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In the name of ALLAH the most gracious and merciful Assalam_o_Alaikum! I am Dr Diya. welcome to all my homeopathic galaxy channel and Ramadan special videos as you all knows that these are our Ramadan special videos in these Ramadan special videos we discuss special problems of Ramadan.. related with dawn/sehri, evening/aftari.. or any other problem during between them.. we discussed all those problems. so today we will talk about kidney patient’s all those problems, conditions and symptoms.. and all those problems increase during fasting. and we will also guide young homeopathic physicians and we will tell them some important homeopathic remedies and we will tell about the different conditions of the patient. with them all we will discuss some important symptoms too. lets start today’s video. it is warning the kidney patient’s that do fasting with some precautions. because the kidneys are big and important part of our body. they works as a filter of our body. kidneys filter the gallons of blood every day. removes the waste from the body. balance the salts and liquid in best way. if the kidneys do not work properly.. so most of the diseases and complications increase. like…1…renal calculi…2,3,4…10. all names are displayed on the screen these are all the leading symptoms identify the U.T.I. U.T.I. means urinary tract infection. u.t.i and its related all symptoms and complication belongs to are urinary tract.. there are…kidneys ureters bladder and urethra lets know about some important homeopathic remedies, related to urinary tract. our 1st homeopathic remedy is “sabal serrulata lets know about some important symptoms of sabal serrulata. those symptoms related only urinary tract. 1…this is for all those male patient’s remedy those have urgency specially at night. 2…involuntary maturation 3…paralysis of urethra 4…painful urination specially starting the urination. 5…burning sensation in urine if all these symptoms due to enlarged prostate so we will prescribe sabal serrulata. if any patient comes to you with all these symptoms … and during the case taking,he let you know about the enlarged prostate you will surely prescribe sabal serrulata due to this medication all the symptoms will disappear. its enough for today if you like our videos so hit the like button and share with your friends and subscribe our channel with hit the bell icon so that you will get notified our future upload videos. will see tomorrow ALLAH HAFIZ till tomorrow

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