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naturopath, so without further ado let’s go to the heart of the matter, we. go
my loves know that this, petrolatum c is one of the most fatty substances
that can be found, does not involve does not have any allergies, and in its medicinal form
you can find in pharmacy she is very pure and contains no other
substance harmful to the skin, this is what is the most advisable to oily skin
fragile skin, now as I tell you said you can use it in case of skin
damaged, in case of dry skin, in your beauty routine, as a lubricant
even in your hair yes there is millet and a use with petrolatum, now let’s talk
lemon, my loves this, this little trick that you see, it’s an antioxidant, a
purifying, good for digestion good for the immune system, the lemon has many
virtues provided of course not to abuse, because you know that this citrus is very acidic
, know also that the lemon closes the Vitamin C that will boost your immune system
and help fight infections, know that it also contains several antioxidants
who will favor and neutralize the radicals free which are the factors of aging
at home my loves, so that’s why that I will advise you to combine these
two products to just put them in your beauty routine, you will see
that it’s just going to be mind-blowing for you especially if you are trying to lose 10,20
yrs yes you can use this as I always tell you if you do not have any
lemon take it like that but think about take it bio to avoid all kinds
toxicity inside, now when you have finished preparing your mix
you can just put it in a tube So here you go, for this preparation you
just take a lemon like this you will press him. quietly, and
add a spoon Vaseline you homogenize all that,
if you are in a hurry, go to the bath marry either in the microwave for a few
seconds, it will melt everything well same, once you have finished mixing
all just apply this way on the wishing areas, of course if c
is not mixing well warm more , at the bath husband, after using a piece of
cotton as you see and apply avoid the sun after the application, limit made
this evening, if you have chapped lips , dry skin, sick, wrinkles, hair
dry, infected. please, apply this above . , the result is without appeal
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