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My name’s Kenny Honnas and
I’m going to prove to you that severe Ulcerative Colitis can be completely healed by showing
you my before and after colonoscopies and showing you exactly what I ate to get better. In 2014 I was diagnosed with severe Ulcerative Colitis. I experienced a flare that was so
bad I was filling toilet bowls with pure blood. After weeks of constant bloody diarrhea throughout
the day and night, I was eventually hospitalized. I lost 30lbs in two weeks, had four blood
transfusions, and was just barely able to avoid having my colon surgically removed. The pain, embarrassment, and fear of going out in public was life altering. But I refused
to accept living like that for the rest of my life. So I spent the next two years studying,
learning, and experimenting with different dietary approaches. I didn’t want remission,
I wanted to be healed. And my definition of healing is this: to be able to consume a full
range of foods without bleeding, mucus, urgency or diarrhea; to have well-formed, solid bowel
movements; and to be on no medication. To be healthy. I wanted to be able to go out
and eat with my friends and family without fear of soiling myself. And my answer was
the gut microbiome. A compromised gut microbiome is something that’s been touched on in
research studies for years as a possible cause of inflammatory bowel disease. But for some
reason it’s never been confirmed. So I dove deeper. As I read study after study,
I realized that a compromised gut microbiome is something that we all IBD patients seem
to have in common. So I wondered what would happen if I optimized my gut microbiome and
reversed the dysbiosis. So that’s exactly what I did by following a few basic nutritional
principles and concepts, that I’m going to show you, and the results speak for themselves. I’m in clinical and endoscopic remission, but it’s so much more than that. Absolutely
no intestinal inflammation, no ulcers, no mucus, no bleeding, and no medication. My
goal and definition of complete healing has been achieved. And this is how. I stopped
drinking tap water. I swapped it out for reverse osmosis purified water because I don’t
want any chlorine or chemicals in my water that could kill off the good bacteria in my
gut microbiome. I do intermittent fasting to give the digestive system plenty of rest.
I only eat two meals per day, and my first meal is always a massive smoothie. Probiotic bacteria is essential for an optimized gut microbiome. So I make sure to consume large
amounts of prebiotic soluble fiber from fruits because probiotic bacteria feed off of prebiotics. My favorite prebiotics are specifically blueberries because they’ve been shown to help alleviate
and protect against Ulcerative Colitis. I eat at least two cups every single day, maybe
more. And I love chocolate. Cacao powder is another one of my favorite ingredients because
it’s a prebiotic as well as an awesome anti-inflammatory that’s been shown to
alleviate Ulcerative Colitis. And then the most important ingredient, raw unpasteurized milk kefir. Kefir is a type of sour milk that has been around since the biblical times and has been shown to heal ulcers in modern research. The fermentation process makes it suitable
for people with lactose intolerance and makes it extremely high in probiotic bacteria. One of the best foods for the microbiome, God designs things pretty cool. In my studies to further analyze and look for similarities between patients with IBD, I discovered that
IBD patients can often have a stagnant and clogged lymphatic system causing inflammation
to be trapped inside the intestines. The incredibly simple solution to this is to exercise because
the lymphatic system is powered by musculoskeletal movement. So lifting gets the lymphatic system
flowing and helps dissipate that inflammation by allowing a functional trafficking of immune
cells. I eat my second and final meal about 6-7 hours after my first meal. This is where
I’m really flexible, it’s my favorite meal of the day. It usually contains some
sort of meat and potatoes, and this is my favorite variation of it. Steak, potato wedges,
and guac. The goal of each meal is to have a high content of prebiotic and probiotic
foods. Grassfed beef is extremely nutritious, but the specific microbiome enhancing foods
in this meal are the potatoes, guac, fermented veggies, and raw milk. Potatoes and avocados
are fantastic prebiotics since they are both full of prebiotic soluble fiber. The probiotic
foods are fermented vegetables and raw milk. Fermented foods have been shown to be high
in live probiotic bacteria and have a very extensive list of health benefits that include
being an antimicrobial, and an antifungal, as well as reducing inflammation, and stopping
diarrhea. Homemade fermented vegetables and raw kefir are my two fermented food powerhouses
that are huge microbiome optimizers. That’s it, it can be that simple. These are the nutritional
concepts and principles that I used to heal myself. And if you look at other people who
are healing, because it’s becoming more and more common, you’ll see that they optimized
their gut microbiome in one way or another. It doesn’t have to be my way because there are several routes to optimizing the microbiome. I just like my way best. I know what it’s
like to hurt from IBD, I know what it’s like to be sick, I understand the suffering,
I understand that broken feeling. I also know what it’s like to get better. It’s a
very difficult process, but it’s very very possible. Getting healed is hard, staying
healed is easy. But I really believe with all of my heart that the majority of people
can heal from IBD the same way I did, by optimizing the gut microbiome.

