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Urinary tract infections, does cranberry
juice really help? here’s five simple tips that can actually help prevent a UTI the urinary tract infection or UTI for short UTIs are a worldwide global issue with eight billion doctor visits worldwide it’s the number one bacterial infection and women are 20 to 1 men likely to have a UTI so before we start with the tips let’s first answer the question which I’m sure you all want to
know does cranberry juice really help with the UTIs? well I’m afraid not studies have shown it has no benefit whatsoever so I guess
we’ve at least busted that myth okay so first tip yes you should drink
plenty of fluids when you have a UTI because it can help dilute the amount of
bacteria that’s in your bladder and the urethra the urethra is the little tube
that your pee comes out but remember if you’re taking antibiotics you don’t want
to drink excessive amounts of fluids because you want to keep the levels of
antibiotic concentrated in the bladder and urethra so you can kill all those
bad bacteria tip 2, you’ve gone to the bathroom you’ve done your business you
feel amazing right and now you’re about to wipe but you need to make sure that
you wipe from front to back you don’t want to be wiping from back to front
because if you do the bad bacteria that colonises the rectum like E. coli can
get closer to the urethra and put you at higher risk of a UTI tip 3, emptying your
bladder soon after sexual intercourse can help prevent you from getting a UTI especially if you’re used to getting repeated UTIs after intercourse tip
number 4, try to empty your bladder fully when you go for a pee and if you
need to go don’t hold it in so if you’ve got the urge go for a pee tip 5, try
going for a shower instead of a bath as it can help also wear loose cotton
underwear what you want to avoid is wearing tight jeans trousers and
synthetic underwear like nylon so what are the symptoms of a UTI? urgency so having
to go to the bathroom straightaway frequency you pee you think you’ve done
and then you need to go again pain or burning sensation when you pee smelly, cloudy or even blood in your pee feeling tired or unwell and in older
people changes in behavior such as confusion or agitation and that’s the
end of the video I hope my tips help prevent any future UTIs and if you have
any friends or family that will benefit from this video then please help spread
the word I’ve also left more information in the description below about UTIs so
feel free to check it out hey guys thanks for watching this week’s video
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with new weekly videos E. coli can basically be transferred to your urethra (struggling to pronounce) when you need to go tip 4, try to empty your bladi, bladi? (laughter) bladi bladder that sounded a bit weird (laughter)

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  2. what is the causes of uti for men?if you are not drinking alcohol and you are drinking lots of water everyday and you dont really eat salty foods but still u feel something after peeing.thanks in from the phils

  3. I am 14 years old and my pee hurts at the end and the pain will not go away for like 15 minutes (I am also a male)

  4. Hello I have a personal question about being a vegan. I have been vegan for about a week and four days and I have suddenly developed a sharp pain when urinating, do you by any chance know the reasoning behind this? If you don’t I totally understand, thanks

  5. antibiotics are the worst thing you can do. doctors and pharmacists push drugs for the obvious reason…money.

  6. I guess mine is better without the burning sensation when I pee but it's so annoying that I just feel urgent every fucking second.

  7. do not believe ! cranberry helps 100% against urinary infection. kumic kucing plant in herbal tea. parsley and kefir milk. Don't believe what doctors say. Surveys cost billions of dollars and euros a year, and they don't have the budget! so then they easily indicate that it is not working. It works 100%. try this for 1 month and you will be amazed. Antibiotics also kill good bacteria. I have been taking care of my father for 14 years and have used this in all those years. So I know a lot about it in all those years. please people, try it for a month and too much is never bad. natural healing is number 1 as in the old times

  8. Wrong! Had my first UTI, very painful. After much research as i couldnt have anti biotics, ordered pure organic unsweetened cranberry juice, infection cleared up after a few days after having one diluted (with water) glass per day. Now i still drink one a day due to its nutrient properties. Lots of others having success with cranberry juice. Not cheap though (£10 per 750ml) pay big to look after your body.

  9. How to prevent UTI?

    Try avoiding eating junk food
    Try avoiding drinking soft drink
    Drink a lot of water
    Eating vegetables I guess
    And pee when really needed don't hold it in

  10. Brooooo what’s going onnnn I’m in the middle of sex and I have to stop because of an overwhelming need to pee and then I cantttttt

  11. I'm just gonna assume we're all mature here… If not, then stop reading this. Is it normal to feel a sharp pain down there every 5 minutes?? It hurts really bad and it's constant!! I can't lie on my side but i feel better when I lie on my stomach. A friend of mine suggested heat therapy. So I do this and practically every thing homie said in the video but i keep feeling that sharp pain EVERY 3-5 MINUTES!!! How do I treat that??!

  12. Nice video. Thanks for sharing tips to prevent UTI. UTI is the most common issue in women than men. Herbal urinary tract infection medicine is best way to cure UTI.

