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Okay, I don’t know if you guys are familiar
with the Bio-K Probiotic supplement. These packages have 50 billion CFUs in each Probiotic
container. That’s a really strong probiotic. So colony-forming unit is what CFU stands
for, and you’ll see that that’s how we measure Probiotics. This basically means how many
of them we think are going to seed in your intestine when you take them. Probiotic literally
means pro-life. It comes from the Greek. It means pro-life. These are our friendly bacteria
and yeasts, including Acidophilus and Bifidus. We first get inoculated when we go through
our mother’s birth canal if we have a normal vaginal delivery. That’s how we first get
probiotic in our system. We actually have a totally sterile digestive tract until we
go into the birthing process, so that’s pretty interesting. So the mother’s flora
(friendly bacteria), at the time of birth, really affects what that baby’s flora is
coming into the world. So the friendly bacteria – the Probiotics – literally compete for
space in the gut. It’s like a turf battle competition. They compete for space with other
types of bad bacteria and fungi that normally live in our intestines that are not as desirable.
We call them commensals, sometimes even pathogenic bacteria, like when people come to me and
they’ve got just a lot of gas going on or there’s just a lot of irregularity, whether
it’s constipation or diarrhea. You can almost always bet that they have a deficiency of
Probiotics. We’ve had a lot of antibiotics in our culture, whether it’s deliberate.
Like we’ve had acne and so for a year; we’ve been on an antibiotic or food: I mean, if
we’re not buying organic meat, our meat supply is inundated with antibiotics. We feed
animals antibiotics because they’re in too close of living quarters, and so to keep infection
down, we feed them antibiotics. And then when we eat that food, that then, you know, happens
in our system. We get an unexpected dose of an antibiotic. So taking Probiotics on a regular
basis is not going to hurt you, and I highly recommend it. And if you were having more
gastrointestinal symptoms, I would recommend going higher and take more Probiotics. This
one has FOS in it, and so FOS is what’s called Fructooligosaccharides. It is food
for the good bacteria, but if you have a lot of unbalanced flora going on, that FOS is
actually going to feed the bad bugs, so to speak, too, initially. So sometimes when you
take FOS, until you’ve kind of stabilized your bacteria situation, you can actually
have a little bit more gas from the FOS. So initially, I actually like to give really
high potency without FOS and then add the FOS in. PEARL Acidophilus Probiotics: These
kinds are a really great maintenance one, so these are really a lot lower in potency.
They’re about a billion CFU. These Probiotics are really great to travel with, though, and
then they’re packaged in a way that they tend to bypass your stomach acid, and so they
do have an easier time seeding, even though the colony count is lower.
So in addition to decreasing symptoms, like helping us with less gas and promoting bowel
regularity, Probiotics really improve our immune functions, so we don’t get sick as
often. Probiotics also modulate immune functions, so what these mean is that if there is a lot
of upregulated function. There’s a lot of inflammation in the system or there is an
autoimmune disease. This would be a really helpful addition. And we actually know now
about 80 percent of our immune system lives around our intestines in these little islands
called Peyer’s patch. It’s very fascinating just how much…I mean, the old naturopathic
doctors used to say things about how gut health was everything, and they really, really focused
on GI health, gastrointestinal health. And we now are starting to know some of the science
behind why good gut health and gut cleaning out is so important and therefore why taking
Probiotics on a regular basis is essential to good health.

26 thoughts on “Use Probiotics For Better Immune Function, Digestive Health & Less Gas – Dr. Agrios, ND

  1. i love these powerful minutes you share with your viewers such clear useful information- –i have a question- what if you have to take prescription medication- in my case for seizure controll- what is good for detoxing the system? x shelly

  2. @magicadespell56 Thank you Shelly. I'm not the doctor in the video, but my best advice is to go see a Naturopathic Doctor, and investigate heavy metal detoxification. My research suggests that heavy metals, especially mercury, is indicated in seizures; so, getting those out of the body is a good idea. However, you really need to be properly tested and evaluated by a licensed medical professional who practices natural medicine. Taking Probiotics and eating only organic food is a great start!

  3. @tfortwins660 I'm not exactly sure where they come from when they manufactured, but they are found in cultured (fermented) foods, like kim chi, sauerkraut, etc.

  4. we are slightly misunderstood- i am 53 and have not had a seizure since i was 13yrs old- (i had my first seizure when i was 9)- 10 yrs ago at age 44 i was able to cute my meds in half- and VERY VERY Slowly WITH the dr knowledge continue to cut my doze- my question (my mistake should have been more clear) is what is good for detoxing my body after of yrs of anti seizure medicine..thankyou for the help- ps i do take krill oil- is suppose to be better than fish oil- i hope! x shelly

  5. @magicadespell56 I see. I'm not really sure about that. It would be best to see a Medical Doctor who practices natural medicine; or to see a licensed Naturopathic Doctor. It's important to be tested first to see where you are toxic and other issues before starting a protocol.

  6. Which probiotics would you recommend because I had gastric bypass 7 years ago, and suffer from alot of gas I mean horrible at times.

  7. @strikkebil fermented foods have friendly bacteria. No, taking probiotics does not reduce friendly bacteria; it increases it.

  8. @lejah1000 Yes, it is a probiotic. Probiotic means "friendly bacteria." There are many strains, and acidophilus is one of the many strains. Take them with food.

  9. @larrymultani Larry here. Probiotics, and lots of them. Switch to whole foods; no processed foods. And watch my IBS video: do a search on my channel, it is with Dr. Trebilcock, ND.

  10. How much of the probiotics are actually active and helpful in your gut? I am currently getting my probiotics naturally from fermented foods that Iv made and bought, but why would someone want to take a probiotic supplement instead of the natural food source?

  11. sorry i didnt reallly clarify. What i meant was how much of YOUR probiotics are actually active and helpful in our guts? Because Iv heard alot of the probiotics in pill form arent very active and ready to work.

  12. Hey Dr i took Saccharomyces boulardii. nd had allergic reactions with it…….but when i took lactobacillus tablets (the species where not mentioned only Lactobacillus was written ) i noticed all the benefits you told in this video and it also improved my digestion…… my question is will i be able to consume pearls acidophillus without any problem coz i don't stay in US nd hav to order it in bulk from amazon….plz

  13. Hi I love your information.My problem is alot of foods I can't eat it make me have gas and if I have to have a bowelmovent am very gases and if I dont eat on time am gases. I take Metamucil tablets because the powder form make me gases.

  14. This is so uncomfortable I can't suck out of a straw I can't drink soda I can't eat greasy food. Some food I eat its hard for me to digest.I would love a natural laxative so I tried prune juice.

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