Taking Charge of Your Health

Dietitians with the Nutrition Clinic at Ole
Miss are making available a helpful tool in weight management. Called the Bod Pod, the
machine analyzes several different factors including a person’s B-M-I and fat percentage
to give a more accurate result than a scale can. We have those people that are really, they’re
bigger boned, bigger build, and when they see these numbers it’s like thank you because
I do all this exercise, I do workout and I’m trying to be lean and this actually shows
it whereas the scales might not. The Nutrition Clinic is also offering a weight
loss management class for University employees. The weight loss class, they learn how to eat
healthy. They get freedom. That’s what most of the patients tell me, that’s the number
one thing that they tell me. They got freedom because they didn’t have to feel guilty about
what they ate. They knew how to eat. If they wanted chocolate cake they knew how to make
the trade offs and not feel so guilty about it. For more information about the weight loss
class and the bod pod, visit the UM Nutrition Clinic website.

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