    Read this article to know more about natural remedies:

  13. Dude, I do EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!! I have greeeaaat hygiene, I drink water, I stay fit- I’ll never let myself go lol. I pee after sex, I have already taken everything- cranberry, d-mannose, uvi ursi, antibiotics… Omg I don’t know what to freaking do anymore 😞 Its so aggravating!!!!!!

  14. Can I take bath with UTI or are baths the cause of them? I take regular and long baths at least twice a week with sea and epsom salts.

  15. Useful video….. Thank u so much…. I was suffering from frequent urinary track infection especially after sexual intercourse. I tried different antibiotics canberry tablets. NOW i got relived after driking plenty of water every day especially after sexual intercourse i pee and again i drink water and pee…. NOW I AM OK…. USEFUL tips

  16. I have been experiencing peeing so much that it annoys me and it happens in the night I couldnt even sleep and when I pee it only drips. Please help me how can I stop this 😔😫

  17. The question " how avoid UTI" couldn't not be scientifically answered , before there is an answer, stubbornly denied, from Drs, CDC, NIH, Health Research Institutes on the issue: Is there FECAL DUST coming from fecal residue left after wiping by t. paper? ( particularly in Hospitals, where it is the cause of fatal HA Infection?)

  18. In gonna do this so we can't waste money on hospital cause I get uti faster like when I drink soda without water I get uti

    Idk why


  20. I have a strong pain in the penis while urinating only. Few days ago I had pain in my bladder while urinating . During first go of my urinating it tells a lot of pain and with more time gradually the urine can be passed out with less pain and it takes time, doctor can u please help.

  21. i watched this video and did every steps to the point i realize

    im just drinking too much soda god idiot me

  22. I know I shouldn’t be saying this, but I’m a male, I have UTI, and there’s white spots on the glans
    Although, I don’t have a burning sensation when I urinate

  23. My pee kind of burnt a tiny bit before this video but I haven't had hurting pee since last year and before that I never had any burning pee sensations
    Edit: bouta pee rn
    Another edit: nah it's fine

  24. His tips were good to practice on personal hygiene. But for those who are already suffering from UTI, try drinking ACV diluted in water (it gives an instant relief). In my case I’ve been using Potassium Citrate mixture along with an antibiotic and that really works. I don’t know how far doctors recommend it, but it goes away from the first dose.

  25. I just had sex and I went to pee and it burns. also my vagina is itchy and it’s bleeding. (I have been on an almost 3 week period, as I began taking the pill over a month ago… idk why it’s SO LONG)

  26. Studies have shown drinking adequate amount of water can help prevent urinary infections in about 50 percent women of women with recurrent UTI

  27. What has helped me: take ginger capsules, Ellura cranberry capsules, neem capsules or tablets, and a daily vitamin e capsule. The cranberry was recommended by my urologist. The ginger capsules helped me with pain. The vitamin e helps with the gag layer of the bladder. I don’t know why the neem helped, but it did. If I am also struggling with a kidney stone, I take uricare, and that helps dissolve it.

  28. Have you ever thought that UTI could be caused by FECAL DUST as well?


    FECAL DUST: It comes from fecal residue, left after wiping with t. paper (complete or, worse of course, incomplete) . Through drying and friction it turns out to dust, going to all surfaces, at first stage the uro-genital organs, causing UTI, and later to all house, causing food contamination.

    HA INFECTION: The above phenomenon is more intense in hospitals, because the patients are usually debilitated, weak, with mobility restriction etc, particularly if there are hemorrhoids or anus hair and are unable to wipe properly. So the flying fecal dust reaches to all ward surfaces, dispersing its pathogenic microbes and so being the cause of the known HAI. The flying fecal dust emerges mainly from cloths of patients that can MOVE around, not the ones that are on pampers. Have in mind that in a 4-6 beds hospital wards, moisture and temperature conditions harbor microbes and also microbe density in the wards is a one more factor that increases their chance of developing antibiotic resistance .

    It is obvious that the known hygiene measures, as is hand washing etc, are not enough, as now a new microbe source, up to now ignored, is added.

    UT INFECTION: It is so wrong and strange that drs ignore fecal dust and so advise only front to back wiping.

    Up to now NOT A SINGLE scientific study have ever doubted FECAL DUST's existence and its role on microbe dispersion, but however no hygiene measures are imposed, or advice is given, particularly to women to prevent UTI.

  29. I think I had UTI before .. Back in Grade 3. Right now I am addicted to water as if I liked it more than food. It really helped so much! Thanks so much for the informative video. 👍👍👍

  30. Cranberry JUICE is not concentrated enough to be effective. However, ask your doctor about Cranberry Gel Capsules which are highly concentrated. I've read reports that they are effective but, as I said, ask your doctor.

  31. its the worst thing ever because i always feel like i gotta pee, but when i do it stings and burns like hell lol

  32. I worked for a top Urologist!!
    Cranberry juice is excellent!
    Men hang their scrotum inside toilets!! Lots of bacteria in a toilet!
    Cranberry juice stops ecoli from attaching itself to urinary tract walls. This guy is not a doctor!! Keep drinking cranberry juice!

