Taking Charge of Your Health

Vata dosha is a kind of functional
energy which moves the body and it is a combination
of air and ether elements. Air is the dominating element,
so sometimes we see vata as air. Vata is basically the air movement
and its quality is dry quality. So, when you have high vata, you can have
dry skin, dry hair and also constipation. Second quality is light quality.
Vata people are always slim Gaining weight takes time ,so
these people loose weight very easily Third quality is cold quality.
These people feel more cold In winter cold hands, cold
feet, poor blood circulation. They don’t like winter season. They
enjoy more spring and summer season. Autumn is also depressing for them, The next quality is mobile quality,
these people are very active. All the time, they want to do things, so, to sit quiet, to meditate,
it is very difficult, But, whenever they are going for physical
activity, it should be not too much, If they are choosing Yoga,
Hatha yoga is better for them. they need to be more grounded, They need regular meditation. Irregular
lifestyle is not good for them. when you are not eating 3 meals
properly, not sleeping properly, It will disturb the Vata. Then, certain qualities, they get stressed
very easily, they get nervous very easily. They hold the emotions. So, These people have to learn
to express themselves And these people need to
learn to be more grounded. If they want to do meditation,
they need to do that on root Chakra. Astringent quality, astringent taste.
The taste that is dry and chalky. So, if you take any food that is very dry,
it makes your mouth dry, So, this is the astringent. So, these people has to take
more sweet, sour and salty tastes Less dry fruits, less spices
and less bitter things. This is Vata. Actually, everybody
imbalance can be different. If the person has the dry
quality aggravated, the person will have more
dry skin, more dry sculpt, they have a tendency to constipation. Some people can be Vata
disturbance, the mental problem, anxiety, stress, some
people can have disturb sleep nightmares, stressful dreams, Or some people can have bloating
and gas, these kind of problems. Some people can have
a join pain, headache, So, it depends on which quality or
which part is affecting to the person. According to this, it
will be the disturbance. Usually all kind of pain are Vata. If you have a join pain,
if you have a body pain, If you have lumber pain, if you
have stress in your shoulders, all of these are Vata. Usually Vata is cold, dry, So, the Vata diet should be
the warm food, cook the food, Cook with a little bit
of oil or some water You can have some soft spices in it,
you can put some oil in it like sesame oil, olive
oil or almond oil. You can take fruit smoothies
with nuts, with seeds Milky products are
good for Vata persons If they are not vegetarian, heavy
meals are not good, like beef, pork. Red meat is not so good because, it makes
them blocked. The digestive fire can be down But, they can take chicken, fish,
and eat good protein in everyday diet And lots of fruits and vegetables,
but fruits should be properly ripe and vegetables, instead of raw,
it should be steamed vegetables. and some grains can also
be included on the diet You have to eat 3 meals properly, So you can take a nourishing breakfast,
you can take some kind of porridge, wheat porridge, oats porridge,
some nuts and some seeds Lunch should be
warm, to cook the lunch, and a light dinner. You
need not to skip the meals Greens and salad you should
totally avoid in that condition. And you shouldn’t be hungry long time,
so every 3/4 hours, you can eat some food,
you can take fruits, If you want to snack, salty
nuts can be good for you. a good option, and in between you
can take milk, yoghurt or cheese But, be careful not to take yoghurt at night time, Before sleeping you can
take one glass of warm milk, with curcuma. It will
help you to sleep better, and to be more relaxed, and include
2/3 liters of water in your diet. It can be juice, herbal
tea or normal water

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