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  1. Hi Kenny, Am suffering from ulcerative colitis from 2 year and since last 3 month I started following your advice on gut microbiome. And it starts wonder to me. I follows self healing chrons and colitis book and try to maintain my gut microbiome and bang it works. Within 3 month I am symptoms free no mucous, no blood and 2-3 times motion. You are the best man.

  2. Meat and milk are poor for IBD. Maybe you got lucky? Clearly, the diet you are following is 1 million times healthier than the average Western diet and I agree with 80% of what you say here is supported by the literature. But studies were notably missing when you threw the grass fed meat and milk in there for no apparent reason. Anything that stimulates IGF-I levels (which complete proteins such as animal proteins will do) is going to be an increased risk factor for growing cancer among other things- higher level of genetic damage in terms of epigenetics. Moreover, the protein and milk called casein is an extremely well documented carcinogen in breast cancer and prostate cancers in particular. Even more gross in raw milk but really any milk is that there is a large amount of pus from infected udders of cows which is allowed by law because it’s impossible to prevent all mastitis in cows. This means you are drinking a gross blend of white blood cells and bacteria that haven’t been heat treated. You’re also taking in estrogen from the mammaries of another mammal. I’d advise you watch some of Dr. Michael Greger’s videos on milk. Perhaps you could try making almond, soy, cashew or oatmilk at home and make kefir out out those? Cashew milk is really delightful and has the fatty taste of milk. A further risk of meat is burning/grilling meat which creates heterocyclic amines (HCAs)- another potent carcinogen. Nevertheless, I really enjoyed your use of medical literature. It would’ve been very interesting to see how you would’ve fared without milk and meat- and again you had no research to support using either of them is noteworthy in itself. Also, didn’t you eat milk and meat prior to diagnosis? Best of luck to you and I hope you maintain your remission for life. “Cure” is a strong word. People can induce remission drinking nothing other than boost or ensure shakes (highly processed garbage liquid foods) for 6-12 weeks. This is called total enteral nutrition and it is just as successful at inducing remission as biologic drugs or prednisone. However, remission isn’t often maintained more than a year after ceasing the enteral nutrition. I hope you’ll find this diet and exercise regimen will maintain remission for life! To summarize:

    You’re eating whole foods, no additives, nothing fried, apparently no grains, no cheese, but yes raw and kefir milk, a lot of berries and avocado and your eating twice a day to allow digestive tract to rest more than all day grazing. All very good. Cardio would also work the lymphatic system as I’m sure you know. But full body weights are a great way to go and it always pays to build muscle when you’re young.

  3. I tried eating right, keto for one year and it did not work unfortunately. I am on a flare up now and I'm gonna try IF with healthier home made meals when I do eat.

  4. Wow, You shared very good information. My uncle had suffered from this problem. He was total upset during this. He went to many hospitals. But the result was not good. Then, Someone told him about planet Ayurveda. He went to Planet Ayurveda & got his treatment started. Now he is fine. If you have this type of problem or any other type of health problem. you should go to Planet Ayurveda.