  33. Can this be fixed?


    INDICATIONS: Bilateral hydronephrosis with colon pouch urostomy and recurrent UTI.

    Comparison: CT of the abdomen and pelvis dated 2/26/2019.

    TECHNIQUE: Scout images were obtained. 12 French Foley was inserted into the urostomy. 100 mL of Isovue-300 M was injected into the urinary bladder. Images were obtained with full urostomy.

    Fluoroscopy time: 2 minutes and 6 seconds


    Scout images are remarkable for inferior vena cava filter to the right of midline. Urostomy overlies the left upper quadrant of the abdomen. Baclofen pump is present. Radiopaque debris overlies the thoracolumbar spine, consistent with prior gunshot wound.

    100 mL of Isovue-370 was injected into the urostomy. There is rapid filling of the left ureter and renal pelvis. Contrast then fills a loop of colon before filling the right renal pelvis. Severe left and moderate right dilation of the renal pelves with blunting of the calyces bilaterally.

  34. I like this pharmacist. One of the reasons the juice won't help is that any kind of sugar feeds most of the infections.

  35. Urine. Infection. Ke liye. Amazon. Per se Utracon syrup mangwaliya AK. Mahine. ke course. Kare. Urine infection se. Chutkare. Paye. Company. No 9767955885

  36. My daughter urologist told her to take some cranberry supplement to help keep the UTI away. Cranberry supplement oils the bladder walls to keep bacterial from growing. My daughter are now take THERACRAN ONE CRANBERRY SUPPLEMENT… it a little pricey, but she had to many UTI's… I will pay whatever to keep her well. I pray you all get well soon. God bless!

  37. I take 100% pure and unsweetened cranberry juice, at least it helps to ease the pain and stop the urge to run to toilet, i guess it works for me 😁 haha, anyway great tips 😊

  38. I don’t know if I have a kidney infection or not but I’m having a weird feeling in my kidney area and nobody’s helping. I feel like if I don’t get any soon I’m going to be at risk of loosing one of my kidneys. This all started about 4 days ago when I was laying in bed. I have a bad habit of holding my pee before going to the restroom and when I would do so, it would kind of hurt when I peed. One day I was holding my pee and all of a sudden I got a sharp aching pain in right side of my lower back, which went on for about 30 minutes to an hour and then it eventually stopped. I didn’t think anything of it so I didn’t tell my mom but then the next day I had got this weird tight, tingly, and empty feeling in the same area I had the back pains in. This feeling causes me to tense up when I inhale and exhale. It also makes me feel jumpy and jittery at times, which causes me to stay up at night, constantly moving to try to make the weird feeling go away and it makes me feel like I’m going to throw up. Ever since this started happening Id wake up late every morning, missing my bus to school so my mom took me to the doctor. I told them everything I stated above and all they did was give me a urine test ( not even for a kidney infection, but a pregnancy test!!), assigned some ibuprofen and told me that the pain was coming from my book bag being too heavy. I feel helpless, I’m scared and I don’t know what to do. The feeling is getting worse by the day and I want something bad to happen. Can someone please help with what I should do?

  39. To anyone who's experiencing pain in urine area or UTI. Let me help you out. here's what I do: ( Do it step by step)
    1. Drink atleast 2-3glass of cold water. (Drink more if you can)
    2. Take a bath.
    3. Drink another glasses of water.
    4. Now this is VERY effective but I don't know how to say this: Take a bag of ice or any cold thing from the fridge and put it under there. Trust me, even if it sounds weird, by keeping the cold ice bag under there can get rid of your pain instantly right after you follow the upper steps. If you get UTI in the middle of the night, just follow the first steps and then make an ice bag or get a cold thing, lie down on bed, place it under there for 5-10 minutes and boom it's gone.

  40. I've gotten one every year since 2016. Now I've given birth and had to have a vaginal catheter inserted due to the inability to urinate after giving birth. I had to keep it in my urethra for a week and I'm seeking tips to avoid getting another UTI as they suck d***.

  41. Set timer and drink 1/2 cup of water every hour. It’s been helping me but I still get them. I read that you can add 1/2-1 tsp baking soda to water and drink it. It’s supposed to neutralize the acid in your urine, which allows your body to take care of the bacteria on it’s own? …Maybe
    I tried it once and it seemed to help but just for a couple of hours.
    They also say to eat garlic. I mix it with little individual avocado cups and garlic press a couple cloves of garlic. You can add it to your salids but if you use to much it can be pretty hot 🥵 in the mouth.
    I’m about to experience giving up sugar and see what happens there. I put a little honey on my homemade coconut yogurt every morning so I guess that will be my sweet for the day. Who needs sugar anyway, right?

  42. Is this Stop, Fix or Prevent? Fix should be first. Ok it is CLICK BAIT. He is not smart enough to get that people cone here because they are having an UTI and first need a fix. (However he does know enough to put up a MISLEADING TITLE depicting a fix. You really want to listen to a LIAR?

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