those 3 weeks up to now my blood sugar been going up and down but never at the normal level only once though it was at 8.6 and was dizzy on that level and the  highest was 20.6 which i felt good now I woke up this morning and was having concerns about my health and just decided to watch vid clips about diabetes and came across this chinese doctor talking about how you can get rid of diabetes by fasting similar to your video so I decided to start fasting today seeing I haven't eaten anything since I think 24hrs now but just to ask should I stop taking the diabetes control pill?? and the iron pills?? and just carry on with water fasting this is my first time ever I have fasted thanks I look forward to your reply

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  8. I've been off metformin for 3 months now and my sugar is better than before. This was without my Dr advise. I just recently seriously started to look into fasting. By fasting blood sugar is 95mg/dl, still over weight, but working on it. I plan on starting with a two day fast and working my way up to two weeks. Just ate about twenty wing and feel sluggish. But I will get it together.

  9. I have type 2 diabetes and overweight with bmi 33. My fasting blood sugar is 116 mg/dL and the sugar level 1.5 hours after food with medication is 170 mg/dL. I wanted to start the fasting only in the morning. I drive daily to work and I wanted to know if it is safe to start intermittent fasting

  10. I had T2 diabetes.
    I removed from my diet products containing gluten or starch.
    These are cereal products, potatoes, rice, beans.
    They block the production of insulin.
    I eat soybean meal and vegetable, meat, fresh fruit
    II do not have diabetes at all. Thank God!

  11. I have type 2 diabetes and am what is call insulin reliant. My doctor put me on this, fully knowing that I would gain weight. 40 kg later, I exercise 6 days a week, and have only managed to maintain my weight at 119kg. Still maintaining this weight is still better than gaining it. I have tried other alternatives, like taking sugary things out of my diet and yes most of them have been eliminated. I have also been listening to Dr Jason Fung, stating that the best way for a person like myself, is that I would only benefit from a fasting diet. Although I will need to do more research into this matter, as I like to fully inform myself and get my Doctors advice, and that of my diabetic nurse as well – before I make any decisions. I already have low blood sugar levels and have been trying to maintain them without having a hypo, which happens for me on a regular basis. However, lately I have plato-ed, meaning I sit at the same range as I used to hypo at, but my body has now gotten used to the low blood sugar readings. I would also like to encourage you Loren to reshoot this video, without the autofocus 😀 Other than that issue, I found this encouraging, and I will have to start small and go from there. Namaste

  12. I've decided to go on a once a week fast because my family has history of diabetes and I'm starting to feel diabetes slip into my life. I hope this works out for me and everyone else, God bless.

  13. Nice Video clip! Sorry for chiming in, I would appreciate your thoughts. Have you ever tried – Chireetler Life Sport Rule (Have a quick look on google cant remember the place now)? It is an awesome one of a kind product for learning how to reverse type 2 Diabetes minus the headache. Ive heard some extraordinary things about it and my GF finally got amazing results with it.

  14. That is this bullshit. If person have no more pancreas cells that produce insulin, there is no know case there they regenerate.

  15. I'm type 2 diabetic, I want to start a 28 day water fast asap. Do I continue to take my metformin during the fast? Thanks

  16. I feel all his comments are like a Info-mercial. True Healers would answer or at least tell us something besides fill talk, and come spend a month with us. If anyone has has found any free information, on proper ways for a Type II Diabetic to fast Please message me, as I'm sure this Healer will delete my comment. I am poor and all I have is the V.A. Healthcare, and all they want to do is feed me Metformin, and today they mentioned insulin. Fuck That I would rather die. wait…I can go spend a month with Mr.Lockman. It sucks being sick and all ppl want is $$. Greed is the way of America. It will never change. That goes for the Diabetes Foundation.

  17. I say most of todays stores carry mostly "Products called 'food" which are Delibrately Engineered to cause disease… I will never change my tune, and bet I can prove it

  18. Everyone says to break your fast with fruits and fruit juices. As a diabetic(type 2 non medicated) I feel like this would undo all the work your body did to heal and reverse the disease. Like healing from heroin addiction and going out and doing heroin at the end of the rehab. It just doesn’t feel right. I’m looking for alternatives to sugary, fast breaking foods.

  19. Have you ever tried intermittent fasting. Go 16 hours without eating I using skip dinner. Then you have a healthy breakfast mostly non starchy veggies and fruit and then for lunch fish and lean protein with more veggies and fruit. Then you fast again for 16 hours. I have had some great progress with my type 2 which my ac1 test was 10.2 and is now 6.8 on a regular basis with no medication

  20. questions: can you drink anything else besides water when fasting, like juices or smoothies? would a person need to stop taking there diabetes medicine while fasting? after fasting for thirty days what's next, what kind of foods should we eat after the fast? what should one do if they become extremely hungry while fasting?

  21. Ohhhh my god you literally were indicted for the death of a girl with Diabetes at Tanglewood in Maryland…. Why anyone listen 2 u

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