  5. Hi Kenny ive just come off my medication, currently on day 10 of candida diet, and ive took a turn for the worst. Im really scared and getting a bit of pressure of my family that i shouldn't off come off my medication.. So im passing alot of blood, how do i stop it ? fasting ? bone broth ? raw kefir smoothie ? any help or advice would be so great.

  6. Hi Kenny! Is reverse Osmosis water the same as distilled water? And can I use distilled water instead and have good results?

  7. You are the only human I know of who actually uses the closed-hand-thumb-point. I thought only lying politicians used that one…Good video though. Thank you for presenting before and after colonoscopy. Still anecdotal, but much more compelling.

  8. I get it. Please tell me more how all the professionals available with decades of experience are less educated that you are. Please tell me why vaccines are bad. Please tell me why the earth is flat.

  9. Thanks for this video mate. I've been on paleo diet and it worked for me ! The medicals just want to make you scared so you take medications, the medical system is so wrong ! It's nice to see that now scientific studies shows natural ways of healing 😉

  10. Explain in hindi. Cant understand wt to eat.
    Bluberry shake
    Choclate shake
    2 big meals

    Prebiotics or probiotics?
    Glutamine ?
    Meat ?
    Raw boiled Milk

  11. I was just curious about your experience with it. I have no IBD. But I am so happy for you. It’s great that you go out and inspire others to heal themselves too.

  12. I thought kefir couldn't touch metal? I was under the impression you are supposed to stir in the kefir w a wooden spoon after smoothie is done

  13. Hello Kenny,

    Would u say that cleaning the body from the toxins with HCH is ok, and when u r feeling better to beginn with ur diet?!

    How can i contact u ??


  14. Will pasteurized milk work if it is fermented with kefir?
    Did anyone tried this diet for ibs? I have never done a colonoscopy but I have been suffering with digestive issues since 2000

  15. I have uc and have been searching for answers for years. Even while on medication I am still not healing. This video is so encouraging and brought me to tears to realize there is hope for recovery!

  16. I was diagnosed with IBS for almost a year…never acctualy changed my diet and since I was diagnosed with it my life has been so miserable…stomach pain everyday and if it gets little better i immediately go to destroy myself with coca cola and fast food…then my symptoms come back…thin stool with mucus and oil and stomach discomfort….also feeling of tiredness and generally feeling unwell…gonna try this and I will let you know the results…Im gonna get my life back !

  17. Same story, I was shitting like duck with IBS.. it's all related to SIBO. Eat lots of garlic and onions to kill off the bad stuff and then take plenty of kefir to heal things up after

  18. 7 1/2 years bleeding with UC. Last year and a half being the worst. At times not even able to move out of bed, and with uc, thats a mofo. I was getting blood transfusions every 6 weeks for a little while because we could not get the bleeding under control. Unfortunately we're not all cut from the same cloth. Diet, as strict as I went couldn't do what thca and cbda have done for me. It saved my life, I was gonna give up on those transfusions because I didn't even feel like myself anymore. It was beyond words. THCa is non psychoactive which many people dont know. I've never been this close to remission and all thanks to this great plant. I grow and extract my own oil from a thc/cbd strain. I keep my oil raw for the most part, but I also have an oil with thc in it for bed and other reasons no one can really explain because these cannabinoids are still being studied. It just works. For me at least. I bought this stuff from a store several times too.. so if you do it, I recommend growing it yourself. Or looking for a reputable brand with great reviews. Look for thca. Add this to a great lifestyle and I don't see how anyone can't recover, then again. I wouldn't be surprised. I appreciate all the content you put out there, I know for a fact, this will put some people into remission quick, so thank you. Look into NMN brotha, it's time to repair that DNA damage. Cheers

  19. Hey Kenny, I'm new to your channel. I recently had a flare for the first time in over five years. Since I have an ileostomy, the Crohn's is gone, but I do deal with diversion Colitis. That's been managed fairly well, but I think going on an anti-inflammatory diet kicked a colitis flare into gear. Your sources are very helpful. About to make the smoothie for dinner. I made steak last night and ate it for dinner and then for lunch today. I've been trying to elongate the time between meals too and it's been very helpful. Thank you so much for sharing your journey. It totally helps so much!

