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Last week, The VeinCare Centre had a call
from a lady in Bristol who was concerned about varicose veins on her hands. She wanted to
know what caused them and what could be done. Well I am going to tell you the answers.
True varicose veins on the hands are very rare. They may be caused by a DVT of the arm
or by other rare medical conditions but usually the people I see who have prominent hand veins
have developed them simply as a result of getting older. You see, as we age, the backs
of our hands lose collagen, the skin become thinner and it may also develop age spots
or liver spots. Our hands can look much older than the rest of our body, with a bony appearance,
big bulging veins and prominent tendons. Fortunately this is something that can be successfully
treated. I use a combination of treatments that I call “Hand Rejuvenation”. It’s a combination
of sclerotherapy, collagen stimulation and age spot elimination. I have developed a method
of hand vein injections that I call “Gentle Sclerotherapy”. It does not close off the
veins completely — after all we need normal veins — no it shrinks the veins and makes
them return to a more normal size. Unlike other forms of sclerotherapy, compressions
gloves are not needed. At the same time, I use collagen stimulator injections under the
skin to restore volume to the back of the hand and cryotherapy — similar to wart treatment-
to eliminate age spots. The result is more youthful looking hands.
So, if you are troubled by ugly bulging hand veins, why not find out how we can help by
calling us or contacting us via the link in the box below. Don’t forget to subscribe to
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18 thoughts on “Varicose Veins on the Hands Treatment by Hand Rejuvenation

  1. I'm a pianist who practices for hours then washes with water very often. I'm only a teenager but my hands already have bulging veins! What should I do??

  2. i have bulging veins in my forearms and hands,i tried to go to doctors here in kuwait and they said there's nothing wrong about it but i really want to be like those people with normal arms.

  3. im just 16 and when i look at my arm in the mirror its like a construction workers hand. that is very muscular…

  4. Can you help making my hands beautiful?
    Gosh…I have so many big viens in my hands..very big…huhuhu and I am 23

  5. My veins are popping out since three weeks now! I am 26 years old. I went to doctors where I live and they know nothing. I seriously hate my hands right now. They are looking so ugly 😭 my hands looks older than my parents 😭

  6. I am 17 and I got them from a very short age ,infact it's hereditary,my mother too has them and I just love them they make me look stronger and I think it's better when our body receives more blood ,coz more blood =more energy ,isn't it?

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