  20. There is a cure for everything and I have cured my ibs D . Without meds from a doctor and I’m sleeping good not getting up in middle of the night and still healing my gut. No more running to bathroom

  21. Hi Kenny , where did you find the raw unpasteurized kefir — any suggestions on where I should obtain or buy that from ?

  22. UC is an autoimmune condition affecting more than just the colon. You can't cure it. But I hope we can benefit symptomatically from dietary changes such as in this video.

  23. My UC was cured when I was entered into a clinical trial for a new drug. I'd love to get off it, but I'm scared to take the risk without solid evidence that what I'm doing instead can work. There have always been anecdotal reports of people curing themselves with diet, but it hasn't worked for me. It's possible that I just hadn't hit on the right mixture. I did strict paleo with probiotics for 6 months, but remained sick. I think lowering insulin is key, and I never reduced carbs adequately. I was still using maple syrup and honey. Also, I didn't know about the importance of intermittent fasting until recently. Maybe when the trial is over, I'll try dietary control again. The drug costs over $10,000 per month and my insurance won't pay for it.

  24. I got some genuinely pickled pickles, not the kind in vinegar and my mouth immediately rejected it as I bit into it and I gagged lol I've always had issues around flavours and textures even before I was diagnosed with Crohn's at 9 years old. Were they possibly not cured properly? They smelled pretty normal but it was like biting into a juicy turd.

  25. Will cooking potato at 450 degrees Fahrenheit cause acrylamide to form? I heard that barbecue is not a healthful way to cook in the documentary "Hungry for Change".

  26. But only the raw milk is not oke for me because there is lactose in it and you can get other illnes from raw milk. Like e.colli and infections etcetera

  27. Good one Kenny. I've done it too with Crohn's after 15 years of hell! I avoid meat though given the overwhelming evidence of what it does to the body. Keep up the good work!!!

  28. I pretty much do this same diet for my crohns except I do not eat any cows dairy, not even cows kefir. I use goat milk and goat kefir in my smoothies. Keeps me symptom free.

  29. Thank you for doing this. Off all my medication right now because I developed drug induced lupus. Going to heal naturally thank you for your video.

  30. Fibre can cause SIBO so try and keep fibre low if you get constipation. Eat low GI GL foods and keep meat organic and pasture raised.

  31. Thank you for sharing. That’s awesome you’re having such great success maintain gut health. I feel like you neglect to mention how much discipline it takes to keep this gut biome intact (e.g., NO: Alcohol, sugary breakfasts, coffee, nuts/seeds, candy). Keep it up

  32. Consume Garlic water!!
    Marinate Fresh GARLIC cloves in spring water in a mason jar over night .
    Drink preferably on an EMPTY stomach every few days and watch the results.
    So much healing & ENERGY

  33. Apparently now your gut bio got whipped out and there is only 1 thing that can do that and it is glyphosate, so my question is do you live on a farm and/or live downwind from a farm that uses round-up or what was your diet prior Corn & Soy.

  34. The breakfast smoothie alone is 65 dollars a week. No way to get his kefir so must use lifeway kefir. No one has reversed osmosis so…….very frustrated

  35. Thanks for sharing your process. Would love to hear an update on this. Are you still in remission? If we knew that, this video would carry a lot more weight

  36. Hi, Kenny, my husband suffering from colitis for last 3 years, we lived in Indiana state I can not find raw milk here do u have any idea for that plz help me plz

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